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  1. The other way is to use Ratio G W R 4 wheel roof's available from Peco. Just call the technical centre and discuss your requirements they are verry helpful. hope this helps someone. Happy modeling in the new year. Peter.
  2. I Belive it may be a line built to serve a pig farm by Sir Thomas Salt At Shillingstone House. I remember visiting with the Bristol Railway Circle in the early 1960's.
  3. UW1 is the Comet ref.. Hope this helps. Peter.
  4. MTK did a kit. How do I know? I built one which went together quite well and looks the part. Peter.
  5. Hi JZ I timed mine using the conversion table I an old R M and the max speed both light engine or hauling 50 plus wagons came out at a scale 45 mph like yours. More load only caused wheelspin. Thanks for all the comments, I was surprised a rtr loco was so low geared. Peter.
  6. Thank you both. I wasn't sure if the model was that low geared. Although I have seen photos showing the prototype on both local passenger and Blackpool excursions, I also recall a report of one purloined to cover a failure and doing better than a mile a minute between Tring and Watford. Many thanks Peter.
  7. I have recently obtained an austerity, upon inspection although preowned appears not to have had much if any use. It runs smoothly, quietly and stays cool when hauling 40 assorted wagons but at no time will it exceed an approx. 40mph [scale speed] is this normal? There is no difference when running light. Just curious Peter.
  8. The Swedish WD 2-8-0 was repatriated in 1973 according to J W P Rowledge. Recognisable as such by the short (6 wheel ) tender. Is this within the expected time frame? Peter. Edit. I can't type fast enough!
  9. This could get interesting. I will send you a pm to sort out details. Peter.
  10. I have a set of Falcon Brass instructions. Not the best but all the parts on the etches are identified! P M me with your address and I will post them to you. 4 sheets not best copies but what came with the kit. Best wishes Peter.
  11. Brilliant, but what is the vehicle at the end of the bridge? Over to the experts! Pete.
  12. There is a note in the information under the video. Either there was a scheduled loco change or steam was replaced due to fire risk and the video of the A4 returning light was edited into the main film. Different and entertaining. Pete.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions, I have ordered a sheet of the foil as I don't get on with spray paint. If that is not successful I will give the spray a go as a last resort. Many thanks Peter.
  14. I'm going by the photo and caption on page 33 of Stanier 4-6-0's at work which states:-the top feed cover on this engine was unique in being a larger than standard dome without separate clackbox covers. The photo is credited to E.R.Wethersett/Real Photo's 24400. Keep the ideas coming Thanks Peter.
  15. Thanks Branwell that video looks very interesting. The dome was an oversized top feed cover unique to Silver Jubilee when built. It's now looking more feasible. Many thanks Peter.
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