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  1. Also this one of the first movements with a potted history of the locomotive, produced and narrated by our Museum Manager who was both disappointed to lose one of his exhibits and excited to see it working.
  2. I'm not sure if the radiator would have been in that position with the McLaren-Benz engine in, and also the engine controls may have been different. The two levers on the left of the radiator are the forward reverse selector and the gear shift between low and high gears, and just below is the foot treadle for the clutch. The far left lever on the ratchet is the transmission brake. She also moved under her own power again on Sunday and has now been brought out of the museum for work to return her to traffic which may include some cosmetic work to return the loco to an 'as built' look with the exhaust silencer on the bonnet and the bell.
  3. Have you got all the cab interior details? I can get some pics this coming weekend if you need some.
  4. Beyer Peacock 1827 looking very smart in its new livery ready for two days of knotty trains this weekend 4th:5th September 2021
  5. The next operating days for the Knotty Coaches is the weekend of the 4th/5th September, pre-booking essential! It is anticipated that the 1879 0-4-0ST Beyer Peacock works shunter will be making a return after maintenance including new front and rear wooden buffer beams and a new smokebox. She will also be sporting a smart new livery that will match the coaches very nicely.
  6. should be possible to take it out by adjusting the turnbuckle links to the axle boxes....
  7. None of them are on original chassis, 127 is on a Tube wagon chassis, 61 is on an ex-Midland Rly 4 wheel passenger van chassis and 23 is on an ex-Midland brakevan chassis - all modified to suit.
  8. The Kerr Stuart diesel has had some attention recently including a full inspection and the engine started with a view to returning it to traffic for a visit to the Middleton Railway in 2022. There is also a plan to fit it with vacuum to enable it to haul passenger trains... watch out the the Kerr Stuart diesel on the Knotties in the future
  9. A timely update as there has been some work carried out on the protoype as well. In the last couple of weeks the engine has been checked over, a set of batteries temporarily fitted and the engine started at the first attempt. This was done as first steps to bringing the loco back into traffic as there has been a request for it to attend an event at the Middleton Railway, Leeds, in 2022. To this end the fitting of vacuum brake gear is being investigated to see how sympathetically it can be added to the loco.
  10. Birchenwood asked for another loco expecting to get another 16" Bagnall as they rather liked No.4. Instead they got a lump of a Peckett with that huge rear overhanging bunker that was not well liked and had a propensity of breaking the track and derailing. One has to wonder why Peckett's thought it would be a sensible design and perhaps the fact they didn't build more answers that question.
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