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  1. I think your comment about the buffers being lower is partly due to the track work and also the fact that she was extremely tired when this photo was taken and has since substantial work done including new tyres. However she is still an inch lower than she should be due to historical wear and tear.
  2. There are a number of the Doxford crane tanks preserved around the country. Off hand I can think of 'Roker', 'Millfield', 'Southwick' and 'Hendon'.
  3. I agree, the cab looks fantastic but the rest of the model...........
  4. Yes that's the one at Four Ashes. It used to hide inside the works and you could only spot it when it came out to shunt. I only spotted it once from a train on the Grand Junction. There and Penkridge sidings for Littleton Colliery were regular places to look out for.
  5. Here’s a couple of cab shots of 1219 if it helps. She’s got some additions with vacuum ejector and steam heat take offs.
  6. On the subject of Transfers I am currently trying to source someone who can print white and colour on a clear waterslide material for a friend who is into restoring old Dinky and Corgi models. So if anyone comes up with a supplier I would be interested to hear.
  7. For me the defining feature of Peckett is the shape of the tank when viewed from the front, most manufacturers going for concentric radii whereas Peckett's seemed to favour the outer tank wrapper being further from the inner wrapper at the top than down at the bottom. Presumably to give more water capacity without making tanks any wider.
  8. interesting to see that you've spliced some new timber into the end. A friend of mine has a wooden framed wagon at Foxfield that will need extensive repairs and he's thinking of doing something like this. We may have to pay a visit to see how you went about it.
  9. It would be interesting to see your model of Ackton Hall No.3, I'm part of the group that are working towards restoring this loco at Foxfield. Hopefully we will be in a position to start serious fund raising for it soon. It will be getting a completely new tank and it may well be that it reverts to as built with just the three sections as we are planning on returning it back to as it would have been built, complete with curved wingplates on the smokebox front.
  10. I tried to source a new red aspect for a handlamp, found one but it wasn't the right thickness or height. There are so many different types of lamp it won't be easy. I will ask a friend who works with all sorts of lighting and knows all about colour temperatures if he has any ideas.
  11. There is one railway in the UK where counter-pressure braking is used as the main means of retardation - Snowdon. I seem to recall that the locos also have a water injection system to keep the cylinders cool.
  12. Good to see the headline got it the right way round for once.
  13. Excellent photos as always Dave, a couple of corrections to the captions in these though. J6456 Penn Green is a Robert Stephenson and Hawthorn and C4489 Jubilee is a WG Bagnall
  14. Captures the top heavy look of the flat sided tank version well, once described to me as looking like an elephant on roller skates!
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