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  1. Also worth noting that RS8 now has vacuum braking fitted so presumbly could appear on passenger services soon. Now if only there were a suitable industrial railway that holds a diesel gala...
  2. If anyone is interested in some 12" : 1ft scale modelling, Fowler diesel RT1 is currently for sale at the Foxfield Railway. This is the 6 wheeled version and has been cosmetically restored but needs work on the engine and mechanical bits to get it operational again and comes with a spare engine and radiator. If anyone wants to know more please PM,
  3. I have a vague memory that these are associated with the underfeed stoker and may house small donkey engines used to drive them... However I may be miles wide of the mark on that as I cannot find any reference to them at the moment.
  4. If you're referring to the square door on Austerity saddle tanks that's in the back of the cab between the windows then this is to access the top centre lamp bracket which is attached to it so you can swing the lamp inside the cab. It is too high to remove the regulator rod, this entails the cutting of a hole just where the top of the cab joing the bottom!
  5. Menalaus is currently at the Caledonian Railway, Brechin awaiting overhaul.
  6. I think the last steam that could still be classed as working industrial were the two RSH 0-4-0ST at Castle Donnington power station, they were still active well into the late 1980s. I remember going to see them at an open day and having a footplate ride with the inimitable Lionel Gadsby at the power station. This was the same year we borrowed one of the two locos for a gala at Foxfield. The power station and locos apearred in the BBC series, 'The Train Now Departing', still available on iplayer. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p011v86f/the-train-now-departing-5-lines-of-industry
  7. The square door in the back of the upper cab in a Hunslet Austerity saddle tank is for access to the top lamp bracket which is fixed to the door. I cannot comment on Birchenwood No.4 in this respect but I can confirm that sister loco Florence No2 at Foxfield does not have anything other than the 2 rear windows in the back of the cab.
  8. The Knotty coaches will be out and about this coming weekend of 28th/29th September for the Festival of Steam which will feature a selection of road steam including steam rollers, traction engines and steam lorries.
  9. And of course, North Staffordshire locomotive livery was green until the 1880s...
  10. The Foxfield Railway is holding its Autumn Festival of Steam on the 28th and 29th September, 2019. The event will see steam rollers, traction engines, steam lorries and other road vehicles at the railway, along with some of the railway's own fleet of locomotives in action on passenger and demonstration coal trains. There will also be a beer festival over the weekend and a free bus from Caverswall Road station to Foxfield Colliery.
  11. Caught up with my mate at the weekend and he didn't know of any particular issues with the loco and crew on the day in question.
  12. Couple of corrections Dave, 'Jessie' (East Moors 18) is actually an 18" 48150 class Hunslet and 'Brookes No1' is a 14" Hunslet. 'Illingworth' was visiting from the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Railway (Nee Yorkshire Dales Railway).
  13. Contrary to current popular belief drivers do not open the cylinder drains for effect or to spoil photographs or video, there are many reasons to open the drains some of which are quite fundamental. For instance, if a locomotive has been standing for more than a couple of minutes it is good practice to keep the drains open to avoid a build up of water in the cylinders which, particularly on a piston valve locomotive, can cause damage ranging from scouring of bores or broken rings due to imparement of the lubrication or, worst case, severe damage to the cylinders due to hydraulicing. No owner wants this and so, whilst drivers may sometimes be overcautious, they are not just being spoil sports.
  14. Nothing unusual about having the exhaust running up the front of the cab, plenty of UK industrials had that feature, although it tends to be the more modern ones. The wheelbase looks rather long though, not sure how you can get around that. The later Fowler shunters were quite rounded in appearance, as were Bagnalls. Fowler 0-4-0DH (4220038/1966) Bagnall 0-6-0 'Wolstanton No.3' 3150/1959
  15. I'm sure the guys crewing are perfectly fine, sometimes these steam powered machines throw curved balls... in fact quite often! This is one of the locos a friend of mine tends for at Crewe and he's never mentioned any issues with the crews.
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