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  1. Hello @natterjack, have you ever seen or considered these Magickic coupling ? I have no connection with the supplier in the link https://www.magclics.co.uk/ Best regards Craig
  2. Neither have I .... even more confused than you of Pwllheli
  3. Ha ha ha ha ..... you sound like that Bloke who used to live in Swadling something or other, but he 'as gorn orf back darn sarf Mate .... Looks great George, has me ticking in my empty head Craig.
  4. That is a great layout George, very impressed. Craig
  5. @hayfield, I say you John you have to be commended with your communication on this thread, I'll be honest, in the couple of times I have dealt with Phil, I found him to be rather out of touch with his customer's needs, and communication skills to say the least, where I am at the point I'll try and buy C&L items second hand items, before dealing with Phil again. Now this isn't kicking a man whilst he is down, I have said it before on forums about my experiences in dealing with Phil, but please try and get it through to him, he has a great market product here, and he should be endeavouring to satisfy his Customer base, with simple positive customer service skills, and meeting delivery targets within reasonable timescales. If he did embrace more of the online / email ordering, he could probably spend less time, having to chat on the phone, probably it is time for him to consider employing a young enthusiastic Modeller, who could be shown the ropes, and be a positive addition to the business. Best regards Craig.
  6. Wow ... for one of the best “small suppliers manufacturers” around, these models outshine those made by the big boys, who have their own pages. Have these forthcoming releases been reviewed in BRM yet ? Craig
  7. Ok so SLW doesn’t have its own tab, for whatever reasons have gone on in the past between certain people. Surely it’s up to us modellers and customers to spread the gospel, about SLW’s fantastic Rats then.
  8. Hello Rod, those Greenwood points are an improvement on the Peco points, the timbers being in a non uniform varying length on the sweep, do give a nice pro-typical look. Best regards Craig.
  9. Hello Ben, thanks for the reply, okay great to see the use of photo etched grilles, but may be an another improvement would have been to have holes behind them in the body shell, to aid the sound improvement. Best regards Craig
  10. Rob,going off the Class 24 which is out, and which I have a couple of, and the pictures of the pre-production 25 samples, I would bet my weeks wages it will be on the same par as the 24. I can’t see why Heljan couldn’t put in photo etched grilles as well, as I just see this as a release akin to the Bachmann 25 from years gone by. That is just my humble opinion, on what I would personally buy. I see the market place becoming crowded, and with Model Manufacturers starting to release the same models over and over, the game is being upped all the time with improvements and finesse. If some manufacturers think it’s okay to release slightly less detail then great, many modellers will buy them, but surely that must be reflected in the pricing ? My own personal preference, is if one manufacturer gives you more for £33 extra, I see that as money well spent. Craig
  11. Is that what you get for a £152 DCC ready model from Heljan ? and people are niggling at a SLW at £185 for a DCC model, so for £33 more, it gets you photo etched grilles that will let the sound ooze out of the body, as well as looking so much better on the tracks. I know where my money is being spent. Craig.
  12. My own opinion, SLW all day, everyday of the week, and I think their class 24 loco & sound, is one of the best thought out projects I have ever heard .............. And I model O gauge, the clarity of the 24 sound, and how it oozes out of those etched grilles is Hi-fi fidelity in model form. I now have 2 x 4mm 24's, hopefully being joined by 2 or 3 more, and I am now planning a few of the 25,s in the future for a Cambrian'esque layout. These to me are the ultimate Rats. Craig.
  13. Rod, I’ve sent you a text and an iMessage. best regards Craig
  14. I have dug out my Easybuild Bubble kits, I am getting on with them instead .... I know people may be laughing at me, and it will probably not hold a candle against a RTR model, but I am going for some job satisfaction
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