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  1. Psst Andy, can we have the language bi-lingual please ? Aled y Glo will not put any coal in there unless the Cymraeg version is written on the box Glo / Coal will suffice Diolch yn fawr Craig.
  2. Whoa whoa whoa, hang on a minute, how does Andy P the Constable of railway back scenes have a so called problem with his station building painting ? It looks fine Andy .... chill Best regards Craig.
  3. You have got to give some love to those Rats xxx
  4. Hello I am contemplating doing a small EM Gauge project utilising the New Dapol Class 22’s and bubble cars, has anybody adjusted the wheels sets easily enough to EM Gauge without having to replace the wheel sets ? Thanks in advance for any responses Craig
  5. That dirty 25/3 Rat looks at home there
  6. Looks good Andy ..... I see the track goes through the level crossing ... is that for when you extend this layout ? PS I like your little drawn picture in the Rat box ..... I saw it today in Talyllyn Workshops. Best regards Craig.
  7. We did thanks Andy, drier than North West Wales you mean ? West Wales is Camarthen'ish Hope all is ok at your end ? I see Rat 5191 is on the move towards Pen Llyn ? Best regards Craig.
  8. Is that Peter Clark, of Peter Clark models fame ? Best regards Craig.
  9. Wow ... samehere, just stumbled across this via the blog feed, very very Welsh atmosphere, and 7mm to boot, what's not too like Now following with much interest, and I may be plagiarising some parts of this for a small project which I am about to re-kindle from the depths of storage. Best regards Craig.
  10. Has our friends list disappeared ? as I can't seem to find them ? @AY Mod Best regards Craig.
  11. Okay forget everything I said before, as I have found my "old" original account, not sure how this has happened as it logged in no problem as "muddysblues" as an existing user with my password as well !!! when it should have been "muddys-blues" !!! @AY Mod Best regards Craig.
  12. We run our own fuel retail business "petrol station", we have no choice if the price goes up or down, so it's never a difficult decision it is what it is, and it's what happens in life, so John shouldn't feel any guilt or shame in having to put his prices up, everyone has to live. Best regards Craig.
  13. Just spending my last few hours today as a 40 something, tomorrow I’ll be into the next decade !!!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Andrew P

      Andrew P

      All down hill now mate, you'll be buying Steam Trains next, haha.

    3. The Stationmaster

      The Stationmaster

      Bloomin' kids - have agood one

    4. tractionman


      Happy birthday!

  14. Anybody after some Hornby Class 110 DMU bodies and spares ?

    1. Andrew P

      Andrew P

      Try Clive Mortimore / Sheffield Exchange in Layouts section, he is always cutting up BODIES!!!!!!

  15. And the obligatory AA van in attendance to get it started, or lifting it on the back of the recovery truck because it has snapped a half shaft or stripped the splines on the intermediate shaft. One life live it ..... don’t buy a Landy ;-) Seasons Greetings Rod to you and Rosemary Craig & Family
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