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  1. I bet you can't eat three Shredded Wheat ??? Layout coming along nicely Best regards Craig.
  2. Nice plan, should be interesting to operate, going with the theme of the year, and as it is being built at the moment: Corona Street High Level Station Best regards Craig.
  3. That Remington picture still chuckles me every time I see it .... juvenile I know, but it's nice to have a laugh, especially with the present doom & gloom !!! Nadolig Llawen i bob. Craig.
  4. "25054 prepares for a days work" More than what can said for that lazy so & so still lounging about on the fence !!!
  5. Are DCC concepts now in the O gauge track market ? I can only find 4mm or Tillig Ho track on their site, the OP is about Peco O gauge, so not sure if there is some confusion. Best regards Craig.
  6. Hello Phil, whoo a few more coming out of the woodwork , what standard gauge resin kits are you producing ? Graham, apologies for this going off topic, but it's good to unearth a few more Gwynedd residents. Best regards Craig (from just along the coast)
  7. I think the owner should just concentrate on improving his Customer communication & Customer service satisfaction ................ pulling teeth springs to mind !!!
  8. Hello Graham, good to know there are a few more modellers in the County, somewhat spread out, but there Best regards Craig.
  9. Hello Graham, that looks quite a nice shunting set up, and where about's in Gwynedd do you reside Best regards Craig.
  10. Hello Rod, hope you are well, that is me to a tee all day, every day, My Good lady says I was born naturally clumsy Best regards Craig.
  11. Hello Andy, sorry only just caught up with everything POD wise, sorry to hear about your scare .. but good news it was just you being a daft old f#rt over doing it ..... so a warning that you will hopefully heed ? I'll try and ring you over the weekend Take care Craig "Peter Pan" of the Great Welsh Meet Up
  12. Hi Ade, the layout is coming on really well, great news about Lez's job, are you going to celebrate by purchasing more kits ? Best regards Craig.
  13. Quality does cost ..... but it looks good. Or have a bash yourself, this hobby has never been so well supported these days, the range of kits or materials seems almost endless. Best regards Craig.
  14. It’s a shame that Simon’s excellent layout thread pages, are now being clogged up by discussions about the transmission from the MIOG live event !! Stay safe Craig
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