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  1. Hello, is anybody considering selling a JLTRT / MM1 class 45 kit ? Please PM if you are considering Best regards and stay safe Craig
  2. Lovely cab ride Rod, thanks for posting it, brightened up my day watching it Stay safe, best regards Craig.
  3. Hi Douglas, I am liking the bone, what livery are you doing it in ? best regards Craig
  4. Hello Steve, good to see you are felling a bit better , just out of interest where are you getting the class 304 EMU kit from ? Best regards Craig.
  5. Ok thanks, does anybody have contact with him ? I know he had some artwork that covered the two power cars in black & white. Best regards Craig.
  6. Does anyone know if Dave Roome is on RMweb ? TIA Craig.
  7. hi Steve, I am looking to get a set of transfers to make up the British Telecom Class 118 DMU in the mids 80's, do you have the artwork to do it in 7mm ? Best regards Craig. picture off the internet for enquiry purposes
  8. Hi Ade, lovely flow to the trackwork, not too straight and rigid. Best regards Craig.
  9. Hello, have you tried using any abrasive compounds in between the worm and gear, a fine smear of brasso, a fine car polish, or even toothpaste smeared thinly on the mating faces, then if you have a rolling road, run it in both directions on half speed for 30 minutes. Just another question, is the gearbox rubbing against the body or chassis ? this would resonate the sound also. Hope you sort your issue Best regards Craig.
  10. S**T !!! Andy, looks like you have a case of Corona there ........................
  11. I suppose BRM have a duty to make sure the hand that feeds doesn’t get bit by the baying hounds of this forum. Hence it seems any criticism of a manufacturer or its products are met with some form of moderating. Best regards Craig
  12. Probably not tiresome to those that have lost their hard earned money in ordering items in good faith off DJM, I wouldn't expect any robust rebuffs from anybody at BRM, after all Mr Jones was putting into their coffers with his advertising funds. A side question on that front, did DJM default on his advertising subs during the companies latter months of trading ? I doubt this question will get answered data protection and all that Best regards Craig.
  13. Pronounced Back-up if you where born and bred in the Rossendale valley
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