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  1. @mike hughes do you have any ideas on price for the China Clay wagon yet ? Best regards Craig
  2. Thanks Paul, your site is invaluable to many of us modellers, i'll be purchasing a few prints to aid the building of some of the UCV's as flat hoods "1970 modeller", quick question regarding the type of brake rigging on the 1/051's what make was fitted to them ? Thanks in advance Craig.
  3. Hi Paul, thanks, yes is it on another forum, WT, but some members aren’t on there, and vice versa Best regards Craig
  4. Thanks Gents, it seems to be getting nearer regarding info, does anyone on the main differences between the original 013 and the later built 1/051 ? I know the wheels are different, spokes on the 013, and three holes disc on the later 1/051 for starters thanks in advance Craig
  5. Good evening, here is an enquiry as what seems to be the holy grail for 7mm modellers, the elusive China Clay wagon, I am looking to possibly scratch build or kit bash a rake of these in the future, so I am sourcing information in advance. Has anybody built any of these from scratch off drawings etc ? or has anybody kit bashed any Slaters, or Parkside kits to make up a reasonable imitation ? Your input or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Craig
  6. Hello Wendy, sorry to hear of Peter's passing, my condolences to You, Zoe & Toni. Best regards Craig "from Pwllheli"
  7. Hi Ade, just to echo what many have said before, good luck for Lez on the job front, hope it all turns out ok for you both. Best regards Craig.
  8. When does the through road go out to the Garden ? ........ , lovely stuff as usual Andy. Cat sighting reported .... still trying to find the little old Dude though Best regards Craig.
  9. Ha ha ha ha ha ..... now how many on here have said that ? Ask @Andrew Phe is the worst of the lot, chopping and a changing !! but wow can that Guy knock out those layouts, he has built 12, whilst I am still thinking on the first one. Great simple start, I can see this either getting extended "just a FY you know" or a 90' curve plonked on the end, just for operating interest ........................ 4mm up for sale on ebay, when the next £1 final fees offer arrives . I have copious amounts of 3' wide baseboards stored away at the moment, as we have just moved house, and yet undecided how the Mancave area will evolve, but I have a 19' garage, so this loop thingy is a nice neat little idea for getting something running, on a put me up when required system. Welcome to the 7mm nut house, you can checkout anytime you want to, but you will never leave Best regards Craig.
  10. Bed spread ? or Bed pan ? or Bed bath ? Best regards Craig.
  11. I had OO & O Gauge, I sold all my OO, not regretted it one minute, just waiting on a house move, new abode will mean the "train stuff" will be consigned to a garden based mancave, with an out and back garden line, I reckon i can live with that ! .......... Best regards Craig.
  12. Hi Andy, good to speak the other day, that Mancave looks the Mutts nuts Mate, enjoy it you deserve it after the move etc, is there enough room for a visit of 3 x Principality exiles and copious amounts of biscuits and Welsh Cakes ? once social distancing and Covid19 fears have quelled ? Best regards Craig.
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