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  1. you can’t beat a nice tug, next to a tractor !!!
  2. Hello @Andrew P hope you are well ..... it has been noticed by other Member's of the Ex-Welsh meet up Group, that you are loitering around a lot in the 7mm section these days !!! Is one from 'Ampshur thinking of going O gauge soon ????? Stay safe Mr P. Pan of Pwllheli
  3. Hello Rod, hope you are well ? good to see those trailing point bases have arrived . I take it there will be a rail replacement bus service provided for the People of WKT ? Please make sure you liaise with whichever Bus Company is tendered to provide the service, Stagecoach didn't fair too well the last time they did it on the Wirral !!! ..... best regards Craig. "Rail replacement bus causes Wirral services to be suspended - after ripping its roof off on a rail bridge - No one thought to be hurt in crash"
  4. Hello, the only daft question is the one we don't ask, when we need to know something . If you do go 7mm scale, and intend to scratch build some structures, I would highly recommend investing in an Expo 7mm scale steel rule for checking measurements before committing to cutting. Yes we can measure and convert and write things down, but sometimes the old brain fog, or grey cells maybe on slow operating speed, so always handy to have one of these, measure a thousand times, cut once ! Best regards Craig.
  5. Hello everybody, due a duplication of purchases , I have a surplus Heljan 50 - 4021 Large Logo Blue, with grey roof loco, brand new if anyone is after one .... pm's welcome Best regards & stay safe Craig.
  6. Hello @D6775Al, I have watched this thread from afar, and it is definitely coming on leaps and bounds, can I ask a question please ? What is the approximate overall size Length x Width of area the running lines are placed in please ? Best regards Craig
  7. I have dealt with Chris at Steamline, very prompt and helpful service Craig
  8. Did someone mention Loadhaul Route learner ? Andy loves a bubble car
  9. Is this Andy P in disguise ?? !!! Sorry to hear this George, it was coming on a treat. Good luck with the next adventure then Best regards Craig.
  10. Hello Andy, it’s coming on really well . Is this a practice run for when you do it in 7mm after Christmas ? Those Dapol Bubbles will look nice on an O version of Bute Rd, 1970’s era stay safe Craig
  11. Just a shame "St Earth" & "Llanelly" are mistakes ... I noticed that today reading through the labels with my model !! Still an absolute winner of a model though Craig.
  12. Hello @natterjack, have you ever seen or considered these Magickic coupling ? I have no connection with the supplier in the link https://www.magclics.co.uk/ Best regards Craig
  13. Neither have I .... even more confused than you of Pwllheli
  14. Ha ha ha ha ..... you sound like that Bloke who used to live in Swadling something or other, but he 'as gorn orf back darn sarf Mate .... Looks great George, has me ticking in my empty head Craig.
  15. That is a great layout George, very impressed. Craig
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