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  1. This layout WILL get built, besides, I don’t need many wagons... Mind you, when the Ransomes & Rapier crane arrives, that may well be a distraction - particularly the re-wheeling...
  2. Here’s a butty being towed by a motor boat on a long rope https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/3843951
  3. Not a stupid question. Heres a picture of a motor and butty for comparison. Butty, I think, meaning ‘buddy’ boat... https://www.nationalhistoricships.org.uk/register/1416/st-austell As I say they worked in pairs in later years.
  4. Just for information, that’s a horse drawn boat, what became the ‘butty’ boats when the were later operated in pairs with motor boats. So if it’s on the move you either need a horse or a motor boat to pull it...
  5. I’m sure that does work - for wagon production! Thanks for your help.
  6. My advice is go with your gut and what YOU like. If you try and get a consensus on here you’ll never build anything - thrust me. Its your layout, do what you see fit...
  7. Chair threading tonight - yawn! I’ve done this for years, may be wrongly, using just my fingers. It’s a blinking faff! If anyone’s got some tips or techniques and wish to share them - please make my night!
  8. Tonight’s update. I’ve ordered various items from Scalefour society stores with a view to forming my own switches and crossings; - Crossing V jig - Switch jig - Flangeway gauge - Mint gauge I’ve also got to build a jig to assist with the assembly of the crossing. I’ve also threaded some chairs on the rail on the wash road and tried to stick them down. I say tried....
  9. Does the canal have to go anywhere? It could have been cut off by the coming of the railway (Disused in that case) or it could just end in a basin adjacent to the goods yard...
  10. And finally the third of the fiddleyard points also has a full compliment of sleepers stuck down.
  11. Mean while back on the layout, a little more progress, I’ve glued down the point timbers on the main board.
  12. Ok Looks like I’m going to have to imagine what the box looks like...
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