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  1. Did you take the photos outside in the sun? The shadows are really something else...
  2. I’ve taken the tension lock coupling off the pipe wagon - what a diffence that makes... And I’ve dug this van out, but I’m not sure if it’s usable or not?
  3. When packing up a layout it can be a bit troublesome tracking down that last bit of stock. That last wagon. There it goes - come back... Cheers.
  4. Fear not. This train is rumoured to be carrying masks - so you’ll all be ok...
  5. I submit my case M’ Lord - they just don’t exist. Here’s my Evidence...
  6. Nothing - they don’t exist - just a myth and figment of Andy York’s imagination
  7. By chance I had a Lamb Madras last night too - the Mumbai Lounge did me proud. ENJOY...
  8. Well we’ve set Black Country Blues up in record time - Andy York was on hand to capture the first workings, one of which would you believe, was from St Blazey... I saw some members wearing masks earlier - you’ll need them in a bit...
  9. Is it today? Just kidding, we’re 20 minutes down the road at a Greasy spoon, just washing up - be there in a bit...
  10. Further photos will appear at the RMWeb SWAG - Virtual Members Day Exhibition on Sunday 26th April. It’s a Fundraiser for NHS charities so please have a look...
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