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  1. I couldn’t tell if you’d remembered how to do it or not… Great to see you both.
  2. Yes - it was 4 days... Just sat down for a rest and a beer...
  3. This is the second one. As ever, improved on the first. I’ve reduced the drill size so it’s a push fit and only glued underneath - this time with superglue. On the first one I managed to get Araldite in the tube - which then required cleaning out!
  4. Now fitted under the board to give the switches the correct spacing.
  5. A little progress. Here are the tubes mounted in the point actuator slider.
  6. Blimey. Are you trying to get to Australia for a couple of beers?
  7. Right, I better get on and do something... First job is drilling holes in the point actuating bar which goes under the board within the tortoise mounting base. Im using the calliper to get the spacing correct from the previous switch blade measurement I took.
  8. They must really struggle to perform a lift down there - the gravity’s all wrong and everything....
  9. Let me know if you need someone to look in to the hole with you - I’m able to point and all sorts...
  10. Thank you for posting that link. Excellent concise explanations - very clear and understandable.
  11. Strange, you’re not normally short of suggestions on this topic - I’m worried about you petal. Can I suggest a weekend of watching diesels on YouTube and then you can come back to us with some fresh nonsense - sorry - ideas...
  12. You can’t go for a crap without a piece of paper these days...
  13. Train bodging Think we’re on the same wavelength here. ha ha
  14. Glass top and lit well-shaft required...
  15. Whats the general view on where the new Heljan ones fit quality and detail wise?
  16. Did any of these types of 25 get to IS ? I’d be tempted at one too... I’ll probably be getting at least one of the head code boxed 24s...
  17. I’ve not decided on an identity yet - it’ll get used as the test loco now throughout the build - I’ll see nearer the time when the layout nears completion and we look to start exhibiting. But yes, I’ve broken my own rules on the layout dates - but so what? It’s a great model that brings a smile to my face...
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