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  1. Apologies for multiple posts but I seemed to be hitting upload limits and I don’t know why.
  2. A bit more tinkering today. I’ve fashioned a couple lengths of timber to allow me to reconfigure how the layout stacks. The system is something we used years ago on New Haden Colliery. These are jobs I never got around to when we originally built BCB. Hopefully the pictures explain....
  3. Network Rail do not need anymore bridge strikes per year than they already get...
  4. Certainly I could do with an open top sports car for my ongoing mid life crisis...
  5. Ive spent most of the last two days working on BCB this weekend, mostly rationalising and dismantling items not required for its reconfiguration. Jobs have included; Dismantling the 5 lighting rigs/ front fascia supports including disposal Re-configuring the end protection boards, including painting Tidying up board ends and painting Dismantled all A frame leg sets I’ve also finished the first set of legs on the tunnel board. I’ve re-used the legs that were previously used in A frame configuration. Pictures below. I’m not happy with it, it’s
  6. No. I drove all the way over to Stafford (Milford) for two hours for a wimpy and thought while I’m here might as well get the missing board...
  7. Anyway, the whole purpose of the trip to Stafford was to pick up the remaining scenic board as seen below, now safely back... This is the middle scenic board, board 3 of 5, with a railway under bridge going over the canal.
  8. You’ve clearly forgotten the collection of dashboard lights....
  9. So I’m guessing you’re thinking nothings happening here, well yes almost, except last weekend I nipped to Stafford to pick up the remaining scenic board and part of the front fascia. These I couldn’t quite fit in on the first trip, I also gained a few other boxes which I don’t believe belong to the layout, just Andy and John clearing their respective garages out. Anyway first things first, an important task needed completing - something I’ve not done for many a year and believe me it took me back. A half pounder with cheese, no onions and wimpy special sauc
  10. Here’s something a little different. Hull trains are hiring in an ex GWR shortened HST to cover for unavailable 180s.
  11. As soon as you lay a bit of track, it gets filled... Siding space is currently at a premium...
  12. Sticking the sleepers down. I’ve stuck the straight edge down to get the sleepers neat along the straight stock rail side.
  13. Ok done. May be a little big but I don’t want too find out later that I can’t get the travel I need.
  14. 2nd stockrail in place and I’ve also cut the sleepers for the adjoining point. I need to cut the slot out for the switchblade droppers before I stick these down.
  15. Chairs threaded and second checkrail stuck down into position. Workbench is a mess though.
  16. Ok, it’s about time I did a bit more tinkering... This is a picture of the current state of things. It looks like we need to get threading some chairs.
  17. Well, here’s where I got to before descending down the pub for the rugby... One set of legs fitted, a lot less than I would have liked...
  18. Slowly tapping away at the master board leg job. - I’ve re-enforced the board ends. - put some tabs on the top of the legs and drilled holes to align wth the existing. Here’s one half of the ‘L’ bolted in place. (I know the subjects a bit dry but it motivates me a bit posting this stuff, so bear with me..)
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