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  1. Growing up on a farm near Stithians, pronounced Stidians, in the 1950's I developed quite a strong Cornish accent, which is still obvious but not as pronounced. In my first year at the grammar school in Falmouth I was told by the French teacher that I would have difficulty in speaking French for just that reason.
  2. If there was any hard rock mining in that area then the connection would be obvious. A lot of Cornish miners left Cornwall for foreign parts in the 1880/90's when the Cornish mines closed. There was saying in Cornwall that if you went down a deep hole in the ground anywhere in the world you would find a Cornishman at the bottom.
  3. The possible problem with Trerise is that, in west Cornwall at least, it would be pronounced Trerice not Tre-rise.
  4. There's a park home site called Rosevear Park about a mile north east of St Dennis, so Rosevear would fit in nicely with your layout's area. The only other Rosevear I know of is in the Scilly Isles which would need the building of a very long tunnel. Apologies for my suggestion, I tried to resist posting it, but my Cornish sense of humour got the better of me.
  5. Given the BBC's assumed level of intelligence of the majority of their viewers, based on their current programming, I'm not surprised.
  6. Thanks for posting this, I've ordered a copy.
  7. If it was mid afternoon, particularly on a Saturday, it was always like that. IIRC one of the up milk trains used to arrive at platform 3 about 2.30/3.00 o'clock and sit there for at least half an hour. There was certainly around a two hour gap in the passenger service at Penryn about that time.
  8. Just get the strongest bleach you can buy and a large fine spray watering can, dilute the bleach 2:1 and wait for a dark wet night.
  9. I started by travelling from Penryn to Truro, the 'big' station to train spot, when I was about 8. By the time I was 12 I knew quite a bit about railways and travelled on my own from Truro to Blackpool, which reversed direction at either Newport or Cardiff, including changing trains at Crewe. However travelling home, the ticket being bought at Blackpool, I changed at Crewe onto a train which took me back to Truro via Bristol.
  10. Regarding the cost of coal compared to oil, I was told by someone that worked at Truro shed that the reason for Cornwall/West Devon being completely changed to diesel traction very early on was that the saving in transporting oil, instead of coal from the mines, to the various loco sheds was a very significant one.
  11. When I was a member of Falmouth Model Railway Club, very many years ago now, we were given a talk by someone from Newton Abbott shed. After his talk he asked if anybody had any questions, someone then asked for his opinion on the best locomotive the GWR had built. His reply was that the best locomotive was the 47XX 2-8-0's as they could be used for anything from an express to an unfitted goods and he wished far more of them had been built. He then said that west of Exeter the Granges were superior to any other locomotive. The size of the boiler, combined with 5ft 8in driving wheels, gave them the starting power and acceleration necessary to deal with the gradients and start/stop nature of running due to the short distance between the stations.
  12. It's St Erth, not St Earth, but then you cen't spect they up country people to know much bout west Kernow can 'ee!
  13. Which is very similar to what electricians do with the switch wire from the lighting switch when wiring a four plate junction box on a lighting circuit.
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