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  1. Departmental disposals? Although not lined many were one colour.......olive, blue, red. Without a look at the photo I guess we're stumped! I don't have access to that particular review. Regards Guy
  2. My contribution.......no photo as it's a rather dull affair......watching Mrs. Balders filling out her Jan 2021 roster and diagrams on the family calendar whilst I sip a brew. Happy New Year to everyone on RMWeb! It's assisted my sanity for the last year no end. All the best for 2021 Guy
  3. Great photo that second one mate. I'm surprised that the metal fairies haven't visited it. It's a magnet sitting there surely! Regards Guy
  4. Chaos. 4M29 at Stockingford between Arley tunnel and Abbey Junction. Broken coupling. GBRF facilitating a rescue. 19.29 front portion on the move. Hoping to be cleared by 2130 (ish). Info from Mrs. Balders.....who managed to avoid chaos by booking off not too long before it all kicked off. Regards Guy
  5. I'm sure some enterprising "businessman" will find a way of relieving the sleepers of their attractive metal in the near future.....which would be a shame but probably inevitable. Regards Guy
  6. Only two were converted to departmentals. 14008 (17008 in the renumber sequence) from lot 30382 became 977317 in 1985. Scrapped Vic Berry 1989. 14011 from the same lot became 975750 after withdrawal 11/77 scrapped Doncaster Hexthorpe in 2004. 17021 (14021) was allocated 977592 but never carried. This still exists. Regards Guy
  7. There are a few but not many! Vintage Carriage Trust website has a good search engine with some good parameters. KWVR, GCR and Mid Hants have one apiece and there are a couple of others unserviceable elsewhere. Regards Guy
  8. She is and always was vacuum only. I've not seen photos of '106 in service or otherwise with train air pipe fitted above her steam pipe. Wouldn't a bogie swap with an air braked sister at some time in her life leave the cast fitting visible?.....although obviously redundant. Regards Guy
  9. There is a YouTube video regarding the last trains between Nottingham Arkwright Street and Rugby which has footage from behind the driver I seem to recall, but also filmed by a bystander crossing the bridge you mention. And I do recall that there is a photo somewhere on the Internet of a similar working. I'm sorry I can't be more specific. This particular stretch of the line between Rugby and Leicester interests me as I live close to the remains of the trackbed outside Lutterworth. I'd love to see more photos in general of this stretch, particularly between Rugby and Lutterworth. They do occas
  10. Spot on that. Taken from the footpath of the A45 opposite Sir Henry Parkes school field walking towards the bridge over the line. The Rover plant where my dad worked is the industrial backdrop. All changed now! Regards Guy
  11. I must say the fact I didn't understand the title caption made me click the open button! A great photo! Regards Guy
  12. Yep it was 37716.......my Mrs was at Ely on her sign off run with XC when the 37 came in towing a wee bit of that errant failure that caused some chaos in the region! Regards Guy
  13. MK1 sleeper. Looks like first class branding on the right door. Regards Guy
  14. "Rule 1" And fair play! What a great (and unusual) combo! Great photo. Regards Guy
  15. I was reading that the other week.......you're right.....its very easy to lose track of time! Regards Guy
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