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  1. Mrs. Balders misunderstanding the concept of dealing with a busted window on one of her XC 170's.....cracking photo Regards Guy
  2. I've seen some footage of the herd wandering up the tracks between the platforms through Nuneaton station yesterday. It really is a most bizarre watch. They weren't hanging around either! Regards Guy
  3. I stumbled across this a while ago. A marvellous period look back at the way things were. M34005......one of the very first MK1 BSK's! Cor blimey guvnor, flat cap and shiny boots dontchya know and a team of formidable ladies! Regards. Guy
  4. An interesting thread. It's now Abellio's Battersea bus depot, at which I work sometimes. Some of the rails under the rail overbridge are still in place in the tarmac as you turn into the depot and the milk facility would have been on the corner of the new garage structure. SL depot ( the old carriage sheds) adjoins the yard. Regards Guy
  5. If you trawl Flickr you'll come across pictures of MK1's with NE prefix. Not that uncommon. I haven't got Longworth's tome on MK1 numbering but I'm sure there are plenty of specific examples in there. https://www.waymarking.com/gallery/image.aspx?f=1&guid=a8ef7792-6e12-4fa1-a684-0b5bdb9441f7&gid=3 Certainly NE24199 and NE24551 made it to the US where they remain in original untouched (although deteriorating externally) form. Regards Guy
  6. It all looked a bit grim when it rolled out.......apocalyptic. Regards Guy
  7. Is it just me, but does "shredding" seem like an awful way for anything to go?! I realise it's the cost effective way of reducing metal to it's base constitution for recycling but, just, *shudder* No-one wanted Buzz Lightyear to get shredded in Toy Story 3! Regards Guy
  8. The GCR section at Newton has the road bridge arches excavated within the last few years to show what an imposing structure it really is! I'd love to know why they excavated it, as the infill previously meant access to the road was via a path up the right embankment. Looks so much better. And the nature reserve is the site of the old gravel quarry sidings that were initially opened to supply the railway during construction but later closed. Note the site of the old Newton signal box opposite, recessed into the cutting slope. Its a more difficult walk the other side of the A5.....t
  9. Courtesy of Bantam61668 on the Flickr Regards Guy
  10. Broughton Astley and Countesthorpe both have significant housing estates over the trackbed and South Wigston has an industrial park on it...... Regards Guy
  11. Every day a school day for me when it comes to freight stock! Thanks Regards Guy
  12. Is it a case of "black looking blue" due to the ageing process in the film reproduction or the film stock? I thought the single star was old school dirty petrol carried in black tanks. Certainly very atmospheric photographs! Regards Guy
  13. Utilising the old route would take it down past Newton, at the back of Brownsover estate (my mum's house backs onto the old track pretty much) and through the estate (Staveley Way etc) before crossing the canal and the long gone viaduct across the Boughton Road towards the site of the birdcage Bridge as was Regards Guy
  14. As Alberto Dacosta states its at a very early stage and is just a fledgling proposal. Obviously we all know how long these blue sky proposals take to even get to a basic stage. Given the proposed route alongside one of the busiest roads in South Leicestershire, the fact that DIRFT1 and 2 exist, and Magna Park is pretty much unoccupied, the quarry at shawell has just had its extension agreed across the proposed track bed, and the approved solar farm, this will never get off the ground. Regards Guy
  15. The more I look at this it is actually proposed to diverge and follow the A426 past the top of Cotesbach with a branch to Magna Park somewhere on top of Churchover. I think April 1st has arrived early! Regards Guy
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