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  1. MK1 sleeper. Looks like first class branding on the right door. Regards Guy
  2. "Rule 1" And fair play! What a great (and unusual) combo! Great photo. Regards Guy
  3. I was reading that the other week.......you're right.....its very easy to lose track of time! Regards Guy
  4. 40126.........see various Flickr photos. One of my favourite 40's, lovely shot thanks for posting. Regards Guy
  5. Great photo Nidge. They the gates across Parkfield Road? There certainly aren't that many photos around of that location! 40009.........Crewe - Holyhead relief in Aug 83'. The last of the vac 40's.......one would say back in the day.....a beast. Regards Guy
  6. Definetly fits the category.....after 25 years with the Old Bill, and 18 years of me wittering about railways, newly minted Mrs.B with her first charge at Leicester on Wednesday. I'm very proud. XC just need some proper engines and coaches now! :) Regards Guy
  7. I think if you find any book covering this period you'll see that seaside specials were more often than not a mix of whatever was sitting around available. I gather that the better examples of a lot of older stock for various reasons was hoarded close to end of life and created into seaside rakes that got used during the season in question. I've just been reading a book part of which covers Leicester Belgrave Road. Some of the seaside stock is older tourist opens. Certainly at the end of the 50s there were some glorious combinations to be had on all regions' trains to the seaside! Regards Guy
  8. Agree. Some superb studies in there! Thanks for sharing. Regards Guy
  9. Gas wagon........for lighting etc on coaches. I think! Regards Guy
  10. Like your number 12 shirt choice for the last dance in some dodgy night club in the 80's! I think I'll go for a kebab lads....... Some great photos here! Regards Guy
  11. A classic from Mr_Western on Flikr. A rare photo of 40039 a few months prior to withdrawal. TOPS green. Not too many around of this beast (other than in bits at Crewe) Regards Guy
  12. C14514.........47533. Compare and contrast two years later.......Flickr link courtesy of Tinsley.tmd.41a Sometimes hard to rationalise! Great photo of a happier time David. Regards Guy
  13. Charming film. Very much of its age and very interesting. Note the change in the music between scenes involving men working and ladies scrubbing and sweeping. Without doubt would upset someone now though! Classic snippets of life. Great stuff. Regards Guy
  14. I picked that up from the post office in Hayfield randomly for about 60p or something back in the early 80's. A very nice little publication, great photos and nice text. Still on the bookshelf upstairs! Regards Guy
  15. Don't forget to remove the external steps (bar the bottom one) on the coach ends! They were removed due to OHLE to prevent fatalities. It's one of the faffs in adapting maroon Bachmann MK1's if you want to model late 60's with flashes. Hey ho! Great work though! Regards Guy
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