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  1. What we use to take for granted Mike.
  2. Another pic of D7093 the final hymeks in my revamp project,on the stabling point. Taken with my camera phone it allows for a low down more realistic pic , it also can be very unforgiving showing up any discrepancy as you can get a very close up shot .l have forgotten to paint out the D as per the prototype so this will be addressed. The buffers have came up, well simply treated with a soft leaded pencil after being painted the appropriate colours,a tip l was given by an RMWEB member. Happy modelling Greg
  3. All Severn hymeks upgraded here is a pic of the final one. Now to the next project. Cheers Greg
  4. Hi All. I thought it was about time I started up grading the not as glamorous of the hydraulics, my hymeks. This has meant applying the Shawplan etched numbers, something I have put of for a long time and improving on the weathering. After cutting out and filing any remaining tabs I applied some matt Vallejo acrylic varnish in a thin line ,placed the numbers and once they were lined up re-varnished to fix.Well worth the effort and not as fiddly as I feared.I have also added the jumper cable made out of 0.3 mm brass wire to add to the clutter of the front end and also fitted the behind the buffer beam air tanks .So far 3 done 4 more to go. happy modelling Greg
  5. 22 Accurscale cemflos EM converted with original wheels weathered and in service . Lovely project ,thank you Accurscale for making the conversion so easy.
  6. Sorry forgot to add heading. Not many of these seen in the Midlands but to good a model to miss out on.I have added a couple of mods eg exhaust ,new headcode numerals loco numbers and added crew but a great model well done Kernow.
  7. Thank you Paul for posting the pics..D6328 is due an B exam so the missing windscreen wiper will be replaced
  8. Another addition to the fleet although from a different era 24047 ,from the superb Sutton Locomotive works.Renumbered and weathered to a photo.The only 24 I worked on as a second man so it just had to be done.
  9. Patched up Rapid now complete with middle wicket.
  10. D1039 Western King appeared at Hereford on a train from Severn Tunnel .Looking a bit battered towards the end of its maroon reign it had to be recreated. cheers Greg
  11. Hi guys. I have just finished D1068 to add to my growing 52 fleet weathered with added nose end patch as I remembered seeing her in this tatty condition at Reading in 73.I have several pics of both ends and sides , essential to try and capture the individuality of each loco.Hope it cuts the mustard. cheers Greg
  12. Thanks for the comments guys, here is a few more shots around the steel works and exchange sidings.I have been trying to achieve that typical run down look and distressed the track work,widened to gauge in places but not enough to affect running and added weeds etc.Still work in progress.
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