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  1. The fabric is sewn onto the wing ribs so the wing profile remains fairly constant. The rib positions are always relatively prominent. The Valom wings can be improved if you at least fill the score marks.
  2. You might want to improve the wings in the Valom kits. I bought a couple but found that the rib position is indicated by depression ie. scored line, when in fact the wing ribs are prominent once covered with fabric. Of course if you suspend your aircraft high enough above the layout you'll only see the undersides of the wings.
  3. I totally agree, the difficulty is not in using the software effectively but in deciding what the end result should be since, as you write, what is true the colour range. Since our computer screens will be showing slightly different things anyway it's an impossible task to satisfy everyone and say 'this is what the true colour looked like on the day'.
  4. If the digital file is corrected by a professional who knows what they are doing there won't be unwanted side effects. Individual areas can be altered without effecting other parts of the image. However, such an approach can be very time consuming and there has to be a strong understanding of exactly what is required for such adjustments to be successful. As a wider note on using Photoshop to alter photographs – if you can see it's been used then it hasn't been used to a professional standard, unless a surreal effect is wanted.
  5. 1948 saw the locomotive exchange trials so you could have a Hall, B17 and Bulleid Pacific. Fairly sure I've seen a picture of a J39 on a football special. Also fairly sure the Beyer Garratts were seen on the line as far south as Rowsley.
  6. The cab on the GWR version doesn't look like is is fully in place with gaps showing, or is that just the camera being unkind?
  7. Also of interest (to me at least) are the wonky telegraph poles.
  8. More gorgeous images that not only showcase the wonderful stock but also the sense of light and space. This layout has already become one of my all-time favourites and demonstrates that you don't necessarily need a vast space to model a very convincing mainline scene. I find it endlessly inspiring.
  9. Sorry I can't resist making a comment. I don't believe a hyphen is needed between 'universally' and 'good'. The text that reads 'was usually correct - the radio…' is in fact incorrect. Rather than the use of a hyphen the punctuation mark should be an en dash so the text should read 'was usually correct – the radio'. On my keyboard I set an en dash by holding the option key when using the hyphen key. Essentially it's a longer dash than a hyphen. In traditional typesetting an en dash is as long as the width of the lowercase n character. An em dash is longer being defined by the width of th
  10. Dame Maggie Smith pronounced it 'Ed-whar-dee-yan' in an episode of Downton Abbey. I presume there had been some research behind that choice. I'd say 'Ed-ward' rather than 'Ed-whar'.
  11. It's never too late to start.
  12. Thank you. So whilst possible in EM the end result wouldn't have enabled the easy access that makes the design really viable in terms of your needs for photography and on going maintenance.
  13. Tony, Had you adopted EM would this choice have prevented LB fitting into the space you have available?
  14. I've sprayed etch from a rattle can into the plastic can lid and then used this for brush painting. I know some do this and pour the paint into their airbrush. If you try this you must wear a spray mask as it can come back at you as you decant into the lid. To prevent the worst of this I cover over the lid with cling film and direct the nozzle under one edge of this. It's surprising that you don't need many squirts to get a useable amount of paint and it illustrates just how wasteful rattle cans are. Alternatively you can buy tins of etch primer for car spraying. I've not tried thi
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