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  1. Thanks, I enjoy showing it
  2. Hi Rod, More photos and info on the club page, overall the model is 53 feet long - 35 feet scenic section & two fiddle yards http://www.warley-mrc.org.uk/broom.html Regards Andy
  3. Hi Have now managed to resize and attach images to original post Regards Andy
  4. Last weekend (Feb 6/7) we took Broom Junction (7mm scale) to Stafford Show, it was the first time (thanks to the recently released Parkside LMS Banana van kit) that we had been able to assemble a full length prototypical banana train, here are some photos of it (& other trains). From an operating point of view it was interesting to talk to a guy who lived there with his grandparents and travelled to school in Reditch during the 50's, & and a lady who currently lives in the adjacent village, who managed to visualise the scene from the extant road bridge
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