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  1. Parallel Parked Pedants

  2. vaughan45

    Little Muddle

    Probably all the fault of the 'Roads' lobby - you go to a Bus Station to catch a bus, therefore you must go to a Train Station to catch a train
  3. Free...

    1. truffy


      ...at last?

      ...to a good home?


      ...up your mind?

      ...space to rent?

    2. Free At Last

      Free At Last

      All Right Now?

    3. richbrummitt


      Someone gave him socks. :jester:

  4. A game of dare... dare I go out after 10 weeks 'Shielding' ???

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mallard60022


      Do you feel lucky 'punk'?

    3. Metr0Land


      Don't go anywhere near Margate or Barwell.  There are angry crowds roaming without social distancing, with placards like BLACK ENGINES MATTER

    4. vaughan45


      Maybe I'll just drive somewhere first to check I can!

  5. Cumming soon ' Covid-19' The Second Wave

    1. Ian J.

      Ian J.

      Stone the crows

    2. autocoach


      But you must get a little move on, after all it's what the people want....

  6. Looks good to me, but then I have always found whitemetal kits to be a bit of 'black art' and my nemesis. Still it looks like you will get more practicing time as I see the government website timescale for 'shielding' has changed from 12 weeks (from 3rd week in March) to "at least the end of June". Keep well & safe
  7. Thought I would (not) drop by with my very much still under construction Kingfisher Wharf
  8. On a serious note, I hope everyone is remembering to follow NHS guidelines and dispose of the card backed envelope and wash their hands afterwards as Covid-19 can survive on card for more than 24 hours. Just remember how many letters / letter flaps the postie touches as they do their rounds. As someone who extremely vulnerable I have quarantined my copy for 3 days, although I did have a quick look using a rail offcut to turn the pages whilst the magazine laid on the quarantine table. For this reason MRJ and NG&IRMR are the only magazines I don't have digitally (because I can't).
  9. After quite an absence, we have finally completed our move to South Norfolk and Kingfisher Wharf has been installed in it's new home. Luckily we completed the move before the Covid-19 situation overtook everything. Both SWMBO and myself are now in 12 weeks 'shielding' confinement due to health conditions, hopefully this may allow some modelling to be undertaken, along with the long list of things that need doing in our new abode the materials for which have already been purchased. Keep well and stay safe.
  10. Ok, enough of the double entendres, how about some topical innuendo?
  11. The Spring is sprung The grass is riz, I wonder where the double entendres is? Welcome back!!
  12. If it is white metal, then it may have been built from an ABS kit I believe they once did. Their van kits often were supplied without a floor section, leaving the modeller to supply their own. The clasp brake gear in your photo looks like some from ABS I purchased a separate parts packs.
  13. Progress on the layout has been at almost a standstill in the second half of 2019. Hopefully once we relocate to Norfolk next month things will gradually improve, although work on our new home may occupy me for several months once we move in. Some green bits have started to appear on the layout and the era and location has now been fixed as LNER (Ex GER) area circa 1946/47, so just prior to nationalisation.
  14. Looking very good Phil and loving the signage. Glad to see the layout is still in existence and look forward to seeing future developments. Unfortunately due to our imminent house move to Norfolk I can't get to see it on Saturday. Regards Vaughan
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