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  1. . Any news on this loco? From a reading of previous posts it seems there might be a a bit of a demand for the pantograph - as a much-needed replacement for existing models. Maybe Heljan could give the panto priority and produce it before the loco and see how many sell - which might tell them how many to produce as actual spares.
  2. . Hello, Gents. Many thanks for your suggestions. Dave, I checked the HAG price list you mentioned and found just what I'm looking for. Then I looked at Marno's website and found that he has a few of the parts available. Then a quick search on Google threw up some other suppliers. (Continental). So, it seems you guys have solved my problem! I'm now about to email Marno regarding these wheels and some other items on his site. Once again, Many thanks. Pete M.
  3. Hello, all you discerning continental modellers. I'm doing an SBB HO layout which will include some HAG stake wagons for timber loads. It seems that these are very difficult to get hold of - especially at non-astronomical prices - so I would be willing to buy the AC versions if it was possible to find DC replacement wheels. The actual wagons I'm talking about are HAG 387 or HAG 70093 which have DC insulated wheels, and the AC versions are HAG 386 and HAG 70092 respectively. I'd be really grateful if anyone here could give me a parts number for these wheels, or suggest where I might get hold of them. Of course, if anyone has the actual wagons I'm after, and is willing to part with them, then that would be even better! Thanks very much for any help forthcoming. Pete M.
  4. Thanks for those replies, Gents. Very helpful. Pete M.
  5. . Could you elaborate on that a bit? The DJM Class 71 performance doesn't match its Hornby rival. In what way? Slow speed, smoothness, noise level, pulling power? Something else? This is the kind of information we need to know. Thanks.
  6. . Is this a blue/grey Mk2 TSO ? --- flickr : 87013 John O'Gaunt eases effortlessly past Lowgill Some of the previous discussion here has related to Hornby's R4806 Mk2D TSO which only has seven windows instead of the normal eight - but it was also pointed out that some 7-window 1st Class coaches had in fact been declassified to 2nd Class. And it was suggested that this didn't happen until after they had been repainted into IC colours. When searching flickr for Rail-blue Class 87s I came across a picture that shows a train with a leading coach that seems to me to be a Mk2 TSO with seven windows. Sorry I can't upload the photo here, but I find I can access it by keying in the following search term : 87013 John O'Gaunt eases effortlessly past Lowgill The picture itself is really excellent and it belongs to a chap who calls himself simply 'John'. Anyway, can any of the coaching stock experts check out the picture and give us an opinion? Thanks. Pete M.
  7. . Best of luck to all those who have gone for the more interesting and imaginative prototypes ! Anyway, if Hornby happen to read any of this, here's my tuppence worth. All OO Gauge. Possible Upgrades. Class 37/4 - Maybe not 'modern' and definitely not imaginative, but I'd always find the funds for a decent version of this old favourite. Class 86 - Railfreight Distribution - There are some stunning pictures of this version on flickr, on both freight and passenger turns. - Blue with Cross-Arm Panto. - Intercity - with yellow panel and cab roof. Alternatively, and more realistically - if it turns out that we're in for a period of 'consolidation' - then I'd be happy with - Class 87 - 87101 - Railfreight. - Intercity - Original yellow panel and cab roof. Spare Parts - Cross-Arm Pantograph. Well, there you have it a very modest Wishlist. But if it's a Fantasylist you want . . . . Happy modelling. Pete M.
  8. . Thanks for that reference. It looks really interesting. I've ordered a copy on eBay! Cheers. Pete M.
  9. . Thanks for those references. And lots of credit to the guys who posted the pictures. Very interesting and helpful. Actually I'm so undecided whether to base my layout on the West Highland Line with Large Logo Class 37s or on the WCML with blue electrics. So many lovely models! Cheers. Pete M.
  10. . Excellent choice of wagon which, for me, is full of character and interest. Beautiful! I've just placed an online order for 6 of them - Early version. Question : it's a small wagon so will it be weighted or will the 'top' be removable for the modeller to fit extra weight? Comment : it would be great if it had some factory pre-weathering. Request : To the Fat Adder (Message #9). I've been through many hundreds of pictures on flickr and Google Images but still can't find a photo of six of them in one rake on the mainline. Please, please can you give us a link? Many thanks. Pete M.
  11. Excellent news! Count me in for six of these - with coils - to go with the (Hornby) Class 87s, as running in the early nineteen-eighties. Cheers. Pete M.
  12. . Over on another thread there's a lively debate about a possible crowd-funded Class 86 or 87 in OO Gauge. I've been reading all the posts and now find myself pretty much turned off by a lot of the stuff that has been contributed to the discussion No doubt DJ will understand it all and come to his own decision. However, if that particular proposal doesn't take off, then I would like to suggest that there might well be a market for a new, high-quality OO Scale model of a - Class 37/4 DJ regularly maintains that there will always be a market for a top-quality version of many existing less-than-perfect models. Well, IMHO, there's not a really good quality Class 37 on the market today. If DJM were to produce a model that LOOKED like a Class 37 and had the running qualities of a ROCO or KATO HO model, then I would be at the front of the queue for a bunch of them. In the right liveries, of course. :-) Pete M.
  13. . What ??? Did the Brexiteers lie when they said we would have £350 Million per week to spend on new model railway items ? And I had made out such a long wishlist. Anyway. I'm looking forward to further announcements about the 86 and 87. Pete M.
  14. . As I write this it seems that the Class 86 is opening up a gap on the 87. The number of votes, of course, doesn't indicate the number of models required. For instance, I voted for the Class 86, which is one vote, but if it does get the go-ahead for production then I would want more than one - a 'fleet' of them, in fact. Will there be a further poll to establish the number of models required? I voted for the Class 86 mainly because of the liveries it carried - the Intercity with the yellow roofs and front panels, and the Railfreight Distribution two-tone grey with red diamonds. I would want three or four of each of these - but only if both liveries were to be included in the first production batch. ( I'm 71 years old and can't hang about for years waiting for future production runs). ;-) Pantographs. I would quite like them to be remote controlled - and I'd really like some way to raise them to a level just short of the wires (without touching the wires) rather than have them extending half way to the sky when raised. If that makes sense to anybody. Well. Let's hope it becomes a winner. Pete M.
  15. . How about a PRA China Clay wagon in OO scale? See the invaluable Paul Bartlett site : www.paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/chinaclaypra In the 1980s these wagons travelled from the south of England to the north-west of Scotland. There used to be a resin kit of this wagon but I've never heard of an R-T-R version. Unless anyone knows of one. Pete M.
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