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  1. Now, you've made me look on the POWsides site... I'm like one of Pavlov's dogs, salivating at just the sight of PO kits. I couldn't get the undecorated link to work either but I have bought the undecorated ex Slater kits from them in the last couple of years. Andy
  2. Only just seen this thread. If you want to know what constitutes a big layout ask an exhibition manager. They are most likely to be the ones that cost the most with the biggest vans and numerous operators to accommodate and feed. When the exhibition team create the floor plan with that big drawing of the exhibition hall and tack on layout shaped bits of paper, they will start with these big layouts, they usually want them to be prominent and their size command the shape of the island(s) everything else can fit around them. Sweeping generalism
  3. Its not been hijacked, this is what we want to see.. Andy
  4. An excellent use of perspective in the back scene. one point I like here is that the tramway is clearly a tram laid on a roadway (well having come off some reserved track), Tram layouts (and I include the one I was involved with) can be roads built around tram tracks. The same exists in railway modelling, many modelers design the track plan and then add the scenery, contours etc to suite the railway. In reality, the land was there first and the track should ideally be planned to suite a landscape. When I look on the town scene on the Stafford Tram layout (page 1 o
  5. London centric...... Croyden centric it seams. I knew you would have the inside story. Andy
  6. Thank you FB..l. Face book obvs. Need to swot up. shame about the London located festival maybe the high London cost prohibited the ability to pay expenses. Running the layout at your own cost is going to limit what you can run and fir how long Andy
  7. Like you, I am not purley a Tram modeller. Most of my activities over the last 20 years have been railways. Feeling really stupid... Fd? I'm I missing something. intrested in the Riply Road event if we are ever allowed out Andy
  8. My re-interest (if there is a word) in model trams coincided with the final 'Festival of model tramways'. Reading between the lines the organisers wanted a London venue or nothing. Is there a desire to show tram layouts, are they out there. I posted a thread a couple of years ago, saying whats out there, tell me about your layouts. 7 replies most were Colin. Not much watching RMweb. In fairness however this is a model railway forum so I understand. Is there wealth of layouts out there or is just a few of us? I include myself in this seamingly elite group
  9. Hi Tel We had some good times with that layout didn't we. I am still picking at my Black Country steam tram project. Lack of time is the enemy. I'm sure I have some more photos somewhere, there is the suburban reserved track section. The oddest gig we did with the tram layout was 1987 St Paul's Church in Birmingham. we had to stand in the pews... It was something to do with a Bolton Watt anniversary, Birmingham's festival of steam. I took photos of the church and the pipe organ but not the tram layout. Back in the days of film cameras a s
  10. I can't answer your questions, I am out of my depth but keen to play the game. in the first B&W shot there is no Piltcher, no distinctive wrap over roof. I also don't believe in here is one preserved either. Suspect that's it with its nose poking out of the single road shed. Kit manufacturers i have no idea. I started at BEC and came forward. Given your comments about you role and timing with BEC they are not as old as I had assumed so I doubt I know any of these. i will see if I can spot the preserved tram. Andy
  11. I knew new you would have some, so I xcuse my ignorance what was tramlink. Shop, manufacturer, both. What period are you talking. Edit. I'm an idiot, I will leave my stupid question there. I know what Croydens tramlink is. So what was the shop? I am surprised that at the cutting edge of rapid transit they would want anything to do with a dusty old tram less tramway model. And I can see what period this was. Andy
  12. Thank you for joining in. Hopefully we can flush some others out. I like the Leeds system, We ran some horsefields on the layout, I might still have them? 180 at Crich can still halt me in my tracks. In about 1982. I was visiting bus garages in Leeds spotting buses and in the back of the depot stood an old lorry. I'm sure I took a photo (slides, that would take some finding) and later realised that the same vehicle was in a book about Leeds trams and it was the overhead access vehicle. I wish i had more time to wade through my old stuff. Andy
  13. As promised, the layout never had a name, it was just the stafford Railway Circles Tram Layout: I still see Dave around town, he has no interest in trams buses or railways, he did't then, but he did have a car. This is the first part of the layout built, depot and power station and terminus. We were exhibiting at a bus rally in Hanley Clough street depot (now gone). A closer look at the depot, I would say this was 1987 Wolverhampton exhibition. I still have the bus blind. I think it is the lower part of a two roller blind from either a Midlan
  14. I found tonight some photos of a tram layout I was involved with in the early to mid 1980's The layout was supported by the Stafford Railway Circle of which I was a very active member at this time. I remember this period very well, I was a young committee member, the club was skint ( a very different club than today with its own clubroom and very significant show in the 'normal' annual exhibition circuit) and I was courting (showing my age) my future and still enduring wife Jane. it didn't seem to matter that we ran Leeds and London trams together, or that the wolverha
  15. I bent and snapped some more parts today and release that I was / am subconsciously placing the brass cut mark a little deeper than the edge of the steel, only by 1/2mm or something but I am obviously compensating for the little radius. It still works fine and I did some 10 thou this morning, that snaps very easily. I don't know about scale on the steel, there is no sign of anything coming off, but then I don't know what kind of steel it is. Andy
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