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  1. I could edit, and then anyone looking would think "what are they on about " Happy to take my typo on the chin, sorry 1995. Andy
  2. Well, We didnt go out much once we had the kids, so as Emily was born in 1195 it would suggest before that. We did get sitters so its not impossible that it was after that just less likely. How does that sound? Andy
  3. I'd greatful if you would point me in the right direction as to how I do that. I have a silhouette 3. I do get variable results on corners, just a steer and I will do some digging and playing. Andy
  4. Better still, move to 'UK Standard Gauge Industrial Modelling' Andy
  5. The Blues band, great British band, lead by Paul Jones (ex Manfred Man), fantastic vocals and harmonica. I have also seen them at 'The gatehouse' we were probably together, I know my Jane was there. Andy
  6. I cut a whole sheet out last night, enough componants to make 6 windows but I have found a problem with the open window options. There is no where for the glazing on the upper sash, once partly open the glazing bars touch. Tonight I will add an additional lamination to the upper sash window layers. It will replicate the upper sash componant but have one square cut out a bit bigger then the two panes of glass so there is somewhere for the glazing to go. Not sure it will look lik with an extra layer. we will see Andy
  7. Ive no idea what they are but they look great. Andy
  8. After some research I now realise that in many instances both the top sash and the bottom sash can open, so I have added some extra designs to my sheet of windows, one with the bottom sash open and the other with the top sash open. These are the cut parts for a window the open options are the two on the right, I still need 2 laminations of each. but these repeat on a sheet of A4 10 thou plasticard Andy
  9. Some pictures as promised. I knew I was gambolling with the double cut to make the join in the planks and its a fail. When a blade cuts rigid material (Computer controlled or otherwise) the blade makes a groove by pushing the material it has displaced to either side of the groove. This looks like it worked: But if I rub the surface the displaced material goes back into the groove. So using the score lines as a guide I opened up the plank gap with a scrawker. This take out a piece of plastic coiling up the surplus as they make the groove:
  10. Just shout up mate. I can do various designs and sizes or did you have specific sizes bin mind!! Andy
  11. That should be easy enough, just move the bottom window bar with its triangluar bits down along with the top of the window and then add a full width box above. I like that, I will do some of those! Spot the covid house with the windows open in January. Andy
  12. I coulnt think what ese to do with it. Laminated some more this morning, they are under a Hobgoblin Gold and a Brakespear gold at the moment. Andy
  13. I have had a couple of questions about the silhouette cutter. If I work through the design and construction of a PW wagon it might help. The Birmingham and Midland had an unspecified number of wagons that would be used for internal reasons, moving coke, ash and Permenant way equipement and matarials. The would be hauled by the locomotives by a drawbar. There is a photo of one with a B&M Greens locomotive and PW crew (the only photo I know of) in J S Webbs book Black Country Tramways volume 1. (page 103). I have sized the wagon from the photograph. My guess
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