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  1. Those sleepers are completely different to the ones in Wolves…. The other end of the line is laid on sleepers that are two concrete ‘feet’ joined together with two lengths of steel angle, probably 50mm angle. How odd. Andy
  2. I am sorry to hear you have been so poorly, you are the rock that holds up this trams and tramway modelling section of RMweb. I am always in awe of your knowledge of London trams both ancient and modern. Please look after yourself. Andy
  3. Personally, and it really is a personal view with no judgement. Nothing, gives me greater pleasure and reward on Rm web than giving advise and maybe, hopefully, helping someone and moving the hobby on a bit. I think that is what it is all about. Ohh, the daffodil's back. Andy
  4. the garden birds are better than the daffodil but, but i like the under waterviews of the turtle, well i did for a while. Happy to be part of the trial. ohh a chaffinch, or is that a bull finch? Andy
  5. An observation from the last comment, Many societies are not legal entities, there is little legal responsibility or expectation on behalf of the members. Transactions undertaken by the officers of the society are legally in the officers name with all of the liability that comes with it. This is why model railway clubs that organise 'big' shows operate as public limited liability companies because the individual that books the hall or the accommodation is personally responsible for any costs in the event of a legal dispute. It can take all of the fun out of it. Andy
  6. Who says the adverts are for useless irrelevant items. I saw the words 'Pasties by Post' on one of those middle of the screen ads. It was there just micro seconds before I dumped it. What's not to like, Imagine a knock on the door and there is the postie with a pastie, (sort of rhymes) but, too late, my brain had already committed my fingers to instant click close. I will have to wait for it to pop up again. Andy
  7. That bus has wheels, well 2. Or at least I can see 1 and 1/2 wheels. Can you have half a wheel? if it is only a half it cant roll does that means its ceases to be a wheel (phylosophically). Oh dear, over thinking again. Andy
  8. 18 hours after posting, 74 views and no replies.. So observations. Although it is very crude in parts like the bogie sides there are details like the top lights (is that what you call them) and are those air vents? would suggest it is being based on a prototype. Not British, there was not that much streamline development in this country and less so in single decks, to the point where most of the RM web tramway contributors can list them. Not sure if that helped, it might flush out a few more replies? Andy
  9. The answer is in this video at about 8 or 9 seconds in, you will be surprised: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w51bgeXlHuc Andy
  10. Also interested to hear what the differences are, I watch the construction at the Wolverhampton end in detail from my 1st story office? Have no experience of European practise. Andy
  11. Thank you all for your input. I was looking at an eBay post shortly after posting when I spotted the ‘Euroslot’. The thing you hang the model from wether a single or double peg when I realised the horse bus was too small. As it says, designed for the box, Looks like the die cast route is not an option, odd that Odell started lledo with variscale vintage horse drawn vehicles, I can’t see the market, even then.,, maybe looking for gaps Again, thank you all, I will put my £0.99 plus postage to a worthier cause. Andy
  12. I have been looking at lledo days gone range and they have a small selection of horse drawn vehicles. Considering buying, improving, repainting etc for a 7mm Victorian model but are they all 1:43 scale. eBay lists some at that size but most sellers have excluded scale in the write up. Looking at the horse drawn bus they are a very low price, would need to change the horses (they are quite corse), wheels ? etc. You get 5 passengers, maybe it’s 4 and a driver, if they are 7mm the figures are worth £4 a piece anyway. Anyone know this range. Andy
  13. I don’t. There are two locomotives preserved from the same Irish tramway, the Portstewart tramway which only had 3 engines in total, number 1 is in Hull and number 2 is on display at the Ulster Folk Museum. So they sort of had a spare. Andy
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