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  1. Gulls are ubiquitous in seaside or inland settings, we have a school field behind us and black faced gulls have been in abundance since I went to that school 40 years ago. Today in Lichfield the mill pond was a mass of black faced gulls including all of the juvenile examples. In my home town of Stafford there is a significant presence of herring gullin thvtown centre whilst where I work in Wolverhampton from a lofty office block a few examples of greater black back gulls are magnificent. Probably Wolves’s top airborne predator. Andy
  2. I have / had a 500ml plastic bottle of limonene, I need it because I use a silhouette cutter to cut 10 thou plastic shapes to laminate up…. I have transferred about 100ml to a glass Bottle because the limonene escapes the plastic. It just passes through the plastic causing the/bottle to suck inwards in a twisted and distorted bottle. I must have lost half of the contents. Do others have this program or/aretgey/bu6ing from sites with more suitable containers? Andy
  3. Ok, But your prototype does have rounded corners... At least I hope it does Andy
  4. No need to answer the above, I have found yours and others previous quotes on the topic and I can see the functionality in my own silhouette sofware. thank you anyway Andy
  5. Hi Jo, I also recognise this problem of not quite finished corners. Are you saying if I choose different colours for lines (horizontals and verticals as you describe) the machine will just know to cut them separately regardless of colour etc ? Andy
  6. Very unrestored state. Unless there is more of it out of public view there is just a pile of parts at the end of one of Crich's running sheds, no admittance. Andy
  7. It is a massive topic, from horse drawn 4 wheelers, to the 20 years that’s steam commanded the urban street, to the polished Edwardian electric open toppers, then with balconies, then upper deck roofs, enclosed balconies ( upstairs) to enclosed vestibule (lower deck - the driver was thought of last) to air brakes, forced air ventilation, regenerative braking, electric doors, pantographs and a bunch of crazy ideas, schemes realised and dreamt. Find out what rocks your boat if you have something in mind, something you like, tell us, a photo, something written let us know and I am sure we can name it, bag it and find you more of the same. was your interest current / historically or do you have a desire to make model? It doesn’t matter which I just want to tailor my responses. andy
  8. I could edit, and then anyone looking would think "what are they on about " Happy to take my typo on the chin, sorry 1995. Andy
  9. Well, We didnt go out much once we had the kids, so as Emily was born in 1195 it would suggest before that. We did get sitters so its not impossible that it was after that just less likely. How does that sound? Andy
  10. I'd greatful if you would point me in the right direction as to how I do that. I have a silhouette 3. I do get variable results on corners, just a steer and I will do some digging and playing. Andy
  11. Better still, move to 'UK Standard Gauge Industrial Modelling' Andy
  12. The Blues band, great British band, lead by Paul Jones (ex Manfred Man), fantastic vocals and harmonica. I have also seen them at 'The gatehouse' we were probably together, I know my Jane was there. Andy
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