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  1. The wagon is labelled for Ind Coope Ales, so more likely to be beer than petrol. Regards Ian
  2. Test works. Try some more. We like piccies. Regards Ian
  3. No N7s that I can see on a quick scan but....... https://shedbashuk.blogspot.com/search?q=neasden Lots of others Regards Ian
  4. Probably Hogsheads or Pipes, depending on the contents. About 54 gallons, or 540lbs plus the weight of the cask (another half hundredweight or more). Definitely rolled, and then spun & twisted, either to get it to stand upright, or to flip it onto a stillage as required. A one hand job(in the right hands) Empties, dead easy!! Poper Job!!! Regards Ian
  5. BANES Council planning portal might give you some info. I suspect that there would have to have been planning permission for the building of the cycleway. I have had a look on Britain from Above, but there doesn't seem to be anything useful there. Best of luck with it. Regards Ian
  6. I can pick some up off the ground for you at Rocks by Rail tomorrow, if you like. Anything from a jar-full to a bucket full. Regards Ian
  7. Totally off the wall, but will Little Bytham be regauged especially for the next page? Very tongue in cheek. Regards Ian
  8. Sorry, I hadn't realised that the wheels were both loose on the axle. Back to (someone else's) the drawing board. Regards Ian
  9. Looks great. Far too neat for the Fort, though. Regards Ian
  10. 1980 or 81, I think. I left school in 82, and moved to the Isle of Arran to work which effectively ended my spotting days. No trains!, and I only bought a camera in about 78 or 9, so that limits the time frame. Sadly over 2000 B & W Negs went missing in a house move along with several boxes of slides, some yaers ago, so most of those that I have left have already been posted. Regards Ian
  11. Working in 2mm finescale (large enough for me), I found that check rails are actually functional. Ther really is a reason for them being there!! Perhaps the addition of check rails might help. One other thing which occurred to me is the actual wheel profile. Single flange wheels are coned (about 10 degrees, I think) on the real railway. if you are printing your own wheels, might it be possible to introduce a double coning effect to the wheelsets, so that in section, the tread looks like a flattened W? This should help to keep the wheel centred on the rail head so less chance of the flange climbimg the rail. No experience, only thoughts. Regards Ian
  12. I would love to see that photo. I am building a model of Paisley St James in 2mm Finescale (slowly), and the plan is to have a train of 16t Minerals on delivery. How upset will the purists be to see a full rake of unweathered wagons, in numerical order!! Ther is a very poor photo of such a train, but anything else like that would be of ineterest. https://images.app.goo.gl/QCE7h9R569Qhh1nX6 Regards Ian
  13. I was just wondering who paid if a PO wagon headstock/drawgear broke in transit? Railway? Wagon Owner? Regards Ian
  14. Have a hunt through here: My own memories are from GSW/Caledonian territory, when most boxes seemed to be basically white/pale grey, with only a sky-blue 'Private' notice on the door to relieve the colour. Nameboards seemed to be mostly black on white, usually 'Rail Alphabet', but some older nameboards were still about. Regards Ian
  15. Looks like a traverser in the Britain from Above photo which could make life interesting. Regards IAn
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