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  1. CORBY IRONSTONE QUARRIES MEMORIES An ironstone quarry scene at Oakley Ironstone Quarry reproduced below from the Harold King Collection. A steam hauled quarry train awaiting loading by the Ruston Bucyrus 110 RB face shovel whilst the shotfirer prepares the pattern of shot holes ready for the next blast to loosen the stone for loading. This will be the last chance for visitors to see the current exhibition on Corby’s ironstone quarries, which closed just over 40 years ago. Rocks by Rail – the Living Ironstone Museum at Cottesmore, Rutland is holding its final two steam open days this year on Sunday 17th October and a week later on Sunday 24th October. Open between 10am and 4pm
  2. Have a look at the 2 mm association website. Laurie Adams has produced a handy booklet on point rodding. See here: http://www.2mm.org.uk/products/nms/index.html Scroll down a bit. Regards Ian
  3. Took the dog to work yesterday. He doesn't do mornings so the 5.00 a.m. early morning call wasn't appreciated by him!! Consolation was a walk after work to see this little cavalcade on its way from Peterborough to Butterley I HATE digital cameras for the time lag between hitting the button and the image being taken. This was on my mobile phone, so even worse. Despite several attempts to get a 'burst' and pick the best one, this was the only one I got out of it. I am going to treat myself to something better VERY soon. /Rant Over/ Regards Ian
  4. This should appeal to @Stubby47 with his penchant for unusual prototypes. Question is, what gauge will he use? Regards Ian
  5. These are quite nice.... https://mylonglocopics.jimdofree.com/ e.g. https://mylonglocopics.jimdofree.com/class-37/ Regards Ian
  6. At Rocks by Rail, we were cash only for entry and Cafe until just after reopening this year. I had been pressing for us to acquire a card reader for several years, which was finally agreed to early this year. Delivery delays meant that it was not delivered until the third week in August. We opened on the 1st of August. In previous years we have 'lost' people, because of the inability to take cards, and as a small, volunteer run charity, every penny counts. This had grieved me somewhat. Being Scottish!! As I was walking the dog on the morning of the 1st, I was pondering the problem, and realised that many people use internet banking on their phones, so when I got home, I printed up some slips with our bank details, etc, printed them off, and was thus able to stop at least a dozen customers getting away. If a small event/venue/organisation does not want to shell out for a card reader, then this might be an option. Not ideal, and takes folk a little time to make the transaction, but may be useful. Regards Ian
  7. Great to see the layout on RMWeb Kath's Cake means you might need an extension to Lauries Lair if the space around the layout continues to contract. Regards Ian
  8. Looks like the sun will shine for tomorrow's Driver for a Fiver at Rocks by Rail. Bacon Butties in the Cafe, with some superb cakes, then get to grips with our game 57-year old, Betty. All 30 Tons of her!! A svelte ( but hard working) Betty in the sunshine Regards Ian
  9. I will just leave this here.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-CCT6yXKyo Regards Ian
  10. Is the track in the photo temporary to aid the re-railing? There doesn't seem to be any ballast , but we don't know exactly where the siding ended, how fast and how far the loco was going when it hit the sand. It could have ended up quite a distance from the end of the permanent track. I can't see the designers/installers putting in a downslope, increasing the speed of any errant vehicle. Just my tuppence worth Regards Ian
  11. Thanks for the Like, @Andy Y And you didn't even get to drive last time. Where's @Phil Parker.... The grin on his face was like a small boy being given the keys to the Sweetie Shop. Regards Ian
  12. Betty is out to play this weekend. For Sunday only, from 10 - 4 pm, All 30 tons of Betty can be yours to grapple with for only a fiver. She could be at YOUR bidding. She is no pushover, here she is coupling with Singapore. A Rough Shunt 325 Horse Power of Rolls Royce Sentinel, what's not to like. LE15 7FF for your Sat Nag. Be there, last chance this year!! Regards Ian
  13. Templot can import direct from the NLS site and scale automatically. I believe that Martin has a license to import from the OS as well. Check on the Templot Club forum. Regards Ian
  14. How about taking a screen shot of the image, saving as a PDF which can be printed by a local print shop to full scale size. You would have to adjust the page size of the PDF to get the scale and length I believe that they use printers which use rolls of paper, so that any length can be printed, rather than having numerous pages. Someone can probably explain it far better than I have. Regards Ian
  15. Thanks for posting the video. I was on the admissions desk that day, and quite glad to be out of the rain, however, it did brighten up a lot in the afternoon. Come and see us again, and we will find someone, if I am not available, to give you much more background to the Museum. Regards Ian
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