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  1. Great idea about backdating to pre grouping, it would be wonderful to see. One anachronism which would HAVE to change would be the mini-Tony on the platform end. Rescanned in period dress, and one of these instead of the ultra modern camera he is holding. Hat, coat and in a flash, I'm gone. Regards Ian
  2. The Museum may be closed over the winter, but that doesn't stop us cracking on with loads of behimd the scenes work. Recently we were contacted by a Leicester family to see if we were interested in this..... The Ransomes and Rapier W1400 walking dragline is unloaded at the Museum. and this.... The model of a Ruston Bucyrus 100RB face shovel Of course we were. Meccano Marvel on the Move DIG THIS ! MECCANO QUARRY MODELS FIND NEW HOME AT THE MUSEUM Rocks by Rail, Rutland’s Railway and Ironstone Museum has recently received a very kind donation from the Garner family of Leicester. Two working Ironstone Quarry machines made from MECCANO. Expertly put together, with great attention to detail, are a model of a Ransomes and Rapier W1400 walking dragline similar to the one which worked at Exton, and a Ruston Bucyrus 100RB face shovel. Both models are powered by electric motors and the dragline sits in a quarry diorama called Priors Hall Quarry where it can demonstrate its digging ability. Meccano ™ which originated in England, was invented by Frank Hornby, who was later to pioneer affordable model railways. Meccano is still available to this day, more than 120 years after its debut. Following checking and cleaning the two models will go on public display at the museum next year. The Museum expresses its sincere thanks to the donors for these impressive models. Regards
  3. I don't think that this one has appeared before, showing that even the railway used grouded van bodies. Regards Ian R
  4. There are three on the Britain from above website, however none really show the rail infrastructure well. https://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/EPW022715 https://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/EPW056367 https://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/EPW062154 Bit the NLS website gas some maps like this: https://maps.nls.uk/view/103313255 Any use? Regards Ian
  5. I have one of these oin the gloat box, however, I don't seem to have any instructions for it. As I don't really need it, would you like another one? Regards Ian
  6. I'll just throw Glasgow into the ring. Gauge 4'7 3/4", so narrower than standard, although SG trains were run, particularly on the South Side of the city in Govan, to Fairfields and other shipyards using electric locos running using the tramways' overhead equipment. From Elderslie in the west to Airdtie & Coatbridge in the East, over 100 route miles (160km) must put into the top two or three. Regards Ian
  7. There are a couple more photos in that photostream of the electrification train. in this one the first two vehicles seem to have the condemned symbol on them, backed up by the next photo which appeared earlier in this thread. Regards Ian
  8. Back on Topic!! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-59246844 Regards Ian
  9. Early shift at Wymondham Crossing 170110 disappears towards the dawn on 1L26 Birmingham New Street to Cambridge just after 06.30 this morning Regards Ian
  10. 2-327 chassis kits arrived in short order from the 2 mm shop, excellent service as always, and they fit a treat. Just cursing the fact that I had already soldered in all the bearings for the 2-330 chassis before I discovered the mismatch. Never mind, I think that I have some Peco kit bodies which may fit, also a couple of the Farish Rectangular Tanks, too. Regards & thanks for all the help. Ian
  11. Apart from Jools being a modeller, Andy Salmon, his road manager, is our General Manager at Rocks by Rail. Railway Enthusiasm by Musical osmosis!! Regards Ian
  12. The High Dyke Branch to the Ironstone Quarries at Buckminster, Sewstern Colsterworth etc. was run by 31s in latter years. See David Fords Flickr albums and the thread on here. Regards Ian
  13. That's better! Regards Ian
  14. Are those gates upside down? Or do they put the diagonals on backwards in Kirkallanmuir-land? Regards Ian
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