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  1. Blimey, why don’t we just wait to see what Oliver says rather than start major rants? Roy
  2. If I try that, all I can see is Casper the Ghost! Roy
  3. Looking very good indeed. Oliver, may I ask when do you expect to receive the remaining decorated samples? Purely selfish question on my part as I have a Southern Lined green version on order. Thanks in advance, Roy
  4. Have a look at this: http://svsfilm.com/nineelms/bfast.htm No myth at all. As for hygiene, two of the best things for cleaning are steam and heat, no shortage of those on a footplate. I was first shown how to cook off a shovel by an ex-Guildford driver. Roy
  5. Yep, very complex - even the colour changes. Rolling on the flat you probably have the doors shut, down a long hill they may be cracked open to cool the fire a bit but not too much. As for underneath, have you got a damper open or shut, and if open which one? That changes the amount of light and position as well, As for cooking in the shovel, I seem to meet two sorts of people, those who think you do it for every meal and those that don't believe it at all. Nothing beats a good cooked breakfast off the shovel - it tastes very different. For me, I am happy without on a model as I don't think it will capture the effect as it should - but I don't mind it being there as long as I can turn it of. Roy
  6. Firehole doors should be shut as much as possible when working, especially hard, not just sometimes. If they are open too long the boiler will suffer as will the fire with a lack of primary air. Roy
  7. There is definitely a yellow panel - take a look at this head-on shot (not my photo) : 66740 Subtle, but it is there. Roy
  8. I have platforms 0 and 1 as holding 15 20m coaches - most others (excluding the suburban platforms) fit 14 . The LNER sets fit, and they are, IIRC, 10 Mk4s (23m each) + a Class 91. Roy
  9. A couple of questions, if I may... Wil you be offering a deposit and part-payments on the coaches sets? Will you be looking to colour match the Dapol class 68s? Hoping we avoid another "Colourgate" along the lines of the Oxford Mk 3 coaches. Thanks in advance, Roy
  10. Sorry, I didn't realise that as the box says Display Name or email address. I guess a typo that needs to be fixed at some point. Best regards, Roy
  11. Hello, just to clarify and add some more info. I was not using bookmarks and one of the devices that I used was brand new - no bookmarks, no cache. Anyhow, I have found that if I try to log in using my email address and password, it will not work, if I use my screen name and password it will - I am now happy as I know what to do. And for something also positive, I like the new format. Thanks. Hope that helps. Roy
  12. I have the same issue, I have to reset my password every time. I have tried different computers (including a freshly set up iPad) and browsers, no change. Doesn’t seem cookie related. I am sure it will get sorted in time. Roy
  13. Sadly, if is a complete scam it doesn't matter that you made a small purchase, you may have now given way your credit card details for somebody to make a big purchase... Roy
  14. I have three sons, one completely disinterested in railways, the youngster is sort of keen but middle son has life mapped out and wants to follow me onto the footplate. It is great working with him to light up a loco. As you say, I am blessed. Roy
  15. When I walked up and down Penzance station showing the difference to one of my sons, the split seemed to be about 50/50. Whether the retained coaches are mixed I don’t know. Roy
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