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  1. Well, nobody other than 25901 when he posted the photos Roy
  2. Well, maybe not the traditional manufacturers, no. Cavalex are also producing some extremely detailed wagons. Between the two, we have some lovely trains to pull now - way beyond what I had dreamed of not long ago. Roy
  3. Quoting myself but hey ho. My parcel has just arrived and my normally happy wife was bemused that my email alerts and the phone app have been quoting it as my "Whiplash parcel" I may find that she is no so happy from now in when I order an "engine" Not opened the wagons up yet, that joy is for tonight. Funny thing is, DPD Ireland are sending me a parcel as well which they say they haven't yet got - so I think somebody somewhere got their wires crossed! Roy
  4. If a jobs worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. My Dad used to tell me that all the time as a young lad, and it is very true... Roy
  5. To be honest, I found card refitting the body more of a hindrance. I just lower the body until the handrails are about to snag and then lift them over one at a time with tweezers. Roy
  6. Take is slow and steady, taking the cab step handrails out of their holes and hooking them up as you lift the body and it is all ok - use some pieces of card or thin plastic. Roy
  7. That is what I do with my Heljan 33s - I use common anode bi-colour LEDs so that I don't have to mess around with light guides too much. Roy
  8. Don't worry Fran - these things take as long as they do. I know it can be frustrating when we know they are here, but having waited for them to arrive (or not in my case as I have only ordered them at the weekend) a few more days isn't going to make a difference. Yes you could employ an army of shipping-elves to do it, but that just puts costs up. Roy
  9. This one? https://www.hattons.co.uk/171562/bachmann_branchline_37_075k2_hd_7_plank_wagon_aberpergwm_red_livery_collectors_club_limited_edition_model_2006_/stockdetail.aspx Roy
  10. Looking pretty good. Two comments though: The blue for the DRS loco still looks wrong - perhaps to ensure it matches the others; I thought Fragonset 33021 Eastleigh had a crest above the nameplate - I have it in my head that all the named Fragonset locos had crests. Roy
  11. Thanks dogbox. Mostly better now, still aches from time to time. It was silly, I came out from underneath, started to stand up slightly too early and just got nudged in the back by the buffer, but my feet were still behind me. Set me stumbling forward at slow speed into a platelayer's hut. Not hard, just hit it at the wrong angle. Roy
  12. The best of my three was the second hand one, the other two being full RRP. Says a lot. Roy
  13. Haven't expectations changed. We have long had to put up with one or two numbers for a wagon each year, now that is not enough. The likes of Cavalex and Accurascale really have been game changers. Roy
  14. I am puzzled by this desire to cut and stick axle boxes to "solve the problem". All three of mine have been fixed without the need to lose the rotating axle box feature. No wobble, no bits falling off, just running as they were intended. Roy
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