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  1. Just a shame that Heljan don't have tooling for 33s with and without marker lights (with some having them at one end only). 33021 doesn't have them. Roy
  2. A quick google did provide this: Although the 08s I have worked could not be switched from the cab, each individual light having to set by hand. Roy
  3. No, definitely shunting locos when working next to a running line, I was taught it many years ago. Will have to have a dig through my old notes. Roy
  4. If I recall correctly, the white was on the side nearest the running line, if one was present? Roy
  5. The lamps would be swapped. A loco pulling a train would only ever have lamps at the leading end with lamp then displayed at the end of the complete train, signifying to a signaller that the train is complete when passing them. Lamps would only be carried on both ends of a loco for a light loco move, signifying that it makes up the entire train. Roy
  6. When I put a speaker in the fuel tanks of my 33s, I didn't need to do any more than unclip the tanks and just lift the PCB to feed wires down through the existing holes. Nothing major at all. Roy
  7. Also ask yourself what you want it for. I have a couple of ZTC systems that I use for my big layouts, but for my shunting plank that I just use for having fun on the table in the dining room, I bought a Pi-Sprog system that is mounted beneath it. It is inexpensive, JRMI compliant, I can control it from an old iPhone and, being part of the board, it is all up and running in about 10 seconds. Roy
  8. On that basis, it is the train that is stationary, not the railway, which would suggest that Train Station is more correct! Ducks and runs for cover. Roy P.S. I hate Train Station.
  9. +1 to that. Factory weathering seems to be more miss than hit so I would prefer pristine. Roy
  10. For customer liveries, it is not just the FOC that has to grant permission, and it known that some companies (including FOCs) have been very protective of their image rights. Roy
  11. You are right, that looks a lot better. Looks like the livery application is spot on for that loco which also retained its marker lights. Roy
  12. I think you are right that they only had car spotlight type lights until refurbishment. Shame if it does arrive with a square headlight. Bachmann tooled up a nose end for 37099, but I don’t see them doing this one. Roy
  13. Just the edge of it. Roy
  14. Because they just have with the Gaugemaster specials. Roy
  15. I like that a lot. Not my era at all, but I am finding it hard to resist. Must get round to selling the Ultracsale P4 wheels I keep meaning to ebay to fund it! Roy
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