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  1. Three of the four markers look bad on the green weathered and one doesn't look good on the blue weathered one either. Edit: looking at the Olivias photos many of the markers look odd. If you look at this one (not weathered) there is something strange going on around them where they look not properly painted and one looks to have split when the light tube is pressed in: D7645 Roy
  2. You are right, Kernow always have a good set of photos. I do note, however, nearly all the alphanumeric headcodes are badly fitted. I hope they are easily accessible to fit better. Roy
  3. Bit harsh to pick on the two weathered ones as a comparator when Ben has acknowledged they are poor and need to be addressed. Surely linking to a pristine blue example would have been farer and more representative, especially as SLW don't do weathered models? Roy
  4. Whilst I agree that more information is needed as to the depth of problem, the two specific models that we are discussing does represent 100% of the weathered ones that we, the general public, have so far seen. I hope for Heljan's sake, and even more so for Ben, that it is not a large % of the weathered models that are so affected. Time will tell... As for the quality of the 25 in general, that is another matter and we can judge models whether weathered or not. Roy
  5. 3) anybody with "service" in their job title thinks they are only there to service themselves Roy
  6. Yep - I thought aspects of 33012 were bad. 25155 is so off that you can't really believe that it is real. Makes even some of the dodgy "weathered to a high standard" models on ebay that only look fit for a complete strip down look quite good. Roy
  7. What stay alive did you fit? I have a SPP-N PowerPack in mine and that seems to have fixed the running issues. Yes, I know I still need to keep it clean, but I think the PowerPack overcomes a lot of the problems. Roy
  8. It was the photo of the cab bulkhead for the first batch of 24s that first caught my eye and got me saying wow. That 25 bulkhead is a big step up again. Can't wait, but know I have to... Roy
  9. Heljan’s Facebook page said that the 25s were here and listed all of them, including the weathered 25155. Roy
  10. I would have thought that the statement on the contact page "The contact form is currently unavailable pending a re-design, nothing more. Railtec is otherwise fully open as normal and the remainder of the web site remains fully functional." and the many recent posts highlighting good service would give you your answer... Edit: try a PM to @railtec-models here. Roy
  11. I fully agree volume is not everything and mine are certainly wound right down. The issue I think with some of the quieter speakers though is that they are not good at reproducing some of the frequencies, so it is not just that they are quiet, but that those frequencies are muted. In Richard's 37 video you will hear that on some speakers the horn is at very similar volume levels whilst the background "tick-over" is very different. If you do want to hear those "background" noises you have to wind the volume up, but if that frequency is not being responded to, you get distortion and/
  12. Gents, I had a search but I have not found an answer. Are the instanter couplings fitted cosmetic or functional? Thanks, Roy
  13. Don't forget ETHELs were often attached to stock long before the loco hauling the train - providing pre-heat. There are plenty of photos of stock in platforms with just an ETHEL at the head. Several on this page for starters: Derby Sulzers Roy
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