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  1. We get instructions on how to remove the body on the NDM, and I can’t work out how to do it without risking damage. No way of fitting DCC sound without getting that body off. Roy
  2. Lol, missed the subtlety of that. Very good! Roy
  3. Don’t forget Fourdees who do the locos RTR: https://www.fourdees.co.uk/tramway-locomotives Roy
  4. Out of interest, what size capacitor do you normally fit? The APT has 1000uf, which seems quite large to stop flickering. Roy
  5. I don't know but is it down to the software in use? Many moons ago I had to use some software that would mark items as despatched the moment you printed the despatch note. The problem was the easiest way of dealing with items was to print out the despatch notes which listed what was ordered and then go off to find the items and fill envelopes. Sometimes you would only find a lack of an item at this stage as the inventory was not fully linked to ordering. Was not a big issue for us as no despatch emails were sent and stock would be replenished quickly, but I can see such an issue arising in today's more "connected" world. Ebay does similar today - which is why you get emails saying you item has been posted at silly o'clock at night when all that has happened is the seller has paid for and printed the postage, not physically posted anything. Roy
  6. Wouldn't a dark wash of some type be more appropriate so that the finish is uneven as weathering tends to be? Roy
  7. Nah, will wait until sold out and cover my postage costs as well Edit: and like @E100 I am very sceptical that it has two powered NDMs although, to be fair to Hornby, they did say that when they had running EPs they would see what was needed, 1 or 2 powered. Roy
  8. Is the coach on the right not tipped slightly? Is the bogie at the other end straight? Roy
  9. Indeed. However, I am concerned that Hornby may have designed something that basically cannot be taken apart without damage - hence seeking advice from others. Too often bodyshell designs make use of screws and clips where the latter would have been sufficient. Bachmann 47s are a case in point - the body to cab door window glazing clips are often a pain the proverbial, they are not needed and get removed on mine when I get the bodies off. Roy
  10. I have looked at that and this is what gives me the worry. There is no discernible gap between the body and chassis by which to release the six clips shown in the diagram. Unlike many coaches / locos where you can work from below the chassis, the join is part way up the bodyside. Roy
  11. Anybody managed to separate the body and chassis on any of these? I have been looking at the instructions for removing the NDM body and there are six clips between body and chassis. I don't see any obvious way in which to insert anything into the gap to ease them apart. Roy
  12. Maybe not a direct replacement, but N Brass Locos have some at differing lengths: https://www.nbrasslocos.co.uk/fitall.html#AIR Roy
  13. +1 I always thought of Peco as the unsung hero - they quietly get on and produce so many items that literally keep model railways rolling. Until Covid their delivery performance was pretty good (yes, I know there was the odd delay with new items), stock of regular track items being almost guaranteed at retailers. Their continued development of new items, albeit impacted by Covid, has been first rate - my shunting layout looks all the better for using bullhead points and track. You only have to look at the cries of consternation at the non-availability of items over the past couple of years to realise just how essential they have become to this hobby, probably more-so than any other single manufacturer. Roy
  14. I guessed it may be but thought I would highlight it in case you miss out on sales. Roy
  15. Is there a reason why when you go OO->Wagons->Accurascale on your website the MDVs/MDOs don’t show? They only appear under newly arrived which seems a bit limiting. Roy
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