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  1. The windows don’t look bad compared to the prototype which also had quite chunky frames. Roy
  2. Quite true, and probably shows 47901 would be a better bet than a 48! Roy
  3. Many thanks for that. So on that basis if I look at this photo (not mine) the first wagon is an original body and the next three the revised body? https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/39250965835/in/photolist-22NtsEg-2agtuAj-RXbvd5-22jY4Lv-23n3zVg-FKFj3r-29MjeuX-qKCGb9-rqzqo7-pj9GTV-VgkbjY-BxtWXP-sqExGL-2hKL12r-2hxeFZY-2iu1MX1-2iouJJn-SAA8kV-23r455T-RqUg6t-28e2RKM-dWk3aM-qR9GuY-229y8Dt-2cbBRRA-FkoUB1-25frDhg-9SbAAC-mEGr7j-2hUsJBE-E1KVVx-24quE9u-PLXYeq-23fMuJ1-2h9hcD7-2f2HCk3-GX5vyE-27W3fg5-2aF1Zeu-GrcABT-Cht4xD-GVmDDd-2hNYWxi-Giz2Nq-23o6FRq-q9qVQa-BwUMYW-2hVpPf8-aTZTqc-U5UZoi Roy
  4. I too am trying to understand what is best for my period (1980-85) and what livery / body came when. Were the brown cradle HAAs the original body and the when they had the new hopper they got the Railfreight red cradle ? Looking at Flickr there is, as you say, such a mix of liveries but I am not knowledgeable enough to spot what is what other than colours.. Roy
  5. Not sure why you think the circuitry would need to change, I am sure Heljan will be planning for 47s with a headlight. Sure, the light-guides will need to change, but that would be all. Roy
  6. Didn't notice anything overly wrong with mine - I just wondered if that one had been dropped at some point and the coupling put back on upside down. Roy
  7. Isn’t it just a renumber / rename of 57603 which was generally thought to be ok? Roy
  8. Wasn't aware of 47523's light. It is in teh same place for sure, although a slightly different fitting. The sand boxes on Freightliner 47s and 57s are a different shape to those on 47901. The Freightliner sandboxes had a narrow round neck and cap, 47901 a flat square cap (amongst other differences). Roy
  9. That is my plan, my 58s and pairs of 20s. Might even have to do a slow speed 47. Roy
  10. The new Class 45s are regional as well. Due soon. Roy
  11. To be fair, the world has changed a lot in that time, and not in a way that anybody really foresaw. Roy
  12. Not a bulk offer for a 40+ wagon? Would just have to find the money somehow. Any chance of having some Dalek accessories made as well? Roy
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