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  1. I took a Hornby Grid apart with the full intention of motorising the fans (battery powered, not on dcc). The rubber band driven effort was a nice try but ultimately a damp squib, the fans on the prototype are thermostatically controlled by the coolant temperature and will run, or not, independently of whatever the engine or traction motors are doing. Ultimately, Hornby's Grid, whilst good, needs a hefty amount of round-tuits applied to make it great. I'm hopeful Cavalex's effort will negate the requirement to be an accomplished modeller. (compliment!) I've my eye on 097
  2. ...and both Napier and Brown-Boveri turbo' fitted files perchance..? (Wishful thinking perhaps!) C6T.
  3. F'sure! I joined the C56G in the mid '90s. As many fan society groups in their early days work, you'd be given a membership number and 56078 came up for me. I had no particular affiliation with that particular loco but' 78 has by fate become an often newsworthy Grid. My Grid, if you will. I don't need 56078 on my (any of my) layouts for any particular reason, I'd probably by one though. Haha! C6T.
  4. As far as the prototype is concerned, I really don't give a s**t what paint they carry. Replication of a fond memory time line in a miniature scale? Yeah, I'm a bit more picky. C6T.
  5. No, as I said, Dutch Transrail. FFS. C6T.
  6. 134 should be just a renumber, check prototype images for small square grille for cab air-con tho'. 004 is (or rather, was latterly) Crewe cabs either end of a Romanian body, simple in theory, but I'm unsure how model manufacture works to suggest it'd be a marketable exercise for Cavalex. Similarly, I'd love a 56049 in Transrail Dutch, early Donny cab one end - late batch the other. And that's not even broaching the subject of "top-hats" and exhaust port irregularities within the class. I thought I was a champion anorak for Grids until a member sent in a piece det
  7. In hip-hop circles, those imports the footie fans brought back kick started that music genre followers search for cool wear. Which in itself brought about specifically b-boy designer brands like British Knights and SPX. I was old before my time and had already decided that black jeans (as espoused by Chuck D or KRS-ONE), Reebok kicks and a Kangol flat cap would be my "uniform". At 48, little has changed. I'm recognisably Old Skool hip-hop, but perhaps only to another of the same ilk! Never bought Nike or Adidas, but I can't deny, Air Jordans or Gazelles, classics both.
  8. Indeed, though Jacob Rees-Mogg is doing a bang up job of reminding us of Lord S and Walter the Softie in the modern era. Top hole! C6T.
  9. There's an...ahem, Alternative Ulster? (sorry, but music fans of a certain age needed that.) C6T.
  10. The latter part being "Rules of the House" more than anything else, no names for members. Like having a limousine take away the nation's poshest hat as some sort of indicative throwback of the division of Crown and State. An utterly ridiculous pantomime in the 21st century frankly. C6T.
  11. This. UK Govt is heading off a large scale handing back the keys headache. I do wonder how this will affect ROSCOS now, do the banks have to give us the stock back? C6T.
  12. Bored teens are brilliant at finding ways to ruin stuff, lobbing a brick through glass is so passé though. One cheap "diamond" ring and these stations will soon be festooned in all sorts of vibrant male genital artistry and the low-down on how their personal relationships are panning out, 4eva. C6T.
  13. Show and compare with Nidge's Post earlier, FL orange army at Ipswich this afternoon: C6T.
  14. Advertising boards too. Whether for leaf fall, season tickets or Mickey D's. Ruin the artists impression of course but it's the world we live in. C6T.
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