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  1. Thank Phil, I'd hoped my post might have, I dunno, reminded people that often the drive for technology progression is how to efficiently kill large numbers of people. My point being wrt RichardT's post, that we don't necessarily need to attach a linked culpability to every instance of a progressive sociatal improvement. C6T.
  2. In the basement Polly, maybe. C6T.
  3. You're gonna need sodding huge boards (in multiple languages, natch) and lengthy audio files if you think that's the pre-requisite for every single display item. FFS, just have a separate display of "Old rich white dudes suck" and let the actual physical purpose of the exhibit speak for itself. Neil Armstrong going to the Moon was great and everything, but I'm of no delusion he got there atop a mass extinction delivery vehicle. C6T.
  4. Sorry, no notes. "A breakdown train at March" would've been a more accurate caption as before your post I was unaware March even had one, that was the only time I saw it. Was it usually stabled elsewhere, or even out-stationed at Peterborough? C6T.
  5. Cut & shut with various above cant rail height roof bits off Lima 60s and 66s, I reckon job's a good-un! C6T.
  6. I look forward to more Grids named after Anglia TV productions, 'Bygones' would be particularly apt. I don't know if the bodyside is long enough to accommodate 'Sale of the Century with Nicholas Parsons' though. C6T.
  7. Actually, rtp is so overpriced these days, you're something of a guru that with practice, for many pounds less a proud facsimile can be made, with the additional benefit of having made it yourself. C6T.
  8. Ouch, kick in the nads for those of us ready to plonk. (compliment) I think I'll concentrate on making box fresh diseasels look lived in and ask experts like yourself to supply the "world". That's top work Al. C6T.
  9. Maybe, four "agrees" on RP82's post, which isn't of course market research by any stretch of the imagination. But it does at least indicate an interest just within this thread on this website. Personally I'd break your hand off for one, not just for the fact I had 049 as railtour traction in Dutch BigT livery, but I think it marks a step-change in what manufacturers can offer wrt tooling swaps to replicate more complicated prototypes. Bachmann should have been there with the suite of moulds they had for the Cl.47, mix and match according to what ever the desired locomotives carried, but they always seemed to miss the bullseye from what I gather. Oxford hinted at all sorts of possible permutations with the Mk3 coach tooling (shame about the paint). I don't know how modern model manufacture works, but I never thought I'd see the day of different cabs on the same loco. That's for some future when we download to our own 3D printers! C6T.
  10. Oh lordy. As someone who only "does" one side of their rolling stock (because you'll only usually view one side) painting the frame of a shed before cladding it seems to me a job that doesn't need doing, but then I'm lazy. Kudos Al. C6T.
  11. Pfft, a mere triviality for you Al, though I think I know you well enough that you'll bin at least three before you get to one you're happy with. C6T.
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