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  1. Not with gantry knitting Steve, out West or former Great Eastern possibly. C6T.
  2. Rather obvious where the nearest dropper is attached ain't it? C6T.
  3. As a roite gud shew buh. An sum of em talk proper loike what Oi do an'aal! C6T.
  4. Mmm, maybe Andi Dagworth can clarify. It likely has been propelled from Griffin Wharf to the GEML at Halifax Junction thence hauled through the tunnel and will likely be marshalled into a train in the Upper Yard. If going to Griffin it'd be routed on the up main through platform 2 08 leading, van in rear for propelling from Halifax to the wharf? C6T.
  5. Here's the gen for this one which, for whatever reason, I didn't go out to phot, so thanks! C6T.
  6. It's on again now. Great stuff. I wondered if the coach in the Hook was the prototype coach that was (when I rode it) at the SVR, vinyled in faux teak? C6T. This one, E3083, still at the SVR but now in BR maroon: Alun Hughes on Flickr.
  7. Superb, a proper nb Spoon! Funnily enough, I've literally just been watching some footage I took many years ago, last knockings of the 86s, Mk3 deliveries, Sprinters & Turbostars and Cotswold Rail Duffs to Yarmuff. All gone now of course... C6T.
  8. The ubiquitous "going away" shot. For many years I saw my own as a waste of a frame of film, these days, often invaluable rolling stock detail footage. C6T.
  9. Hello stranger! Just to plonk a virtual marker for the purpose of bookmarking the topic, I hope you are well Al. 31 pages to catch up with, looking forward to seeing what you have been up to. Take care, stay safe, Carl.
  10. Shouldn't have been doing 65 anyway, unless the max permitted of Tugs has been raised... C6T.
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