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  1. So you are putting out feelers to the possibility of maybe perhaps...? Please do Mike! C6T. Sorry Dave, I've been bugging Mike for a book for ages, much to his chagrin undoubtedly...
  2. I'm less than worried Mike, just curious. By the way, when's that book coming out on how you tried to run a railway Chief? It'd save me asking inane questions... C6T.
  3. The diesel loco operations around the delivery and rescue of the Flirts is something I'm curious about, if Skip will allow me to indulge... So DBS supply traction and staff to get them dit to East Anglia Land, fine, and then Euro Phoenix supply Tractors to facilitate "re-aquisition of the asset" (rescue). With Rail Operations Group? Or are the EP 37s just hired in using DRS route and traction carded staff? Without knowledge of the ins and outs, I find it hard to believe DRS wouldn't have been better suited to supply an off the shelf solution to fetching recalcitrant Stadlers, or are the EP Tractors fitted with the necessary coupling gubbins? As are DBS 66s? My head hurts, C6T.
  4. Every cloud...eh?! Some folk are quick to forget the past but frankly I'll take my chances with these than suffer a wedged 153 in summer ever again. A bridge bash at Needham is far more frustrating and that's of no consequence to what should be running on the metals over it. C6T.
  5. Strictly speaking it hasn't been a complete fleet replacement, more accurately the time between having new units available and not enough old ones as backup has been incredibly swift. A perfect storm of faults found and contractual obligations if you like with no wriggle room for additional needs such as staff familiarisation etc. Personally I've found the whole experience mildly annoying at times but given the woes of the world, a near miss at a level crossing aside, it's small potatoes. C6T.
  6. Lordy, what a mess! Fortunately my morning commute was one of the turned back Cambridge jobs and picked up the stranded London pax. Curiously, the pid was showing the service as being made-up of seven coaches! There wasn't a front/rear three/four for Needham faff, a four car rolled in. Unless its left a three car behind somewhere..?! C6T.
  7. The TTI on my Monday morning commute lost his balance as we were setting off from Stow, probably becoming accustomed to the "softer" acceleration on diesel from CBG to SMK. I'll give them their due, with dry rail, I've not been as impressed by acceleration from a train since my first journeys on Cl.333 and Cl.360. (The second divert kicking in on 40145 was pretty awesome too.) I suspect some sort of very good anti wheel slip software at work with phenomenal performance traction motors rather than the simple physics of vehicle mass and torque, but what do I know... C6T.
  8. Digital Doris won't be fooled however, she stated four coaches this morning at SMK. C6T.
  9. Interesting point actually, having mid bodyside doors, anything other than a similar external temperature means that the air-con is going to have to work pretty hard to keep the on board temperature constant. Finding a seat not subject to an icy blast or external summer heat at station stops is going to be difficult. 170s negated this by having a door close button. There also appears to be confusion with some pax because of the pause whilst the step extends after pushing the door open button on the Stadlers, we're so used to the door opening instantly. C6T.
  10. The lighting at Cambridge isn't exactly "subdued" these days though is it Col? That said I get your drift. I'd personally like the heating to be turned on on my Flirtations, you'd think coming from Switzerland the sodding heaters would work, at least. C6T.
  11. Heh! I thought I'd missed some sort of major GEML remodelling and the mainline now went "round the back" at Colchester until I read Siggie's captions properly...that is a lovely laid avoider though. C6T. Kinda makes you dream of a layout similar to Tonbridge Yard don't it?! That knitting will be work mind...
  12. As your on-the-spot reporter for the new trains I'm duty bound to bring you excellent news with regards the resolution of ongoing frustrations with regards the introduction of the Stadler fleet. It seems AGA may have resolved the public information display issues long perplexing potential punters wishing to know the length of their delayed, failed, cancelled or jammed under a bridge somewhere spiffy new train. Today's 16:29 NMT-SMK was proud to proclaim it would be 5 (count 'em!) carriages in length. Your intrepid news hound plumped for an empty table for four in the leading coach rather than the centre carriage, some sort of noisy baggage car. When pressed for comment, a fella with a strange obsession with AGA flannel asked if I was "from that sodding RMweb." I made my excuses and left, sharpish like. Scoopsix T.
  13. His box has leaked, badly. Still, the platform will be clean when it rains. C6T.
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