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  1. Thank you man, incidently, I have a Black 5 waiting to be turned into Henry thanks to you. I'm really happy for it, however the different between humbrol and lifecolor is evident when you compare it to my older models. This is a little bit lighter and browner than my oters. This is no bad thing as engines weathered differently at any rate. The cab is alright but again I'd probably protect the inked bits next time as they did run and ruin it slightly.

  2. I'm almost there with all the pipework and detailing bits now. Need to buy some other 8BA screws at the ones I got at York were a little short to secure rear the loco to the chassis. I'm deciding how far I'll go with the cab, I might just add the stoker and some cab seats. 


    Currently the idea is to have it corporate blue with yellow buffer beams and numbered 988 193.


    I've also managed to rummage in my parents loft and found some old Hornby modern image wagons plus some I recently bought second hand. Two OAA's two TEA's and three TTA's which I'm deciding on how far I'll go into detailing those. 

  3. Basically, I'm really angry steam wasn't around when i was partially or fully conscious, so I'm sticking my fingers up at reality and the purists :D.


    I got my self some old/second hand bits inc...


    Hornby tender drive 8F

    Hornby Railroad Black 5

    Hornby tender drive 9F

    Mainline 4MT

    Bachmann Ivatt 4mt


    and some static models of 9F's, Black 5's and 4MTs from GBL and Dapol. Not the best or most up to date stuff... but that was the plan all along :P

  4. Cheers for the advice. i'm just sorting my sulphate rake out. Again i'm using new parkside bogies but I have found Cambrian ones which look the part and are built square so i might invest in them if this still doesn't work. 


    I really want to try and keep these running on the layout as A) Unusual B) Local and C) generally look really good. 


    I don't think this is a ploughed field, i have a feeling they could be made to run right, but it's finding the solution. 

  5. I don't have an airbrush either. I think they'll be good for alot of things but I do still prefer hand painting. 


    What type of varnish do you normally use?


    I have a bit of a minor mishap with the lining which I managed to sort of repair with the use of humbrol primer, a cocktail stick and humbrol satin varnish. I find the enamel varnish very hardy to weathering once dry (definitely give them day or two). I also use Johnsons cotton buds as I think lesser branded type tend to be very abrasive and can do alot of damage to paint finishes.

  6. Yeah, I like my engines used too. I was second guessing for a while because they did get very tatty these ladies but I'm happy with the outcome now. 


    That wasn't too difficult. Geroge Dent (Modelling hero of mine) did a couple of articles on the method. 


    • I did all the block painting of humbrol 62 and 33 (tender tops, bulkhead, coal space etc)
    • then I used humbrol 27004, 113, & 29 and a base colour (in this case humbrol 33) as a heavy wash over the whole tender.
    • Before it dried I wiped most of it away with a cotton bud lightly soaked in white spirit. If you want the area cleaner I'd give it another go. 
    • Once that had dried I used a dry cotton bud to buff the sides, getting as close as I dared to the rivet detail. I really highlights the rivet lines quite well.

    Oh retired :D awh... I have about 5 years worth of modelling project which I suspect will take 10 at least!

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