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  1. Have had the need to sit quietly for a few days, (we had snow as well so couldn't do much else anyway). so I made something essential for any layout pre-70s. Luggage! Back in the day folks traveled in style and without the use of automatic washing machines needed to take enough clothing to last their trip. Armies of workers were employed to man handle the stuff on the railways and a quick search on Google will reveal mountains of the it comprising everything from hat boxes to gentlemen's chests. Models of the stuff are rare and expensive. I set about making my own.
  2. Hi Mike just been watching episode 10. Great stuff! Sorry I posted on here by mistake and have moved the content to Grim-up-North where I meant to post it. Regards Shaun.
  3. All very inspiring Barry. Most people have never heard of soda ash let alone know how important the stuff is or what it is used for. So why should anyone bother to model the wagons right! The LMS types you have modeled are new to me as I always thought the company just transported the stuff in tarped up mineral wagons as per the norm! Regards Shaun
  4. Here's a couple of models I just finished and Mrs. S. has been trying out the new turntable.
  5. Really starting to look the part Jeff. All that patience is paying off! Regards Shaun
  6. Hi Mike. Really enjoyed your latest video it shows off the attention to detail very well not to mention great editing. My wife and i are currently getting into YouTube (Fed up with violence and zombies on the Tele!!!). So I have subscribed to your channel and will catch up when I get a free evening! Great job on the mineral trains and I was very impressed with the coupling idea! Regards Shaun.
  7. Quick progress update then... The signal box has been dug out and I think fits the scene a lot better. It needs a better roof and some more detailing. I had a near escape yesterday with these cheapo (Ikea I believe) lights. While rewiring them to fit above the farmland sections I was called away while testing them. One was upside down and burnt a hole in the $hagpile. Oops! Two ground dolls and two bracket signals. Still playing with all this area, note the signal cabin has moved! Here's the two control panels tha
  8. I didn't know you were into model planes too J. There's quite a few super glues in the top door shelf of the refrigerator but I don't think I've made anything from balsa since I was 10 and sliced my left long finger with a Stanley knife in craft class. I had to have 10 stitches and became an instant hit with all the girls. I guess I just don't need to buy any because there's so much scrap wood knocking around!! Although I do fancy getting some dowels to have a go at some decent pine trees for Goathland but then again I could just make my own from poplar scraps and save the gas mone
  9. Yes! I've actually spent quite a few hours making inset track and will bring that new corner of the layout up to the usual standards. Firstly I had to put up some new lights and there are 4 working signals fitted ready to hook up. The controls for what use to be a fiddle yard need moving too! Big job that I'll probably have to dismantle thw layout and rewire two boards. It does need buffer stops and those will have to be scratch built! Thanks for your input, always valued! Regards Shaun.
  10. I don't know if it is available over there but we have a type called Zap-A-Gap. Very trusty stuff that gets drawn into gap by capillary action. It sounds ideal for the process that you're describing J. Regards Shaun.
  11. Mrs. S. Has been practicing her video skills. The lights are hooked up to a 9V battery so are a little bright.
  12. Mrs. Squatch is getting in on the action and has made a short clip of the Queensbury scenics I made last year.
  13. Yes! but... I'm a cheap skate and when I saw the price tag I put it back on the shelf and ran! This whole new layout in the attic affair is being carried out on a budget of $0. Simon. regards Shaun.
  14. Mrs. Sasquatch and I have become YouTubers. This is because we recently have been provided with a decent internet service out here. We find it far more entertaining than any television service and have watched almost everything on Netflix and Prime that we like. There's a lot you can learn on YouTube. It's also a great way to share some modeling as well. I'd like to apologize for the poor quality of that last video and offer a promise that things will get better. Regards Shaun.
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