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  1. has been a complete anorak this evening. I cooked myself a full roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings and binge watched "The Richard J. Willis Collection" on prime. Nice!

  2. Having built several custom display cabinets for collectors, modelers and retailers I would offer my services. Alas now I live over here and think the shipping would cost trice the outlay for the materials and work. However before you go out and buy cheep off the peg cabinets, try getting a quote from a local cabinet maker and source the glass yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised! Regards Shaun
  3. I suppose now we have to wonder if Hornby modeled their teak on preserved freijo??? Someone had to say it.
  4. First subject then is Brow lane Bridge. Lots of foam, hot glue and filler later it's taking shape quite well. More pics when it's been worked on a bit more. Shaun.
  5. Hi Manna. Hopefully progress will pick up some pace now that I can just grab 15 minutes here and there to work on the infrastructure and scenery. Regards Shaun
  6. A trio of pics I left out last time here. This one shows to good effect how the low relief HO scale farm house adds a fair bit of depth. The station masters is OO scale and in hindsight this might have been better modeled in HO too. This goods shed has been placed where the L&Y warehouse will go to add some interest until I get the proper building made. The engines are stacking up at the buffer stops in Exchange and will require some sorting.
  7. I do like that Mike and have always wondered if a pair of old Hornby sleepers would make a convincing Twin Sleeper First. One day no doubt I'll have a go, not that I need them for my layout but purely because I love building LNER coaching stock! When I get around to some practice samples I have some rattle can semi gloss polyurethane I'm going to try before the weathering stage. I will post the outcome on here successful or otherwise. Once again Thanks for sharing, regards Shaun.
  8. Hi Mike. Teak would have been a very rare commodity during the 1980s. Supplies of it were running out back in the mid 1940s. Weren't some of the last Gresley BGs constructed in a similar manner? LNER carriages, Michael Harris Quotes hard-board??? I remember having a conversation many years ago at a show about the various finishes on a layouts stock, one of which was a Kirk BG sporting plain coach brown. The club member told me it was a plywood van built during the war which as a austere measure had plain coach brown slapped on! However I have not seen any photographs to confirm that and being a cabinet maker have always suspected that construction involved a teak veneer. Incidentally it was at that show that I learnt the old Humbrol paint method of 143 coach brown, gloss tan wash and varnish with a touch of red. Back then the old Hornby stock looked great in that finish. Humbrol have since stopped making the coach brown and changed the hue of the tan, both of which ran out or dried up years ago leaving me with much Kirk stock at various stages of construction. So I will be having a bash at your method having sourced all the ingredients you prescribe! Thank you for sharing it on here. Regards Shaun.
  9. Hi Mike, 51769 belongs to the M&GN Joint Railway Society and was restored to its former glory in 1985. Restoration most probably would have involved stripping, sanding, bleaching, and refinishing. I suspect however that the cruel evening sunlight has much to do with the paleness in that last image. Sadly for the purpose of this thread 51769 now sports Carmine and cream or blood and custard as it became more commonly known. Here's 51769 again then... Most worthy of note is how very shinny it is. Looks great on the real thing but I doubt any of us would like it on our models! Image: J.W.Sutherland. slide collection. Regards Shaun.
  10. Nice job that! Your Hornby BG looks just right and hats off to you for choosing such an expensive model for the guinea pig. One other little improvement worth considering on Kirk models is to beef up the bottom door hinges, makes a world of difference. They were a prominent feature that stuck out about 3 inches! Regards Shaun.
  11. Fiddle yard lounger. Pure luck with the reflected sunlight.
  12. Today i had a tidy up and got some trains out for a bit of a running session. Starting with Bradford exchange then we have an N2 with some Thompson stock in platform 1 ready to depart on a Queensbury Halifax local all stations. The N7 with yet more kit built stock arriving at platform 2. The goods yard is starting to fill up. I have temporarily placed the textile mill where the Victoria hotel will go to create a bit of a back drop. Common to Bradford Exchange is a Fiarburn tank, seen here in platform 4 with a Manchester train. Moving on to Queensbury now we see non condensing N2 with the Halifax portion of the Yorkshire Pullman. Note I know it's in the wrong platform road but in my garage things are not as they should be! The perspective is weird here, same train in the same position but the other passenger train is just hiding on the curve behind the station building and Goathland can be glimpsed in the very far distance! Here is the other train and a J50 in the small goods yard sorting the pick-up goods. J39 waiting in the loops with a short through goods. Aye, Thank you!
  13. Do hope you're not eating flakes or something Manna'
  14. Totally agree with that mate! I have tried to squeeze in as many passing loops with isolated sections as reasonably possible.
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