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  1. Thank you John. The cover picture is of Queensbury 3 arch bridge. A real boon in that it shows the platform support brackets! Somewhere deep in a box I have a sprue of Prototype models LMS station canopy brackets that look just like that! Anyway I'll definitely be adding a copy to my book collection at some point. Regards Shaun
  2. The carpet monster has officially driven me insane with its insatiable appetite for 4mm scale buffer shanks.

    Luckily I have a supply of spare Cambrian coupling mounts so will procure another bottled ale from the cooler and slice a pair of replacements.

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    2. Mark Saunders

      Mark Saunders

      You should try Lego bricks hidden in carpet!

    3. Sasquatch


      I did get rid of the carpet and put in nice hickory flooring. SWMBO went and brought a rug (you know what women are like for soft furnishings) Needless to say, the carpet monster is getting it's own back!

    4. Mark Saunders

      Mark Saunders

      Please remember these rules as a man !


      When you are right you are wrong!


      When you are wrong you are very wrong!





  3. Just some more ballasting this week. After I finished spreading the ballast on Queensbury, some heavy equipment was brought in to power my old airbrush. PVA, warm water and a couple of drops of washing up liquid were mixed and sprayed over the ballast. The addition of ballast magic to the fine ballast wasn't quite enough to hold it down hard but definitely stopped it blowing about when the glue mixture was applied. When I find my Peco track rubber I'll get the trains running again. With plenty of spare ballast and magic left, I got that down on the Bra
  4. Hi Peter Thank you for your kind comments and welcome to the thread. The viaduct on the fictitious half of the layout was tricky in that it has a gradient and curve. When my wife and i built Goathland it was intended as an exhibition layout which I could assemble back to front at the shows. This meant that the gradient on the station half had to come back down and meet the fiddle yard exit curve at the exact same point too! I drew everything out out full scale on a sheet of 6mm MDF first. Layout incorporates open frame construction and the
  5. Living there counts John. I use to spend long summer holidays staying with my mum, stepdad and siblings in Stoke Newington. My favorite ride out was to Eastbourne, that's where Scalerail was! Small world! Regards Shaun
  6. Went to Longhill, worked for Phoenix Brewery and Jaycee Furniture (could never get a job on the railways unlike a lot of my mates) My Grandfather worked at Allen West for most of his life and was entertainments manager at thier social club. I lived in Woodingdean for 30 years before I moved to Saltdean with my ex wife. Was Paul Horan ever in the BMRC? Regards Shaun
  7. Really nice to have some fellow Brightoians on here! I didn't know that you were from Brighton John! Even though I'm from Woodingdean actually. Andy. Will check out all of your links when I get a quiet moment. Am helping my friend mill up a pile of about 90 tree trunks, so am a bit busy right now! Regards Shaun
  8. I remember seeing it on more than one occasion... Just. Like you said wasn't that exciting! Isn't a trilling ride on the real thing come to think of it. Was always shivering for the entire trip! What was exciting was taking the train from London road to Falmer on the Lewes line as teenagers, to go to gigs at the university. I don't think we ever purchased tickets!
  9. If life was long enough I'd love to build a model of Peter Pans in Brighton. It's the half way point of the Volks Electric Railway. Of course there would be the beach in the fore ground, the railway, fun fair with animated rides, Madeira drive with a Faller car system and those wonderful regency terraces as a back drop. The carriage shed sidings and workshops under the arches across the road would make for quite interesting operation. As a project it would be consuming. What a fantastic exhibition piece it would make though. Edwardian days 0s as I remember
  10. It is an advert. A free one for them. Not something I would normally do but I did write them a very nice email some time last year suggesting just such a model and proposed that it will also appeal to war-gammers and their like! Nice one Metcalfe
  11. LO AND BEHOLD... Metcalfe Castle Kits Range Four modular kits expected November! I do like that castle hall.
  12. late one evening deep in the cutting near Goathland, a J50 simmers quietly in the woods. This is an exercise in cheap modeling. Scribed foam board retaining wall, insulation foam rescued from a skip, rosemary and fiber trees. Oh and free lighting! Squatch
  13. Something a little different here then... Just a bunch of posers.
  14. The frustration of not being able to do anything is worse than the pain. We've been struggling to put a window back in and hang a temporary door in the laundry room. At least the plumbing got done and the machines are back in and working. Ieva's step dad finished the drywall too. I wont be raking any leaves up though! That blocker worked instantly on the pop ups mate. They have other versions besides firefox. Regards Shaun
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