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  1. Semis are taking shape and starting to look the part with a splash and daub of paint. Happy Thanksgiving. Squatch.
  2. Two very productive evenings have produced two pairs of semidetached council houses not too dissimilar to the types in the third picture above. All those Crittall steel-framed windows took most of the time! I fashioned them by cutting up these old warehouse windows obtained at a show in Eugene quite a few years back. Such things always end up in my goodie bag at shows. Doors are scratch built from .040 strip and off cuts of siding. A typical style for the period. Otherwise, it's the usual foam board construction only this time I chose to clad it with Plastruct concrete block. The downstairs fronts were constructed using my last scraps of Wills dressed stone to work around the living room windows. The N1 arrived in the post, a build I'm really looking forward to. I've built body kits before and chassis but never a whole kit! It is complete too, all the wheels, pins, gears, gubbins and paraphernalia to complete it. Squatch. Thanks for checking in.
  3. Nothing special just all the detail. Small snippets of Wills pantile sheet have been used to represent the ornate porch brackets. One thing I had to correct was the hipped right end of the roof. Another quirk of this West Riding-esque terrace. With previous builds, I have found that trying to apply down pipe detail futile after the paint has been applied , so have fixed their mounts with a view to masking them. Squatch
  4. After yesterdays plans went wayward I have taken no hesitation in getting cracking with this terrace build this morning. First I cut out all the windows from the foam and then cut the parts from the sheet with a fresh stanley blade, steel rule and my hobby craft square. The square has ridges down one edge on both sides. Next I cut the front and ends out of the plastic stone sheet marking the window and door placement roughly using the foam inner front wall. Taping this flush to the edge of the cutting mat, I cut all the left verticals and used the window parts to gauge the right cuts utilizing the ridged square! A straight edge came into play held down one end with a clamp to cut all the horizontals. The carcass has been glued together and held in place with Peco track fixing pins which will live to fight another day after the glue has cured. Squatch. Enjoying some scratch building.
  5. Here is where I got to with the Balmoral Place terrace this evening. Marked out the foam board carcass, cut the front wall overlay from JTT N scale random stone sheet and found suitable windows from my supplies. Fingers crossed, the whole day will be free for modeling tomorrow. Squatch
  6. The council would send the painters around every 5 years to give them a fresh coat of standard white.
  7. Many happy hours were spent on Tuesday scenic modeling, about a dozen trees and some ground cover on both Goathland and Queensbury. The ivy has killed these 3 trees. Spill from the drainage providing ideal conditions for boggy growth. Yesterday however I had to keep off of my feet again so sat in the warm doing a bit of research on housing for this planned mill town. Firstly I found this terrace in Queensbury on Google Earth. The model will be back dated to the 1940s-50s with all window frames painted orange brown and no railings. The low walls are indicative of railings which would have been commandeered for the war effort. Some more recent occupants have replaced them and note, not all of the same type! I find this row of houses has just enough detail to make it interesting; the four on the left having a mirrored layout to the two on the right, thus causing an odd chimney layout. Also the interior layout upstairs is back to front in the left four; evident by the presence of small bathroom windows and stench pipes etc. The mill town will have a central valley with a canal basin and be constructed like a slice of onion; in that the further away we travel from the center, the younger the buildings become. So down the end we need some typical 1930s semis. This type seem to be most common. Some have crescent style front room windows, some have been half rendered and one or two even have garages! Lastly I've just got to model this one. It's oozing with character and old worldly West Riding charm. Squatch. Looking forward to a bit of structure modeling in the warm!
  8. Thanks mate. The loco kit was a great price and I'd wager, the only N1 that Hattons have ever sold. Regards Shaun.
  9. Yes! and framed the windows. Mrs. S. says I should paint them white. I like the bare cedar wood and to be honest I don't really want to do the circus act of getting up on that plank three or four times again. I just want to get it out of there so that the layout can go back together. I took a few snaps of the corner section of Goathalnd while the situation allowed. Looking through the trees at the tunnel mouth. Down the footpath towards the station. Shallow end of the cutting. Finally a train (or Two). K1 62032 looking very smart and purposeful. It's been a great week, starting with the purchase of a loco kit. Complete with motor wheels and gears etc. Much work has been done this week topped off by a nice full Sunday chicken roast lunch for one. (A rare occurrence in the Sasquatch household). Regards To you all Squatch.
  10. Full respect for helping out with the classes. I for one never got on at school (maybe in art class) and secured a warehouse job at 16 so that I could leave early. Only then receiving any notice from the crowd when I had to return for exams wearing a nice sixties style suit and silk paisley cravat etc. The same kind of thing happened to my son. After we moved to Belgium, we had no choice other than to dump him in school there at 4 years old. Not so harsh as it sounds because he picked up Flemish very quickly. However, he was treated as dumb, even by the faculty at which point we put him in a different school. Years passed, the whole school none the wiser until his first English lesson. When asked to stand and say something in English he blew the whole class, school and faculty away! Even can do almost every English accent even Yanky. Something which after 15 years still evades his father!! To be honest I like to maintain my soft south coast slang as it's very popular with the gals over here. Regards Shaun.
  11. No way! I always was under the impression that you were younger than me. Please accept my "clip around the ear" Revoked! I will endeavor to get back up on my plank, get on with the job in hand and stop moaning until such times that your regard has been restored. Apologies and regards. Shaun. PS. Next time those little tykes are cheeky give them the "When I was your age" routine. These kids today don't know discipline and have no respect!
  12. All I'd need to do is change it from Queensbury to Queensferry. North or South but I don't have room for both. Regards Shaun
  13. You're not too far off...... ......for a good clip around the ear young Julian!
  14. Getting up there to do the job wasn't the easiest thing I've ever had to do. It'll take 4-5 days altogether! Regards Shaun
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