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  1. A little modeling progress to report today. I decided to scratch build the platform brackets that go on Queensbury viaduct. Rings are cut from styrene tube in the miter block using a razor saw. .030 x .030 Evergreen strip is used for the rest which is assembled on wide masking tape. When dry the rings are filed down to .030" before removal from the tape. I'm half way through already. Squatch.
  2. You forgot the spiders mate Stay safe. Regards Shaun
  3. Having had a couple of real Belgian ales my head is full of questions. 

    Like why are there still people driving about with huge Trump flags on their jeeps???

    Why do I have all the symptoms of long Covid but haven't actually had it??? 

    ...and why do we have 2 gay cats.

    1. Mallard60022


      Trump Flags on Jeeps = losers and or target Practice objects.

      Symptoms of Long C and you probably have had it or another Virus and not actually realised; how do I know this?

      Gay cats are the real thing now. Purrfect companions as always loving and kind. Just let them have

      PInk Leather Collars and don't tell them about Dusty Hill RIP.

      Take care.

    2. DK123GWR


      Or, we could not bother extending stereotypes which are ridiculous when applied to humans to other species as well. Everyone, whether human, feline, canine, bovine, or something else entirely, deserves better than that.

  4. Hi Graham. There's no excuse in my case because there's plenty of them. Problem is 95% of them are in boxes ready to haul out of here if the unthinkable happens. When autumn arrives I promise to post many images of trains doing all sorts of movements, duties, rosters and more... Regards Shaun
  5. Andy. Without appearing prejudice towards larger scales, may I say that I'm glad to see that you're making a return to 4mm modeling. It allows so much more scope and perspective without loosing too much detail, not to mention getting some decent structures involved. Good luck with whatever you have rattling around in that truly inventive head of yours. Can't wait to see what's next mate. Regards Shaun.
  6. Good news. We have had some rain. Tuesday about 3am there was one enormous clap of thunder which woke everyone for miles followed by about 7 hours of light showers totaling about 2mm, just enough to dampen everything down. Including all my freshly milled pine that had been laid out to sun dry. I'll just have to dry it again and hope that it will not warp too much. Enough about our weather. I do hope that all of you are safe from the flash flooding that seems to be taking place in every corner of the globe this year. This post needs to get back on topic so I ventured into the 102F garage with my camera and pointed it at various trains then messed about with a few on the new laptop. Fairburn 2-6-4MT passes over Pottyshire viaduct with a Whitby bound parcels working. Making incredible time and light work of the incline!!! Black Five heading home South bound light engine on a balmy summers evening. B1 framed nicely by the middle arch of Queensbury viaduct waiting for the down starter for Halifax. About time we had some trains on this thread huh? Squatch
  7. Hi Jeff. yes!!! Of course, when I'm not out in the woods with the dogs, milling up lumber, fixing up our house (and other peoples) I'm modeling. Goathland is showing its age a bit now and needs a scenery make-over... Pottyshire is the fictional end of of Goathland... Queensbury is coming on along quite well now... ...all of which has been scratch built!!! Bradford Exchange is still in it's infancy... ...and my "yet-to-be-named'" mill town has but one section started. Although many mills have been constructed for it. I also have a small GWR exhibition layout (Dunster) that lives in the loft. And. When I'm not doing that I scratch build rolling stock! Regards Shaun.
  8. You there. Private second from left front row. Eyes forward or I'll av' you 'beasted' you sloppy shower. Station's coming along a treat mate! Regards Shaun
  9. Interesting article on the drought. How severe is the megadrought in the West? https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/topstories/how-severe-is-the-megadrought-in-the-west/ar-AAMur8N?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=W069
  10. Most people must be plain old fed up with COVID restrictions, I know we are! Having said that, we're still practicing social distancing and are still wearing the appropriate masks (PROPERLY) in public. Just pure common sense which is I think, what the Government have entrusted the general public with. Trouble is the general public is just that and can't be trusted to understand or even care! Please note I'm often told to keep my opinions to myself and am not left or right but nearly always the one abstaining sitting rather comfortably on a fence watch the proceedings from afar! Which ties in very well with your closing comment Julian. Hope that you're well regards Shaun.
  11. Yes Oregon does often talk about the long overdue "big one". Mother-in-law is planning to move to Wisconsin, which is breaking SWMBO's heart I think. It looks like we might just have to follow if I'm to keep my sweetie happy. Just seems awfully daunting to move to somewhere totally unknown! Regards Shaun
  12. Hi Andy. To be honest I didn't realize the mental aspect until you pointed it out. It is the reason why nothing is getting done in the garage! When we think about what happened last year and the year before it kind of makes you put things on hold! As for the critters, this years faun population is down drastically. The deer jump the fences and eat the greenery where we've been watering. (I know it sounds mad using sprinklers but we have our own well which is healthy, the water down there today isn't the same water that will be down there tomorrow and most of the water soaks back down through the ground back to where it came from!!!). Anyway the dogs have given up chasing the deer out, some kind of inter-species understanding going on. Hope that you are both well Regards Shaun.
  13. Hi Adrian and thank you. We hate the idea but have been talking about cashing in on the high property prices and moving to either the coast or the Mid-West. Big Question is will I find a place with such a big garage.. Hehehe!
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