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  1. Not done much work with English oak but do have one story which will divide the ranks. After the great storm of 87 Jaycee Furniture acquired some oak from a very old tree that suffered damage from the 100mph winds. This tree was planted by King James 1st. in Stammer park. Jaycee Furniture had the Queens award to industry and as a thank you to her majesty made a one off carver chair with the royal arms of England (1603-1707) carved into the back and red leather upholstery in the Jacobean style. My part in the production of this chair was to distress it, or make the wood look like it was 40
  2. Here's all I've accomplished this week with the layout. No cabinet making what so ever unless that might include two window surrounds. Platforms on Queensbury are of two types wood and stone. The stone ones have been made by making paper templates which have bee spray mounted onto three quarter ply and cut on the band saw. They still need some work and will be dressed in Plastistruct O gauge stone and painted before installation. Taken from outside the garage through the window is a picture showing a mock-up of the castle and hill w
  3. Deserves a round of applause that mate. I'm going to take the bog rolls back to costco and demand a refund and present them with my drain unblocking bill! they wouldn't get away with mislabeling their products in the UK! In fact I should walk in there with 40 gallons of septic tank crust and demand a refund for that too and see how we get on!
  4. Hi Al. I wrote to the eBay seller and asked if he would check and see who's initials were stamped on it. He got back to me pretty quick and said. "R R" overlaid. Not mine but I think it was Winkies. Manor House Reproductions cabinet shop was one of those old school places where we all wore grey work coats, had pencils in every pocket and behind both ears! I learnt a lot there and never had trouble getting cabinet making positions after they had to let me go. They didn't last long after that, mind you there stuff was very expensive. We did a one off extra tall, 5 door, break fronted versio
  5. The septic guy had the right tools and was done in a few minutes. Nice chap, full of advise on how to avoid problems in the future and how I could improve the system in a few hours with a shovel and a better connection for a few bucks. In hindsight I realize that's what I could have done. Costco are to blame though, because he also said most of the blockages he has to deal with are caused by their supposedly septic friendly toilet paper. So much for stocking up last year. Gonna have trouble shifting it too! Oh that reminds me...
  6. Hi Roja. Very confusing about wood. Hard to believe but balsa is a hardwood! An English journeyman will say that if it comes from the tropics it's called hard on account of the lack of growth rings. The American definition is quite different saying that hardwood comes from angiosperms (flowering plants) such as oak, maple, or walnut, that are not monocots and that softwood comes from gymnosperm trees. To save confusion in future I should use the term dense! I spent two years working for a small very meticulous furniture reproduction company. Some
  7. Hi Chris. We made the detrimental mistake of switching to Costco septic friendly bog roll which It obviously isn't because it floats! Eventually the inlet blocked but I'll spare you the details of yesterdays events Regards Shaun.
  8. Hi Manna mate. Good to have nice weather, makes you want to get on with projects. So far all we have managed on the painting front is some prep work on the front deck ceiling. Mrs S. painted the new addition (bedroom) last year. Two days ago I took down the old chicken run we never used, to salvage the chicken wire but all the wood was really rotten. I need to have a big burn up and a dump run to complete that project but today we're dealing with a blocked septic pipe. Nasty business! Much rather wish I was putting motors in something. Might just settle with repainting
  9. Modeling has ground to a halt I'm afraid. No doubt things will resume shortly but it is nice to have the dining table back. I did manage to set up the new section in the train building and Goathland looks more complete with it's abbey and tunnel back in place. Cork has also been laid ready for track installation. After much research on mini-split systems I think it's time to just get on and order one before the money gets spent on less important stuff. (Taken a fancy to Hornby's new A2s). We also took down 3 cypress trees that had suffered from too many Oregon winters. These
  10. The carpentry on the new board is finished. Today I made legs to my proven design, they just slot in underneath and the only improvement I came up with was to screw the board supports onto the pairs of legs instead of glue and pinning them, this will allow for adjustment!!! There's some fancy stuff where the legs fit in at the narrow end. The only largish chunk of wood I could find turned out to be maple which is rather hard for a soft wood. The part had to be planed out, cross cut and mitered at 36½° cross grain. Not an easy cut. Another small piece of ply was stuck to this
  11. Set your desktop as default for everything then just drag it to what ever folder you wish! I can honestly say I have never lost a picture this way but did loose a whole USB device once!
  12. Those look really good, solid too. What motors do you use mate? I've got a DJH A8 for Goathland in my kit box and a Wills etched chassis to go in an old Airfix 4F. It's my intention to save the loco building until the layout is done though. I figured that might be a good thing to take up in my 60s! Regards Shaun.
  13. Had to set off the high school fire alarm when the chemistry teacher almost set the class room alight in my fourth year. The chemistry teacher (I've quite forgotten his name) was the best teacher we had. Regards Shaun
  14. Some type disappeared from my last post. I wanted to add that I personally wont try the above battery revival trick on lithium batteries on account of the highly volatile nature of lithium! Shaun
  15. Expecting to see a bunny rabbit hop out from under those bushes any second. Just brilliant! Shaun
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