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  1. Why the hell are there ads for hideous women's ankle boots on my threads! Mrs. S is getting a grass gun for Christmas, she wouldn't be seen dead in those ugly monstrosities!


    1. Hroth


      The ad server is getting loopy again.  "Mining Intelligence", gym equipment and "tinfoil hat" wallets are what I'm getting at present...

    2. St Enodoc

      St Enodoc

      Ankle boots for hideous women or hideous boots for women's ankles... or both?

    3. Adrian Stevenson

      Adrian Stevenson

      I am getting ads for "fancy dress" outfits. Mainly girly stockings and suspenders... I wouldn't mind but they don't stock my size....

  2. Can't beat fixing something old, It just adds to the value and we're not talking about it's "cash worth"!
  3. The story of 9313 The recent loco roster overhaul of cleaning and lubricating etc. proved too much for my old Bachmann 93xx mogul. 9313 waddled around the layout like a lame duck. This engine was found hiding amongst piles of USA switchers at a show in Portland about 12 years ago. I’ve always considered it a bit of a lucky find. Bachmann product number 31-801 isn’t their first loco release but it was their first new tooling release way back in 1991. Mine was in nearly new condition when I purchased it. A split chassis design it was a slow runner until a few years ago when I was given a crippled Hogwarts castle/Hall. Didn’t take long until I realized the motors could be swapped and since then it has run quite sweetly until now. On first inspection, it looked like the old plastic axles were shot so I contacted Bachmann spares dept. regarding new axles, they proffered a new wheel set which made me think. First job was to rob the red Hall of its axles which have been fixed with thread locker and checked for back-to-back gauge in 9313 but it still was a lame duck. Disappointed that it is just too bad to take to this year’s show I put on my +twos and took a very close look. The problem proved to be the wheel design. The design incorporates a soft plastic insert held in a recess in the metal drivers. One of mine had come apart creating a sort of bubble which was fouling the coupling rods on each revolution causing the lame duck waddle. Zap-A-Gap cyano was applied between the metal and plastic insert on a bent piece of wire and the wheel set put in a clamp. I also had to fix the broken pony wheel retainer. This was an easy case of just adding a 12mm section of scrap brass fret held by a small screw. Result! 9313 now runs very smoothly and will be hauling trains again next weekend. The crew are fixed to a shaped section of Wills diamond plate which acts as a floating footplate. Regards Shaun.
  4. Yes. I could use some help. My friend Andy K. went and moved to lake Michigan, about 2200 miles your way! Mr's Squatch is working and it's Thanks Giving/ Black Friday weekend. This weekend I plan to rewire one of the fiddle yard boards and finish painting that back scene. Regards Shaun.
  5. Hi J. Mrs. S. had to drag me away from last nights running session. I had cleared away most of the trains leaving just two short passengers and a pick up goods. Less is more so they say, it's very relaxing playing signal man and driver. Some much needed interesting moves are required for show running and last night I discovered that shunting the pick up goods can be made complicated by introducing a Butllins through train. Something like this... Shunting engine clears the brake van from the running line and the ground dolls return to danger. Gates open and the down starter is pulled off (or the up depending on which way the express in approaching). The train rumbles past. Signal returns to danger and gates close. Points switch and ground doll flips off Shunting resumes. See why she came and got me. We've been forecast snow for Tues/Weds, lets hope it's not a big dumping and I can get the layout to the show. Then I can get some decent pictures, Regards Shaun
  6. A hundred little things have been fixed on Dunster today and the new signal installed. Pannier tank awaits the road to Minehead with a local passenger. Quite a tranquil setting. The gates have been wound open by the signalman and he has pulled the down starter off. The train gets underway for the last mile or so of it's journey. Signal returned to danger and the gates are reopened to motor traffic, that's if anyone is about.
  7. Thank you for posting Russ. A real aid for Great Northern modelers and very interesting reading. regards Shaun.
  8. Bruce from Medford model railroad club called me last week, inviting me to this years show. Quite a bit of mending and cleaning has ensued. Amongst which is a new signal much missed since the last one got damaged two years ago. The new one is more in keeping with the colour scheme of the station buildings. I have modeled the single arm tubular post down starter that one stood opposite the signal box. It uses mostly Ratio parts mounted on a piece of Evergreen tube. Both the balance arm mount and the signal arm mount are a tight push fit onto the tube, this allows for fine adjustment between them and the actuator beneath enabling adjustment of the arm to be set just perfect. I purchased some 14V grain-of-sand bulbs on eBay Tuesday that arrived yesterday and built the signal up yesterday evening. The wires from the lamp are fed down the tube with the resistor re-soldered on for illumination of the lamp. More pictures after the show. Regards Shaun
  9. Hi Al. Strange shad of green this, it changes under different lighting. Braving the frost this morning I have taken a picture in direct low sunlight. This is the one that got sprayed with the the gloopy paint and brushed over. They keep forecasting rain and an end to the nice weather, I'm gonna have to wrap up and take the dogs out while it's still nice. Regards Shaun
  10. Good to hear from you J. You're not far wrong... There's a list of rules I wrote on the top of my airbrush box and my supply line has it's own regulator that is set to the best pressure setting . The air brushes themselves are kept as clean as possible. The two rules broken were trying to do this on a cold day and very stupidly using Isopropyl alcohol from under the bathroom sink because my tin was dry. Pure isopropyl alcohol works really well for some brands of acrylic paint and have had great results in the past on a warm day. Wondering why it wasn't working yesterday I checked the label which proved my undoing as the medical variant has 20% water content. I did tweak the airbrush settings but things just got worse and my patience quickly wore off ending in a nasty string of four lettered words. The paint mix was so bad that it wouldn't even brush on. Luckily I found that marsh green which isn't on my greens sample card for some reason, probably stumbled across it in Walmart quite recently and forgot I'd brought it for .79C. Win some loose some eh. Regards Shaun
  11. How about Marsh green... ...which I found in my draw where the acrylics live. Hours have been spent on this today masking, priming and setting up the air brush which I couldn't get to a satisfactory finish and ruined my Buckingham green that I kept for so long. Having now spent the entire evening brushing this cheap Walmart paint on. two coats and not even halfway through but I'm quite happy and am off to bed. The picture doesn't do it justice of course.
  12. Ha ha .. that put a smile on my face. Even if I could afford the postage I doubt the post office would be so accommodating! You have no idea the lengths one has to go to, to sneak a tiny pot of BR express loco blue past those (insert another name for cats) so's one can respray a Sir Nigel Gresley!
  13. Thanks for the link Rob. I've checked that site out before and come away none the wiser. Most of the images if not all of them there show modern renditions of LNER stations. The most convincing is the second image which shows a flat faded green and whats more confusing are the various shades of cream used, varying from almost white on Holt signal box to light ochre on Holt station. Anyhow who am I to be critical and I doubt very much that the green and cream colour scheme adopted by the LNER was consistent over their entire system! Although grubby and old Thoresby Colliery signal box photographed in 1984 is more the colour scheme I'm looking to produce as I think it will work best for Queensburys post war austere setting. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/25748626738/sizes/l/ Regards Shaun
  14. Hi Adrian. The other three railway features at Queensbury today are the station masters house, Brow Lane bridge and... ...of course Queensburytunnel More on that later. Back in 1976 The 3arch viaduct would also still have been in place. Regrettably I've not been there myself but one day will run model trains there! While I'm still waiting for the rattle can ivory to fully dry on the platform buildings, I got on with some ballast spreading. Lastly here are the greens which I have to choose from (photographed in the last few minutes of direct sunlight we will have for quite some time). Left to right they are Tamiya flat green, my mixed acrylic Buckingham green and Humbrol uniform green. None of them look quite right do they? Regards Shaun.
  15. Certainly looks like it. The date of the picture is May 1966 so we're lucky to find a steam engine at all. I think this picture came from facebook . It's interesting to learn that the iron bridge was used as a passenger bridge up until 1890 when the GNR lattice bridge was built. Amazing that now it's the only physical evidence that there was a station there at all. Perhaps I should model the demolition trains for photographic purposes as I build the layout? Time going backwards sort of thing! Regards Shaun
  16. Thinking it was warm enough this afternoon I set up the air brush and mixed up some cream/ivory acrylic paint. However it must have been way too cold for that because the paint just didn't take and had to washed off under a warm tap. I jumped into the car and drove down to the local hardware store who had just the right shade in a rattle can for $3. Here's the first mock up, just to give a feel for the structure and to give an idea in what still needs to be done. Buckingham green is a bit tricky to get right. When I painted the signal box I mixed enough for the whole station and it has sat in the fridge ever since. Only problem is that it wont take to the ivory so i have been looking into an alternative. The signal box has had its windows painted and looks much more the part. Why I ever did them green in the first place must have been some pretty pore guesswork. As seen below I still need to do a bit more detailing. Lastly tonights train. 2-8-0 austerity class on a works duty at Queensbury with that signal box all in rare technicolor.
  17. Hi Andy mate. Thanks! There will be more added to that in due course. Regards Shaun
  18. Post one of this thread has had a much overdue edit and now contains quite a few layout images. .
  19. And here's the ends. Well 9 of them anyway. Seeing as my RV molding compound was well past its shelf life I have had to make all the ends from styrene too. The louvers above the gentleman's are chopped from some old GWR station fencing. The three chimney ends still need to be assembled. The five doors took ages and I still need to cut out the clear acrylic to allow them to be open. Time for a train (first one on this page). J39 is standing in for a failed a failed A8 and is seen here on the climb to the summit over the 8 arch viaduct almost lost in the landscape of Pottyshire.
  20. Well I'm very happy with my progress so far having stuck to my plan to finish one front or back per day and will admit to having a bit of a struggle with the last long front yesterday. One end got built also and the parts for 4 more were cut. Getting these together will be today's goal. Backs are upside down and the Hailfax-Keighley pair are in the center. Just a couple of small parts missing, four doors to make and a little cleaning up to do. Shaun
  21. Now here's an interesting picture. Taken on a winters day from the footbridge looking eastwards. A bit of detective work is needed here to date the picture. Most notable is the lonely looking building on the Keighley-Halifax platform which shows clearly the rear window arrangement of one of the long type waiting room blocks. To the left is the bridle tunnel, albeit hidden by snow. Further to the left out of view is the other shorter building. The name boards at Queensbury were replaced with cast concrete ones by BR but clearly here, we see a wooden style one. The building is devoid of a canopy but at first glance appears not to be finished in the final Buckingham green and cream paint scheme. This along with the fact that the building looks to be in a well kept state would suggest the 1930s. The posters look more like BR era. However. It looks like there is snow covered rail mid distance, which would be the ash dumping siding which only shows up on maps post LNER. The platform has footprints in the snow which would suggest passenger services. So somewhere between 1948 and 1955.
  22. Hi Al. Structure modelage is right up there with stock buildage. Very enjoyable and satisfying. Regards Shaun
  23. Apologies. I got that bit wrong. The building on the left with its two chimneys on the Bradford to Halifax platform is obviously the longer of the two and quite clearly on the outside of the triangle. The front of which I have started this morning and is the last of the 12 fronts and backs. Great progress! Just the ends, chimneys, roofs and painting to go Shaun
  24. Hi Manna Yes! Am having fun though!! There will be a break in modeling at the end of the month as I have just booked Dunster to appear at this years show, which needs a little attention and a clean! Regards Shaun
  25. Hi Scott Thanks, I'm using the Tamiya stuff in very small amounts and we have the air purifier running. Mrs. S. ordered one off the web when there was a fire this year. Lucky enough there was only 3 days of smoke then the wind changed. One of the cats got asthma from last years smoke so i try to cement things up when he goes out! Styrene is my favorite material to work in but am not looking forward to sticking on about a thousand window bars of .020" x.020" Have been thinking on the paint finish and mixed up the acrylic colours ready to spray. It's all going faster than expected!!! Regards Shaun
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