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  1. After having an adverse reaction to that vaccine last Monday the only modeling I got done over the last week has been a couple of walls and one platform surface. Here's a sneak peak as to what it's going to end up looking like. Squatch
  2. A big thank you for signing chaps. Every little helps. Lets hope some people come to their senses, like the 98% of folk who have objected to the planning application and realize the true value of Queensbury tunnel. If a cycle path is ever built through there it goes on my "Bucket List". (which really isn't very long). Regards Shaun
  3. Hi Bogie. Yes I sign quite a few too. Let the forces of darkness come, could be their biggest mistake! Regards Shaun
  4. Come you lot. Do your bit. Help save that tunnel. (The real one). Don't give me a like or a friendly. Instead... Click here http://queensburytunnel.org.uk/index.shtml Click on the red pen Icon and type in your name and email Join the 13,840 (98% in favor) who realize this is important. Hope you're all well. Shaun PS. I started a thread too.
  5. Something completely different today. The Queensbury tunnel society need your help. There's a petition I'd like you all to sign that might help save the tunnel and give it a new lease of life as the worlds second longest cycle tunnel. Spend tax payers money to fill it in or spend tax payers money to create something marvelous. Click on this link.http://queensburytunnel.org.uk/index.shtm Scroll down to the sign icon in red it should only take less than a minute. Thanks! Shaun.
  6. Let me guess... ...OO9 roundy roundy That's Cracking mate enjoy it to full what ever you're gonna do init! Regards Shaun
  7. Set about one of those monotonous tasks this afternoon. Scribing paving onto card Utter madness. This is where I got to before the vaccine kicked in (Feels like I've been hit by a truck). You can see why I chose to scribe the stones. They do flow nicely around the curves. Squatch Feeling rather rough...
  8. Aha! That's why it takes longer to brew than other brands, it's the altitude!!! Regards Shaun
  9. Don't know bout rascals but we got two ponds of rhubarb. One pound of which I'm gonna make a crumble... "Toasted Walnut oat crumble" to be precise. Perfect cold with vanilla ice cream and just the ticket cos they're forecasting 104F tomorrow. Regards Shuan
  10. Ay-up lads! Look what we found int' supermarket... Get kettle on dingy we'll have t' nice hot cuppa! Thars even a picture of Ribblehead viaduct on t' back o box!!! Anyway we had to go to Medford to get the second covid shot and I also went to get some more paints. I do wish the producers would stop changing the colour ranges. Sandstone hasn't been available for some years now but today I took my time to look through all the weird names and found one called jute which looks pretty close. I also grabbed cobblestone, barnwood, leaf green and grass green am
  11. It has cost 7 international phone calls. Last time I ended getting someone in India who wanted all my details and who's first question was "What bank are you with". Yeah right lady... No doubt it's all down to how digital everything is these days. You can't get to talk to anyone at the bank (unless you want to buy insurance or some other way they have of bleeding you dry with no return) Their app wont work on my phone of which I am skeptical of. And when the one person I did get to talk to in Brusselles said he generated a new pin for me there's probably some glitch with the machin
  12. Hi Manna. Not a bad idea going in for the demolition aspect. Hardly ever modeled one would imagine. There's a few monotonous jobs which I'm dragging my heals with and I need to get an order in for some stuff like fences but I'll get there pretty soon. Also when my new pin arrives for my visa card (it's been months) the airco system will take priority. It was bloomin hot in there this afternoon. Again thanks for the feedback Regards Shaun
  13. Hi J. What's interesting is that the back scene is actually part of the layout in some of those images. It's all due to the fact that it's a triangular layout and the stuff in the background is anything up to 12 feet away! Thanks for the kind feed back Regards Shaun
  14. Due to escalating losses to road transport we regret to announce as of Monday May 23rd 1955 passenger services are being withdrawn.
  15. All that'll be left soon is a couple of bridges and the station masters house!!! Squatch
  16. Now the SD card reader has arrived we can see a couple of images of that WD 2-8-0 on engineer's duty. I also managed to download Picasa3, the program I use to edit the colours in the images. Squatch
  17. Opening that in full screen really makes it pop out. Makes me want to take a train somewhere. Brilliant!
  18. Quite a lot has been done over the past couple of days. One thing I learned in Portland is that Plastruct has gone under which means acquiring more O scale rough brick and course stone is almost impossible. So to finish of the random walling I had to scrounge scraps from the bottom of various tubs and tape the bits together. This got finished and painted. While I was weathering that, the platform walls received the same treatment toning down all that bright mortar nicely. Making the rear walls as described a few posts back. The other problem was how to
  19. Yes! I'm afraid they're all rather small though.
  20. Hi Chris. I'll try finding the "mass storage" button, very helpful! Thanks. Mrs. S. is the techy wizard in our house and she has already ordered some gadget from a rain forest in Latin America apparently! If all else fails I can email myself pictures with the phone!!! Simple solution but might prove costly. Turns out there is usually a simple solution for most things like yesterdays wireless failure. The answer's right there, just use a bloomin wire!!!... ...about time we brought a new computer anyway. It was just the kick out the door we ne
  21. This new lap top is a bit of a let down. Doesn't have an SD card port so has rendered my cannon useless and try as I might it wont recognize my phone. How the hell I'm supposed to up load photos and videos to a forum is a total mystery. It doesn't even have win-mine for those totally bored moments when your having a sandwich. Winge over with you'll just have to take my word for it until I get things sorted. All the decking for the wooden platforms has been given a bath of wood stain and should be dry enough to glue down later. I have also made some platform w
  22. Hi Chris. How many brownie points do I get for that I wonder? I'll soon have enough for for a whole chocolate banana brownie... We had problems getting on the interweb first thing. The flip top was very slow probably down to windows7! Mrs. S. and I went to wallyworld and brought a new one. Boy It's so fast I'm going to need a crash helmet. Regards Shaun
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