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  1. Brilliant many thanks much appreciated. Best, Chris
  2. I apologise for asking this question in advance, I am relatively new to N Gauge so need some much needed help and guidance .. I would like to purchase the best quality N Gauge Class 66 DCC Sound that can haul a large rake of container wagons, I am just wondering if anyone can recommend which manufacturer I should seriously consider. Many thanks and Best Wishes, Chris
  3. Excellent thanks Mike looking forward to placing an order for a full rake with lighting Best, Chris
  4. Fantastic news I will be definitey purchasing a full rake of these I wonder when these will be available to purchase. Many thanks, Chris
  5. Many thanks Gents this has been a really interesting debate and I have duly noted that there is a class 44 on ebay currently selling. All the best, Chris
  6. Many thanks Gents much appreciated, I did a google search and saw the ridiculous prices for previous models as mentioned. I dont understand why the manufacturers make the same models, rather doing soemthing unique like Revolution or Kato. All the best, Chris
  7. Brilliant thank you very much Mike, Steam boy much appreciated. Best, Chris
  8. Just wondering if Kato are planning on releasing the Class 800 in other liveries apart from LNER and GWR? Also do the internal lights have stay alive capacitors fitted? Many thanks Chris
  9. Has Farish ever produced a class 45? Many thanks, Chris
  10. Thanks just wondered if there is anybody who is in North Birmingham who is able to do some basic maintenance on my N Gauge layout such as cleaning the track check the locos that sort of thing and getting it running properly. Not used it for 18 months. All the best and thank you. Best Chris
  11. Just wondering if anybody knows of anyone who can help me with my N Gauge layout regarding getting the layout to run properly and look at my locos? Unfortunately being a key worker no time to enjoy this marvellous hobby. I am based in North Birmingham. All the best and thank you. Best Chris
  12. Many thanks everyone this has been really useful advice so thank you. Best, Chris
  13. Many thanks Gents much appreciated great comments and very helpful. Best, Chris
  14. Many thanks Gents and thanks for the very helpful comments above. I will try Railway Modeller and if not revert to ebay. Best, Chris
  15. I am thinking of moving, however I have a wonderful modern image layout which fills most of the garage. Is there a market for selling a house with a model railway ? I am based in the West Midlands. If so how would one advertise? Many thanks and best Wishes, Chris
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