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  1. John's also probably the most knowledgeable person on the printers and printing process he uses in the UK
  2. Depending on what it matches, there might be an opportunity for 3D printed kit manufacturers to utilise it, maybe?
  3. Thank you the outside frames are just 'dummies' that slot over the cranks on the 08 wheels, it's a bit of a cheat but it works for this. On the first page there are a couple of pics sort of showing how it works.
  4. It's always a joy to see your 'might have beens', Richard, and I am a big fan of this new class!
  5. Was determined to do a new NWR poster before Christmas rolled around but kept drawing a blank, until I found a great Southern Railway Art Deco poster with the slogan 'South for Winter Sunshine'. Drawing a lot of inspiration from this, I finally came up with this, which has been sent to the printers. Am happy that its included a familiar loco from the NWR
  6. In case it's of interest, you can swap the Hornby Peckett W4 wheels onto the B2 chassis to represent locos with smaller wheels (3ft 1in instead of 3ft 7in). Not a cheap swap but the gears are the same, the pickups need adjustment though.
  7. I agree but there's no way that crane can take 20 tons unless it's made from Unobtanium For context Crane 32 (10 tons) is closest in this photo. The 3-tonners are behind.
  8. Looks great Yes 20 tons is a bit much - the main 3 on Bristol's harbourside are only 3 tons (32 being the 10 tonner) - just cross out the 0
  9. That's really interesting Sam. Note both locos have had the bufferbeams extended too. I'd no idea that the YEC locos went for export too.
  10. It's a heavy goods loco in this episode of Sudrian Spotlight, 8F No.802 'Indomitable'. Thought it's a pretty basic customisation, I think it has a certain presence...
  11. It's the same type but that's the older Margate-era one. The Chinese-made one (says Made in China underneath) has no traction tyres and a more modern motor, but the same chassis clips.
  12. You can swap the newer Hornby Thomas (made in china) chassis which is much better running
  13. The lorry park area reminds me of the old Western Fuel Co. yard in Bristol. I did a photo survey of it in 2009 before it was built upon, you could see plenty of stone setts, concrete areas, remains of buildings and loading docks, the base for a crane stacking conveyor etc. Nice work.
  14. Not technically a banking video, however I do love a Goodrington Bank rescue. Here we see a GWR 2-8-0T come to the aid of a stalled SR 4-6-2. The rescue arrives at about 6m55s - caution headphone users, it is loud.
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