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  1. Radial Tank meet Razor Saw, Razor Saw meet Radial Tank. Hello. Nice to meet you. Jolly good. Indeed. Quite so.
  2. This is really interesting and sounds a more reasonable explanation than hand-waving it as sheer bloody mindedness, apathy or stupidity.
  3. I read somewhere the patent expired in the 1940s which is why Thompson used them, but I could be mistaken.
  4. ISTR something like the double chimney was cast at Swindon (and was too small)? EDIT: designed at Swindon but possibly not cast there according to the DoG website.
  5. 3 cylinders. It's why they used Caprotti valve gear.
  6. I believe 'Cleobury' and 'Burwarton' were 15" locos whereas 'Merevale' was 16". There are some subtle differences although the upper works are broadly similar. Cleobury's smokebox is waisted in at the bottom whereas the larger ones go straight down, and the pipe runs are different.
  7. Been moved here by the look of it https://colonelstephenssociety.co.uk/locomotive notes topics/
  8. Gosh, been a bit quiet in posting on the ol'cobblin' thread, but I've not been idle. Possibly too many projects! 'Twas ever thus... The Kitson gained a roof (brass sheet with styrene bits) and a few other bits, needs a name, details, weathering etc. Destined for the same TDA fleet is another Hardys Hobbies Bagnall 16", this time it's the round tank version, the idea that the two locos were bought on the cusp of the switchover. This was also the test bed for some printed livery tests to see how it coped with various colour mixes in terms of dithering and fidelity. You can see the cyan toner roller has a scuff in it! Ultimately it of course got the dark blue and red lining. Really chuffed I was able to design it to fit the front of the tank. It acquired some ladders and LRS nameplates. 'Unity' being named after the USA joined the war effort in 1941 and started arriving in Britain. Sister loco 'Liberty' named for similar reasons. Weathering with a powder mix wash., this was after most of it had been taken off. Of course I rushed it and the lacquer met remaining moisture and reacted, gah.... Used a mix of IPA, cotton buds, some areas were scraped, some just straight-up overpainted with black acrylic. Hopefully it doesn't show too much. The drivers' side had cracked where the lacquer had been too thick and the coats ended up drying at different rates. What have we learned? LET IT DRY. I sanded back the cracks and applied a final coat of lacquer to try to reduce the cracking, hopefully it's ok-ish now. Note on both the Bagnalls I have swapped the 'pop' safety valves for Salter ones to match the Avonside 'Dublin' - the TDA having specified this when ordering Handily I had some broken Avonside spare parts sets to use.
  9. New kit available! A 3D printed bodykit to build a model of Manning Wardle 16” outside cylinder 0-6-0STs similar to ‘Merevale’ (later ‘John Robert’) and ‘Adjutant’. This kit comes with the components to build either loco, the key difference being the chimney (2 chimneys are provided in the kit). £54.50 including UK postage. Click here to see the sale page
  10. For what it's worth I really like the Saltport Estates branding
  11. It's an interesting question and one I too have wondered. Even the magnorail system has the issue of consistent speed. In real life traffic speed varies constantly when not out on the open road and vehicles bunch up and spread apart. I did wonder if a heavy flywheel inside the vehicle body would help. The Deltang RC system allows for smoother inertia but it may be at too high a price point for animated scenery?
  12. Excellent to see the progress Neil, makes me want to get on and do some buildings!
  13. I tried that cream you recommended and the rash has started to fade, but it still itches.

    1. truffy


      The important thing is not to scratch it. 

    2. Harlequin


      We have some stronger cream in the consulting room. Would you walk this way, sir?


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