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  1. Do you know which styles/types you want to standardise on? Someone on here might have a spare part or a donor body?
  2. Aw thanks Mikkel! I did think if I glued some kadee magnets to the track it might make a fun puzzle at an exhibition as it could be relaid and reconfigured at will. My friend Rae made the coasters on her laser cutter Thanks Martyn, here's the loco kit: https://www.shapeways.com/product/X2FXYYPYK/reduced-009-kerr-stuart-wren-enclosed-cab-4?optionId=59916658&li=marketplace Chassis here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Super-Mini-Size-Motorized-Chassis-TU-KOPPEL-A-Tsugawa-Yokou-14036-N-scale/363308303793?_trkparms=aid%3D1110010%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.DISCCARDS%2
  3. Oh yes. I love the feeling of that first coat of primer when it all starts to become one item!
  4. Love that. Also the detail of the safety chains and the chimney is nice. An open-doored version could make a great diorama piece, food for thought!
  5. Absolutely stunning as always Chris
  6. Looking good Dave. Did you use the Berchmernn or the Hernbeh 08 as a base?
  7. I'll send you a PDF copy if you message me your email address
  8. I love those conversions, and the tram coach looks spot on. I have two of this type of tram car left, and I think I might splice them together to make a longer coach with open ends and railings as you are doing, so all the coaches are different but look like they are from the same builder. Thanks mate, that means a lot. Hopefully I'll be able to do it justice and show off Pat's work at an exhibition when they begin again. Transfers - sure drop me a private message and I'll see what I can do not rude at all. Haha
  9. OO9 Locos So I have Skarloey already and many moons ago bought a Bachmann 'Rheneas' to tart up. I gradually became keener on deviating away from the SR in the books having an (almost) identical loco fleet to the real-life Talyllyn, so thoughts turned to Rheneas. This is my interpretation of it as the 'missing link' between the identical Talyllyn/Skarloey and Dolgoch, built 2 years later. The idea is this Rheneas is built in 1865 not 1866 as with its Welsh brother. Therefore it shares the wheel and eccentric arrangement of Dolgoch but without the well and back tank, instead having the
  10. Narrow Gauge, Yes. Narrow Minded, Hopefully Not. Now that I've become the new custodian of The Rotten Row, I'm looking to expand upon the OO9 stock as well. Whilst the layout will represent Arlesburgh and the Western end of the Mid-Sodor Railway, I could not resist having a few of 'my' Skarloey items too, which can come to visit. This includes the 3D printed Lancaster coach, the Penrhyn style quarrymens coaches, and of course my battery powered, radio controlled Bachmann Skarloey, which unfortunately has developed the limp that is the bane of the first batch
  11. A new year and a new (to me) layout. This was built by the talented Pat James and was kind of his 'pet' project, undergoing several rebuilds. When he tragically passed away last year it was in the midst of a rejig and a rethink. Since handing off 'West Yard' to my friend Rich, working from home, and rejigging my room, it felt like I didn't have room for a layout. However, when I was offered the chance of taking on 'The Rotten Row' I was allowed to relocate the decal printer(s) to the living room (not like anyone is coming round any time soon anyway) and use the free shelf space.
  12. Certainly in the 1970s! "In 1977 the village was the scene of one of the world's biggest ever raids involving the drug LSD. Over 6 million tabs of the drug were seized as part of Operation Julie on 26 March of that year." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Llanddewi_Brefi
  13. Haha, I think it's because of a bug in sketchup where the preview shows a perfect sphere, but the actual model has far fewer facets. So people think what they are designing is ok, and then when it prints with a hexagonal dome they go 'oh well that must be the limitations of 3D printing'. TrantonModelRailway was having the same issue with their home printer but it's down to the design software being incorrectly set up rather than a problem with Shapeways as such. The issue being that Shapeways effectively encourage sellers to get their customers to do their R&D for them at the customers' ex
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