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  1. As mentioned elsewhere, I re-converted this to BPRC, having apparently solved the quartering issue some time this year and forgetting I had done it. I had abandoned the RC gear inside the loco when converting it to DC, but the battery and receiver were fine. The on/off switch had become locked solid with superglue, so it was replaced with a new one, this time set back into the body to avoid it fouling the wheels. The cylinders need repositioning to prevent the crosshead contacting the rods when rounding certain corners, and it's a little bit juddery, but overall works ok. It's now been assigned to the Barrow Hematite Steel Co. as their No.16.
  2. Bertha was certainly a character in her own right! She even has a song written about her
  3. Thanks it was a challenge but very rewarding!
  4. Woo! That was it, thanks so much.
  5. Heya I've ballsed up a bit, in that I've accidentally paired 2 locos to the same notch on the Tx-22 selecta. How can I pair the loco to a different notch? I've tried to do the thing where you turn them both off, start the Tx in bind mode on another notch, and then turn the Rx on, but nothing happens. Pls help kthx
  6. Grasslands models did a few videos on using the Craftsman kit to create the W&U diesel out of the Bachmann one, here: https://grasslandsmodels.wordpress.com/2013/02/16/br-class-04-diesel-tram-at-speed-day-1/ https://grasslandsmodels.wordpress.com/2013/02/20/br-class-04-diesel-tram-at-speed-day-2/ https://grasslandsmodels.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/br-class-04-diesel-tram-at-speed-day-3/ https://grasslandsmodels.wordpress.com/2015/07/27/br-class-04-diesel-tram-at-speed-day-4/
  7. 3 generations of 18” Hunslet. The J94 is another donor in the queue, either for an oil-fired 50550, another 48150, or unspecified 3rd choice. Maybe mix the two and make an oil fired 48150 using all the bits from the S&L example, including top mounted springs?
  8. Could well be, but is that an electric lamp on the front? Just because it's a rainy Thursday, here's another test vid of it running on BPRC. I found that jerkiness in running was due to over-tightening the body-chassis screw. Off the back of this, I'm planning to pull my 50550 apart and convert that one to RC as well.
  9. There's been quite a few people who have done just that. I think it was in a magazine article on how to convert it.
  10. I think it would be so much as to weaken the strength of the rods. The loco is coming back in to the works for conversion to RC soon , so can do the loctite at the same time.
  11. Thinking about finishing things off and putting accessories on this little loco. The mechanical lubricator seems a good idea and a common theme, as do the usual buckets, oil cans etc. Not seen many toolboxes, unless this one on Redbourn 29 is one? Strange fixture on the end of it though.
  12. Fair enough. I don’t feel the same way. Perhaps that’s due to historical distance, but then again I do love ‘Kelly’s Heroes’ too so maybe I just have a different standpoint on that sort of thing.
  13. This is a pretty cool use of deep learning AI, to colourise old black and white movies. The General is my favourite Buster Keaton film, and it's really impressive to see how it's coped with the colours. It doesn't always get it right, but I do enjoy it.
  14. I think I was in the same boat as you, Tom. My original layout was to have been Tidmouth Sheds too, but I found that operationally it served little function other than a diorama where locos shuffled in and out.
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