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    Well it's certainly taking shape. Looking forward to travelling with you!
  2. Bizarrely, I see that Rivarossi are now making a prototypically correct model of this but, of course, in HO (why, oh why didn't we go to HO gauge in the UK back in the 80s?): https://uk.rivarossi.com/products/rivarossi-h0-187-br-4-axle-tarpaulin-wagon-railfreight-metal-livery-period-iv-hr6495
  3. So, the offer isn't that bad really, especially considering what they would be worth if they start breaking up. Thanks Dungrange, much appreciated
  4. I've been in touch with Hattons Pre-Owned and they've offered me £53 part ex against some other models for 3 x pristine boxes of GBRf B740A. I must admit I've no idea what I paid for them when new. Anyone on here know what it might have been?
  5. It would appear not, they are visibly different in detail
  6. Is it only Fastline units that have been reported so far?
  7. The name of a popular lunch time TV show on BBC 1?
  8. My scientist friend suggests spraying WD40 Dry PTFE spray in the holes in the underside. He suggests this will minimise any further incursions of moisture. I think it's worth a punt. You can get it from places like Screwfix for just over a fiver.
  9. So, it's back to my suggestion that the holes are filled with something that will seal them. It's now a matter of deciding what is the best substance to use for those of us who want to attempt to preserve our currently OK stock.
  10. I think it's worth a punt. I'm just having a conversation with a scientist friend about this and will decide for sure when that is concluded. The other option might be car body/wood filler.
  11. I have read a report that says: "Moisture is essential to the occurrence of [Mazak] corrosion, which is also accelerated by higher temperatures." My garage (where I store my rolling stock) is quite dry and cool.
  12. I've got 3 boxes of GBRf ones. They've never been out of the boxes, and the plastic inserts are still sellotaped together. I've checked them and they are all OK at the moment. They are kept in the original boxes inside a clip top type plastic storage box with some other rolling stock. Anyone any thoughts on the wisdom of putting some sort of glue or sealant in the holes underneath to stop moisture getting in (if it is moisture that is causing it), and if so, what? I'm not too worried about voiding the warranty as they must be at least 10 years old.
  13. I suppose I just wanted them to know there's someone out here who's still interested.
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