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  1. I beg to differ! A station in Germany is classified as a place, where trains can either start or end, requiring a passing loop as a run-around or at least a stub track. Whenever a station had a passing loop, it was uncommon to block it with a goods van parked at the goods shed. Of course, there are exemptions to that rule, which you could find in Bavaria and Wuerttemberg, but, hey, that´s not all of Germany.
  2. I assume you are wrong there - I doubt if the communist east German government would have imported a toy train set from Japan, depicting a train from the "enemy" West Germany.
  3. It´s simply illegal and will most likely put you in jail if you model the insignia of the "Third Reich". That´s why you won´t find it on any kind of a model, be it railways, planes, ships or any other model specific to that era.
  4. Why was a name chosen, which is obviously a literal translation of "Fernhead", but so explicitly not German at all?
  5. Well, it´s not a rarity tthat fetches a fortune when you sell it. I´d say you will have a hard time selling it. As for 12mm gauge wheels, you can contact Bemo directly via their home page.
  6. How true - railway modellers are a very patient and forgiving bunch !
  7. Apparently, the set is not yet out in the market. Could have been a pre-production sample shown at the Intermodellbau show?
  8. The Prussian Railway had a bespoke set of standard brick buildings, which gave the line a familiar look. One of the notable features was the rather flat roof as seen in the Auhagen building. What makes Reichelsheim the "wrong" kind of building is the roofline and -angle, plus some decoration you will not find on the austere Prussian buildings.
  9. I don´t want to rain on your parade, but the "Reichelsheim" station building, although a brick building is not really suitable for a Prussion themed layout. The KPEV had standardized small town station buildings, which gave the stations a rather uniform look. A typical building would be Auhagen # 14467 "Krakow".
  10. Yes, the points with the moulded-on ballast are also non-latching.
  11. The Mosel line is one of my favourite lines! I have fond memories of a trip from Koblenz to Trier when the line was still worked by steam in the very early 1970s. The demise of steam actually effected a change in the wine quality from the grapes of the vineyards along the tracks. Unfortunately, all the pictures I took back then were lost in a house move, Rainer Tielke made a very nice Z scale diorama, which was on display at the Intermodellbau 2019!
  12. Yup, that´s the one! Here is a picture of a pre-production sample. The price for the set will be in the same range as the Zeitgeist rack train set.
  13. Interesting to see that the price of the DCC/Sound version has gone up by €40! By the time, the Zeitgeist set hits the market, Lemke/Hobbytrain will also release their version of the non-rack Zugspitzbahn loco.
  14. I can second that! It´s a highly contagious disease. Years back, I built a small, roughly 3´by 5´ layout, based on motifs along the route of the Glacier Express. Just a couple of pics:
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