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  1. Thanks , will avoid it and go Gaugemaster.
  2. thanks for your reply, why is the Hornby bad?
  3. Hello Everyone. I'm building a small layout with about 5 turnouts. Now looking at the control side. Tthe Hornby R7229 , controller looks attractive as opposed to the Gaugemaster combi. The Hornby option is slightly cheaper and also includes a built in Capacitor discharge unit. Wondering if anyone could pass on advise and experience as to the best way to go? Thanks
  4. I must have the thin sleeper variant, so I will carry on packing! thanks for your response.
  5. Hi Wondering if some one could give me some advise please. I'm looking at using Peco code 75 points with SMP track for my current layout, but I've noticed a slight height difference, Peco point track is slightly higher. I've been able to make up the difference by using a thin piece of plasticard tucked under the SMP track at the intersection. Would this be good practise? or are the two not compatible? Thanks
  6. Many thanks for your reply. Lots a worthy replacement.
  7. Hi Looking for help!! I'm building a 4mm SR Terrier, the chassis is Branchlines. Unfortunately I've managed to damage the Mashima (M20k?) motor. I understand these motors are no longer available. Please could someone advise of a suitable replacement and gearbox? Thanks
  8. Thanks for your reply, Not sure of the manufacturer, proably the larger Mashima, its diffently a 5 Pole, open frame without a gearbox, just a drive from the worm to the gear wheel locked to the axle. I not to sure of its life which is why I'm considering fitting a new one
  9. Hi Folks I'm after some advise please,I've built a Westward Un-rebuilt West Country Pacific, the motor i have lacks power and is unable to pull the loco let alone any rolling stock!. I must admit the Locomotive is on the heavy side. I'm seeking advise if anyone can recommend a suitable type and supplier for a Gearbox and Motor. Thank you
  10. Enjoying all your posting, keep em coming!! Looking foward to see it at Warley Clive
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