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  1. What James chooses to do at the back of Loftus Road when no-one else is watching is his responsibility alone. Please don't go dragging Mark, Pete and the rest of us into further disrepute... I suppose that after all this time on his own during lockdown, a few foibles are to be expected though
  2. Just to complicate matters a little, many schools (certainly in England) which were under LEA control are now academies, including quite a few primary schools. Therefore, they are not controlled by the LEA, instead these academies are run by academy trusts who are funded directly from central government. They make their own decisions about how their individual academy schools are run, without little or any intervention from the local LEA. This does not stop a local authority from shutting down events, however, there is this additional level of power/decision-making that has to be considered here. What complicates this is that sometimes, the academy trust may not reside in the same part of the country as the academy school, so a decision taken in Cheshire may affect a school in West Sussex, simply because that West Sussex school/academy is owned by a company over 200 miles away.
  3. It may be worth considering that with schools being caught in this strange limbo, they are only just getting round to considering whether or not to continue with hiring their premises out. I know that Worthing MRC's exhibition venue has, in its daytime role, been preparing for the return of over 1000 students* since mid-April, as well as preparing for the start of the next school year in September. However, the question of hiring premises for exhibitions, sports clubs, choirs and other activities has had to go on the back burner and many schools are only just getting round to making these decisions - quite understandably. Therefore, if a club makes the decision to postpone a show earlier on, this helps the school as it avoids them having to disappoint the hirer, and their audience, later on in the season. *That does not mean that 1000 students will return to school before the start of the summer holidays.
  4. Site access You know where it is so please follow the relevant postcode on your SatNav. Any roadworks or other obstacles on the route are not the reponsibility of the Exhibition Manager. Access times These are set according to your alarm clock.
  5. Rather boringly, my 66 arrived yesterday afternoon. I opened the box in some trepidation, half-expecting things to rattle around in the box, but nope, everything remained attached. I then set it up on my rolling road - no wobble. I ran it in for an hour each way, nothing fell off...all just seems to be OK I just seem to be a contented customer who has received a working model with which I am happy. Will post some images when I can recharge my camera batteries.
  6. Worth keeping an eye out for them at any exhibitions/shows in the coming few weeks to see if their MO changes.
  7. Brighton and Hove left East Sussex in 1997 and became it's own unitary authority in 2001. (Me omitting the word "actually" is through being bored of having so many people say "Hove actually" to me after more than thirty years of living and working there as though it is funny...)
  8. Brighton and Hove is another example...and yes, before anyone says it, I omitted the Hove (actually)!
  9. Had a similar problem a couple of years ago with my original SPROG 3 PSU. Contacted Mr Crosland/SPROG and one arrived promptly, which has seen good service ever since.
  10. Like Voldemort, I was trying not to mention those three letters - you know it will trigger an outbreak of the keyboard jitterers!
  11. As we are going to have to wait a while for our/my Hatton's 66s to arrive, I was wondering if there was any way of finding out the ship that will be bringing these to our shores. I seem to recall another delivery (Class 71?) being tracked across the seas, which helped pass a quiet afternoon...
  12. "Music and television have evolved to a subscription and streaming based world, why not magazines?" When Phil asks this, does he mean that we, the consumers, have chosen this evolution, or does he mean that over time, the marketing and accounting departments of the fourth estate have seen opportunities for saving costs but selling us more through unwanted advertising and online 'content' that we have to pay for? Cynnical as I may be but I think this may be a matter of perception here...
  13. Professionally, I spend a significant part of my life staring at a screen, reading papers and emails. Therefore, when I get time for my hobby, I prefer to put the screen away and read paper-based articles of interest to me. I also like the idea of not being 'advertised at' by a screenful of uninteresting rubbish attacking the edges of my vision. Having the option to choose to read a specific advert in a magazine works better for me as I will usually do this if I am looking for a particular item to purchase. In a similar vein, my employers are increasingly pushing for all papers and articles to be made available electronically. However, when I talk to my students, they ask for all readings to be made available on paper. When I ask them why, many of them prefer this option for ease of reading, especially those who have specific learning needs - something that I think is sometimes is forgotten in our digital society.
  14. As I am now getting close to completing my 08-16 kit (purchased in 2017 from a fine Stanningly retailer of this parish), I was wondering whether there was any further news on the release of this kit?
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