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  1. Don't think you are correct. The red brick building was built as the Sutton Labour party headquarters and was originally a single story office but never a garage. It was expanded to three stories in the 60s/70s. The Plymouth depot was off Salisbury Road to the rear of the same block. I used to walk past it everyday on the way to school. It was referred to as Drake Carriers garage who may have been the original owners. While waiting for the no 3 bus, I used to note the movements of Scarabs, Highwayman, D Series tractor units and BMC parcel vans that used to be serviced there. The garage was demolished years ago and was replaced by a housing development called Drake Court.
  2. I think that the last passenger steam from Plymouth may have been on the Southern line to Waterloo. I have a feeling that the Bulleid light Pacifics based at Friary ran on after all the Western steam had been withdrawn.
  3. In addition to what the Stationmaster has posted, BR 31452 1963 BR(WR) gives 145 tons Bere Alston to Callington and 150 tons Axminster to Lyme Regis. (Both ways) No other route has a defined weight for the D2XXX classes.
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