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  1. Just came across this, a good stocking filler for the little ones. https://www.appledogs.co.uk/products/educational-creative-pen-inductive-toy?variant=40935542390934
  2. Some of the later Sentinel steam railmotors had up to 12 cylinders IIRC.
  3. The pics of the 'facilities' made me think of a way to disguise the trailer of the Bachmann Whickham trolley.
  4. At a swap meet last Sunday I purchased what looked like an old Matchbox petrol pumps model. These were made by Matchbox to fit on their filling station models. Only it wasn't a Matchbox one but a plastic copy made in Hong Kong. It is a bit cruder than the model it was copied from especially the globes on top of the pumps. I was thinking of perhaps replacing them with LED's and have them lit up. I do recall reading somewhere that LED's can be cut and filed to shape, is this so can anyone tell me? I've been told that I can't have a booster shot until the 16th November, 6 months after my second jab.
  5. Poor road layout more than poor driving. The driver had to pull to the left or take out a few traffic islands.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184631144672
  7. I hope the redundancy payout is a generous one.
  8. I have one of these kits (as yet unbuilt). To go with it I also am repainting a Hornby 'generic' four wheel brake third into army colours as a crew riding van. For haulage I'm waiting for the MR class 11 to become available.
  9. A bit sad really as it was a fire victim. If the engine/gearbox are unscathed it's still worth the asking price.
  10. They were able to go back through the female line in the case of Richard III so the identification was pretty certain together with his physical disabilities (Which were exaggerated by the Tudors and Shakespeare). Given the royal family tree goes back a thousand years or more there has just got to be a cuckoo or two in the nest.
  11. I've noticed that some American locomotives retain their numbers when they change hands and some do not. Is there a system equivalent to or similar to TOPS operating in the USA/Canada? There surely must be when you take into account the vast number of freight cars moving around the system on any one day.
  12. For some reason the Royals seem to get a bit twitchy when DNA is mentioned. Although the Duke of Edinburgh was happy to have his DNA help identify the Romanovs that was a different branch of the family. When the remains of Richard III were identified by using DNA that didn't come from the royal family. But questions have been raised about the anomalies found in the DNA. Perhaps there's something about the rumours of Edward IV not being of royal blood?
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