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  1. There's quite a few, best to put in 'model trucks'. I run a group called 'Code 3 models' you can always join and put your question there.
  2. Not sure about N scale but its been done quite often in 00 scale. There are several examples on Facebook worth a look.
  3. O gauge layout 200 feet long! What exhibition hall is big enough? It takes three full size articulated trucks to transport it.
  4. The Viper wheelbase is 33 mm which if it is 1/72 scale gives a wheelbase of 93.5 inches. If it were 1/76 scale it would be 98.75 inches. The Thunderbird has a 35 mm wheelbase but the Corvette is 40 mm. The Corvette has no pull and go mechanism and nothing at all on the baseplate, all the others are by Kinsmart having the same pull and go mechanism.
  5. They arrived this morning, The Dodge Viper is indeed Kinsmart and marked 1/72 on the base. The taxi seems to have gone missing but I'm not bothered about that. The woodies are marked 1/82 on the base.
  6. Do they have a model railway club in Pentonville?
  7. There are some models from other manufacturers that are 00 scale or very near. Best of all is Tomica, who have the scale on the box or stamped on the baseplate, their current Yanmar tractor for example is very good and can be placed on a layout 'straight from the box'. A couple of rather surprising models at or near 00 scale come from Hot Wheels. First is a 1938 Cadillac coupe-de-ville which can still be found at swap meets and the other is a c.1931 Packard. The Packard I wasn't aware of until last year when I found one at a swap meet for a pound. Someone had tried to make it into a 'gangster' car by adding bullet holes to the windows. Both will require re-wheeling and a few extra touches but both look like thet are accurate.
  8. The Husky Forward Control Land Rover is also 1/76 scale.
  9. PhilJ W

    EBay madness

    Another one started at a low price.
  10. I have a book which lists the scales of Matchbox models up too the first Whizziwheels models. It does however quote the scales given by Matchbox some of which are somewhat dubious. Husky did not quote scales but many of their models were to or close to 1/76. The Matchbox Morris J2 pick up is almost spot on 1/76 scale and has a lot of detail such as the rear light cluster and filler cap cast in. It has some dimensional faults but they are not noticeable until you compare it with the Oxford J2 van. (Cab too short and back axle to far forward.)
  11. PhilJ W

    EBay madness

    To be fair to the vendor it did start at £65.
  12. Found this film of test firing of a French gun 1937.
  13. Another cheap job-lot with potential. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Realtoy-Diecast-Joblot/274419610144
  14. I wonder if the van that was on the top was facing forward it would have cleared the bridge.
  15. I didn't know what the yellow one was, thanks for the info. The black cab looks as if its an Oxford Diecast. The VW beetles and Transporters could also be Kinsmart.
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