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  1. The first thing I would do is replace the flat wagon body with a hopper body. Is that a pump fitted to the hopper wagon? The one being produced by Hornby is the Express Daries shunter based at Morden.
  2. 1066 and all that is not all that reliable>> http://www.britannica.com/topic/Hengist
  3. IIRC Hengist and Horsa were brothers.
  4. The LT one's were the least worn out ones only purchased as a stop gap measure. As soon as the boiler certificate ran out they were replaced. Railway bangernomics in other words.
  5. A small amount of T-cut on a cotton bud rubbed gently on the branding should do the trick. But dont rub to hard and wash the residue off afterwards. DO NOT use nail varnish remover on plastics.
  6. What in the USA is called V-scale. A virtual layout created inside a computer.
  7. But that figure is only one dimensional and you are talking of the turntable that is 3 dimensional. If you cubed the figure you would come to a more reasonable 24/25 seconds.
  8. The catalogue only shows drawings of this and the Scammells, probably because they are still on the drawing board.
  9. On the subject of wagons and coaches there are two interesting vehicles in photographs in the book 'R-O-D on the Western Front 1915-1919' by William Aves. The first is a 6-wheel passenger brake van that although belonging to the French Nord company was very British in appearance and size but with a pair of strange ventilators on the roof rather like large pent roof dog kennels with louvred sides. The other is even more interesting as it shows the German rail gun captured by the Australians. Attached to the rear of the gun was a modified open goods wagon. The wagon was fitted with a pent roof raised above the sides and appears to be used as a magazine wagon. It started out as a high sided wagon fitted with central cupboard doors about 4-5 feet wide, is about 22-24 feet long with a wheelbase of about 15-16 feet. The pent roof is raised above the sides (5-6 feet) by about a foot or so and completely covered in except for 4 square windows/loopholes cut in the sides.
  10. It does need the special ammo wagon to go with it.
  11. I had a chance to browse the 2020 Airfix catalogue today. There was not much for model railways as you might expect but listed is a 1/72 kit for a Case tractor towing a roller. This is basically a civilian vehicle used by the USAAF for airfield construction. Slightly overscale perhaps for 00 but a prototype that was imported during the war years to help in food production.
  12. So its powerful enough to shunt three loaded milk tankers then.
  13. An angle grinder would be better than a cutting torch I would have thought?
  14. Haven't heard much about the 11' 8" (now 12' 4") bridge in the USA recently. Is it still being hit?
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