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  1. Go to sleep wearing a tin hat tonight? https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/chinese-rocket-live-tracker-latest-24067915#source=push
  2. I've just been reading the current edition (May) of Railway Magazine. There is a paragraph in there (page 8) saying that cracks appearing on GWR class 800's are being investigated. The news was released just as RM went to press (about 3 weeks ago)
  3. He's got plenty like that.
  4. That must be pretty serious to take the whole fleet out of service all of a sudden.
  5. It must be a serious fault to ground the entire fleet. Watching the news which is not good.
  6. I can take or leave whisky but as I'm now virtually teetotal I've almost forgotten what it tastes like.
  7. Could be a number of reasons such as easier replacement in case of damage. Replacement glass for a 37 must be easier to fit than that for a Deltic.
  8. A lot like the Australian LDC type illustrated a couple of pages back. The LDC was tested on the British main line with standard gauge bogies.
  9. The CIE quickly dropped the idea of single cabs and all subsequent orders were for double cabs.
  10. I voted but I didn't get any flyers from one major party. Not like a few years ago where in a previous local council election when that particular party put up a candidate in every ward. I asked why they bothered and the candidate for a ward they had no hope of winning pointed to the few votes they had obtained (about 125 IIRC) and said "There's 125 reasons to put up a candidate.".
  11. Or possibly fit it with a 'hood' style body?
  12. We had a Zoom talk last night on the subject of rail accident investigation. The presenter was Alan Clark who is a retired BTP Inspector. He was involved at a high level in to the investigations of Potters Bar and Great Heck accidents and gave us quite a few insights into what happens after such incidents. I feel sure some of you will have heard of Alan and possibly even know him.
  13. There used to be several brickworks in the county. I know of at least three within about ten miles from where I live. One of them only ceased production this century (there is a film of its narrow gauge railway in use on YouTube).
  14. I like tandoori chicken but there's no Indian restaurants locally that I know of that does a good one. When I lived in Romford there used to be several very good Indian restaurants but I understand a lot of them have gone now. As tandoors are usually made from clay perhaps if your FiL had lived in Essex the garden soil clay would have been more suitable.
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