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  1. The best of the tension lock couplings IMHO is the early Airfix ones, both compact and reliable. The worst are Lima, oversize and unable to couple to some other tension lock couplings. Even worse the crossbar is often moulded in situ with the chassis.
  2. As long as we don't end up like the oozlum bird.
  3. I bought one off of E-bay for £5 a few months ago. Minus couplings and a bit tatty with a hand fist painted finish. As I intend to fit better couplings and give it a decent paint job anyway.
  4. I will be buying the unlit coaches as I am going to repaint them to go with my Oxford rail gun and any light would not be visible outside.
  5. The train at the start of the film had mis-matched coaches, both in style and roof profile. So a mix of Hornby & Hattons coaches would not be unprototypical.
  6. Hornby produced such a coach as above. Usually referred to as the 'R733 Swedish coach' it can often be found on E-bay.
  7. Now there's an idea, a camping coach, any one of the six wheelers and even one of the four wheelers depending on period. (Though perhaps not the full brakes.)
  8. Isn't the Oxford Rail GWR brake van from the Edwardian period?
  9. The Metropolitan removed both buffers from both coaches and used a special coupling. There are adjustable close coupling units available.
  10. One Essex registration originally on a Land Rover but still around is UPU 2.
  11. There is the LSWR road van coming from Kernow shortly. A couple ended up at the Longmoor Military Railway.
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