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  1. Pictures of his efforts have been posted on Farce book. It appears he completed his models just after emptying the contents.
  2. Sadly that is the last ever steam on the underground due to new signalling/automatic trains.
  3. It would be great to have a vintage traction (none steam) gala limited to stock that is pre 1950 in build or design. I can think of several locos and other preserved stock that would be suitable.
  4. The 'Q' engine also rotated anti-clockwise (when viewed from the front). AEC developed a similar reversed version of the RT engine for use in tanks paired with a conventional engine. After the war they adapted this engine for left hand drive buses but with a conventional clockwise rotation.
  5. What about a 'stretched' Q1, say to a 2-8-0 (8F?).
  6. Possibly because they used a Leyland engine. Leyland (and AEC) made their engines with all the fittings such as injectors and manifolds on the left hand side making them easily accessable on a half cab bus. Post war AEC, who had a strong export market produced a reversed version of their engines for countries where the drive on the right is the rule. Leyland never bothered and only offered right hand drive versions.
  7. Not quite sure if the Bristol has been converted to left hand drive.
  8. Licencing is a significant issue, it took several years to get a licencing agreement with JCB and Rolls-Royce and then there are conditions attached as to scales that they are able to produce. Also the liveries of commercials may also be subject to licencing.
  9. The old Triang model was based on an Alco.
  10. This company does wheels and other detail components in HO scale. http://www.automobilia.de AFAIK there are no dealers in the UK but you can order direct.
  11. Not helped by the rear axle lifting off the road due to the braking.
  12. If the train was going to hit anything a bicycle would be better than a combine harvester. (Which was fitted for harvesting maize FYO).
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