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  1. Allerdale Farm by Matt Wathen http://redirect.viglink.com/?key=71fe2139a887ad501313cd8cce3053c5&subId=5437868&u=https%3A//www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/shares/n2U07H
  2. Cam Valley Narrow Gauge Railway - originally Clutterbox built by Tim Ellis - 09 (9mm gauge track - 7mm/ft - representing a gauge of 18”) - uses stock from my Derwent Road layout. Recently Added-47 by -bandmbill- All Photos-6190 by -bandmbill- Recently Added-45 by -bandmbill- All Photos-6189 by -bandmbill- I had started to make some changes intending to have it ready for StowRail 2020 but they stopped when lockdown happened....
  3. My caustic comment was because I had assumed that this was the official channel to comment on - I haven't noticed any communication to tell me that I won't receive any more editions of Narrow Gauge World from Exact as yet - I have taken Narrow Gauge World from when it emerged from being a couple of pages in Railway World and have enjoyed watching it grow.
  4. What will happen to the pre June 2016 archive? Bill
  5. Nice to see Warners are monitoring this closely - NOT!
  6. Do we still get access to the back issues with digital subs?
  7. So we pay £22.50 for the 9 digital issues rather than £15 at present is that correct? Bill
  8. Hi Simon Really enjoyed the layout at Doulting! Could you PM your contact details please - a friend organises a show in Stow on the Wold and would like to contact you.
  9. Is there parking for exhibitors on site?
  10. Threat - can only be avoided by copious supplies of bacon sandwiches......
  11. Could you give us an 'on the ground' update on routes into Calne periodically especially in the morning for those of us aiming to arrive at 8:00 please?
  12. Hi Roger Glad to hear that the On30 kits will continue - I have nearly finished my 10th kit - just need another 10! Keep us updated as to when there will be more available! Thanks Bill
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