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  1. Thanks. If u can bring it along I'll give if a go
  2. I've gone for the fine wire so that should be fun stringing everything together
  3. Hi Jim. No, wires are going in but at the moment it's a bit touch and go as to whether they will be in for the first show next weekend. Watch this space......
  4. Hi Jim. No, wires are going in but at the moment it's a bit touch and go as to whether they will be in for the first show next weekend. Watch this space......
  5. So......more progress. The glossing problem was solved but by vacuuming up the excess long fibres and adding a thick ground cover of 2mm fibres before reapplying the longer ones provided sufficient cover. The chinchilla dust used as gravel has proved somewhat problematic to get to stick. The experiment with Mod Podge was a failure with it not sticking anything so it was back to Woodland Scenics scenic cement. I've also been able to push on with the overhead gantries with uprights fitted.
  6. So a quick update on last night's foliage planting. My normal adhesive for static grass is either Woodland Scenics or Scenic Express but after seeing a couple of videos extolling its virtues I got some Peco / WWS Basing glue to give it a go. Anyway last nights activities saw me use it for the first time in the bottom right corner section in the above pic. It seemed to glue ok but seems quite shiny compared to the Woodland Scenics used elsewhere. Upon inspection this morning the glue has dried but where the glass covering is (deliberately) thin near the track there is a glossy sheen. Its can be rectified by the Peco is now put to one side pending further testing on some scrap material
  7. Since my last update I've been pushing on with scenics. The entire layout now has a base coat of Matt brown emulsion paint and to tonight one end started to get some vegetation. For the embankments I wanted a sparcer look so the 6mm static grass went down directly on the ground cover. For the flat areas various grades of Woodland Scenics cover went down first before the static grass was applied over the top
  8. Some more progress over the weekend even with a list of jobs from Mrs S and a minor emergency of a leaking shower tray. The main achievement was fixing in the road bridge retaining wall and then shaping and gluing the foam board for the earthworks. As a prelude to this the back scenes got a couple of coats of 'sky blue'. The photographic back scene that I bought for the project was inspected but was unsuitable so I'm now considering the Vollmer alpine one as a alternative. In the station area the stone slab surround for the station base was glued in and decks cut from mounting card for the platform bases. Once sealed they'll get a covering of scenic material to simulate gravel. I did get a bit of quiet time on Saturday to watch a bit of cricket on the telly so a couple of flat cars got log loads courtesy of last years budlia trimmings. Again, compared to the photos I could find they are a little large compared with a 'typical' load but they do for the short term
  9. Would echo the point about 'try before you buy' as different makes of brushes feel different. My Iwata feels heavier in the hand as opposed to my H&S. Also watch for needle size. Something around 0.3 or 0.35 should be wide enough to cope acrylic particle size but still give you plenty of control and ability to get fine lines
  10. After everything dried overnight this morning I gave the wall sections a coat of Tamiya Flat clean to seal in the work already done. Once dried the walls got a wash of Flory Models Dark Dirt clay wash. Once dried (about 30mins) the excess was wiped off using damp cotton buds and, for the concrete blockwork, a damp kitchen towel. On the block work I made sure to work straight downwards from top to bottom to introduce a bit more streaking. Now to do the other bits of wall.....
  11. A little bit more progress today inbetween client work. The retaining walls for the overbridge were repainted. The stone sectional were highlighted by dry brushing with a light grey. The small retaining wall was used as a test piece to play with adding various dark grey and brown shades to break up the monotony. Once dried overnight it will get a dark grime over wash to tone everything down a bit
  12. And what do think those foam blocks are?
  13. Another working party with Ian (Roundhouse) resulted in new platform faces being installed (thanks Ian) and the underpinnings of the road bridge scenic break being completed (see pic). Hopefully I can find some time today to give the station base and road bridge components a coat of Tamiya XF-19 as a grey undercoat so I can start detail painting tonight
  14. So 5 weeks to D-day and panic hasn't quite set in. This week's efforts have been around getting the various ground levels sorted around the station and yard area and also progressing the road bridge scenic break and associated earthworks For the road bridge I've used the one at southern end of Zernez station as a basis with the original stone overplayed with concrete supports. So far the lining has been constructed from Wills embossed plasticard braces with MDF offcuts and Evergreen angle. The outside facia will be Slaters blockwork sheet. Girders come from some leftover Rix Products overpass kits. Around the station the various levels were created with different thicknesses of cork sheet covered with PVA soaked newspaper strips a a la Gordon Gravett. The Faller station building will sit in the base with Evergreen section embossed to represent curbing
  15. Tonight I have been mostly.......weathering track. Using AK Interactive's "Trainspotting" book as a rough guide the track was airbrushed with some Lifecolour Warm Wood Base - a sort of reddy-brown. Next highlights and low lights were airbrushed on using Railmatch Track Colour and a LifeColour light grey / brown wood shade. The rails were hand painted with AK Dark Rust Deposits thinned out a little to soften the colour. Last touch was to apply AK Wash for Wood over all sleepers to soften the overall effect and to bring out the moulded grain a bit. To add will be some grease / oil deposits around the point tiebar area
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