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  1. chaz

    Dock Green

    Yes, that's right Hal. I am posting on the "Narrow Gauge Modelling Online" forum as this seems more appropriate. You will have to sign up to follow the topic but that can't hurt, can it? Once you are up and running search for "Athena". I don't think the link will work unless you have signed in, but here it is... Athena PA - in the Furness Valley
  2. chaz

    Dock Green

    Oh dear, sorry, but I am going to say goodbye with the last four shots from the Worthing show. I am pleased that the very last picture should be of the J6. I will be keeping this model which is one of my favourites. I have enjoyed telling the story of Dock Green using RMweb. It has been very useful as I way of recording what (and how) I have modelled the scene. It has also helped to motivate me to keep going. Thanks to all of you who have commented on the layout and from time to time have offered advice. All those "like" clicks have been an encouragement too. This will be my last post - the layout has gone to its new home and my new project Athena PA is just starting. All the best... Chaz
  3. chaz

    Dock Green

    Me again, with a few more snaps... Chaz
  4. chaz

    Dock Green

    OK, here are a few more... ...ranging from the excellent J6 and N7 locomotives.... ....to a humble sack barrow. Chaz
  5. chaz

    Dock Green

    Another batch of snaps from Dock Green's last show... I do have enough shots left for a couple more posts, should you want to see 'em... Chaz
  6. chaz

    Dock Green

    A few more from Worthing - once they have run out there won't be more - the new owner collected Dock Green today - sad, but making a new project possible. Chaz
  7. chaz

    Dock Green

    A belated post with another seven photos from Worthing. Chaz
  8. chaz

    Dock Green

    My next project? Follow the link for a glimpse. Athena PA - in the Furness Valley No chance of panniers on this On30 layout! Chaz PS - you will have to sign up for the narrow gauge forum to view it but that's no problem.
  9. Weren't me guv. No, all the Parkside wagons that ran on Dock Green (note the past tense - sob) were built with the loose axle boxes as designed. Whilst I concede that it hardly constitutes compensation in practice it seemed to work (better than it should?) and the models were not prone to derail. In fact just about all the rock and roll that might stock exhibited was caused by the compromised standards of Peco crossings (frogs). Chaz
  10. Thanks, that's very helpful indeed. I don't anticipate controlling more than three at a time - certainly not as many as six! As the trains will all be moving forward on the same track six looks like trouble. I don't want to control turnouts from the laptop (although I do have an iPad) - all my operators and I prefer toggle switches to control Tortoise point motors. Looks like I will shortly be buying a Z21 system then - I think I read that a tethered (cabled) Multimaus will plug into the magic box - if that is the case that would be good too as I have two of those lurking on my home layout. Chaz
  11. Hope you don't mind me butting in on this topic but I have a question about Z21. I am considering a new DCC system for a new layout and like the look of the Z21. If I have a laptop connected would I be able to have two or three throttles on screen at the same time and control two or three locos? I want to manage a staging area (fiddle yard) and will probably want to "move up" two or three trains on one track to vacate the area behind them for an incoming train. Speeds will be low! Chaz
  12. chaz

    Dock Green

    Positive feedback always welcome too! Maybe more this evening....
  13. chaz

    Dock Green

    Enough of this banter about music I was pleased to have forgotten, let's have a few more photographs taken at the Worthing Show. You don't really build the JLTRT van kits as the bodies are one piece resin mouldings. You just have to add the under frame parts, buffers etc and then it's all down to the paint. I bought three of the SR vans not that long ago so they didn't do that many shows. Another fairly recent acquisition was the J6. It's such a nice model I am going to keep it rather than sell it on. I may get the chance to give it a run at a the Otterbourne open day. If he sits on the fire escape every break he gets and reads his paper maybe all that rubbish strewn around is his? The ends of sidings in the far corners of yards were often squalid, with weeds and rubbish much in evidence. The sort of scene that few people would have photographed. Film was too precious. Chaz
  14. chaz

    Dock Green

    Not so much a song, more a whining dirge as I recall.
  15. chaz

    Dock Green

    Oh, him. I was never a fan.
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