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  1. Not a Crosti 9F - but an FS 741 class 2-8-0. Although set in Italy some scenes in the last ten minutes of that film were shot in Spain as well necessitating fitting cosmetic smoke deflectors to 2-8-0 with a normal boiler as the sequences shot in Spain utilised a RENFE 141F 2-8-2 which was so fitted.
  2. I agree with the point that Highland locos are unlikely to be viable rtr. But I think that the Drummond "Barney" 0-6-0 wheelbase was the same as the LSWR 700 class as modelled by Hornby. I know that the "Barneys" were reboilered by the LMS and so there are detail differences. Perhaps a conversion might be possible although Hornby's 700 has the extended smokebox fitted when superheated. But it's still great to have the J36!
  3. I think that the derailment was less for the benefit of the British Army than for MGM. The film "Bhowani Junction" was being shot about this time - it was released later in 1956 - and some sequences were shot on the Longmoor Military Railway. I am pretty certain that I read somewhere (possibly in "Heritage Railway") that "Merlin" - disguised with a false wide firebox and new cab - was doctored to look a bit like an Indian Standard XB Class to show the aftermath of a sabotage attempt, although I think there is some debate about this. The coaching stock in the Bhowani Junction sequence wasn't th
  4. For those interested in other uses for the chassis, the wheelbase dimensions quoted by relaxinghobby in post #33 (20+24mm) scale out at 5 feet + 6 feet which is (I think) the wheelbase of the GWR 1361 and 1366 classes. The wheel diameter (14mm = 3 feet 6 inches) is close enough although the Jouef/Electrotren ones are 12 spoke rather than the 10 spoke ones of the GWR classes and hte balance weights are also different. I don't know the axle diameter of the Electrotren model, so I can't say how easy it would be to re-wheel or whether the cylinders and motion plate are consistent with the GWR engi
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