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  1. Hi Everyone. I just didn't like my first idea for the layout so I'm for an inglenook, simple, fun and hours of pleasure. I also managed to find a slightly longer board which means I can get a small loco and 2/3 wagons depending on size in the head shunt. More soon. Jerry. Merry Christmas to you all.
  2. This looks brilliant, very well done, I feel a chill just looking at it, brrrrrrrr. Love the snowman too. Jerry.
  3. Hi Everyone. Looking through the net I noticed a layout called capital works ( was Campbell's yard ) which is very similar to balls yard. So far with this I a small shelf and track laying will start today. Jerry.
  4. Thanks Andrew. I have been very busy lately so haven't had any time at all for modelling but I'm going to take a day or two off and relax ( modelling is great for this ). An update soon. Jerry.
  5. Thanks, very kind and helpful of you. Most appreciated. Jerry.
  6. Very nice start, i like your buildings, this thread ( although a different layout but inspired original builder Colin French ) has inspired me to build my own version of Balls Yard, looks an interesting layout. Keep up good work. Jerry.
  7. Hi Everyone. I have now painting the track and ballasting will start soon, I will post a photo later. Jerry.
  8. Hi Everyone. Having read another post on here I've been inspired by Balls Yard but don't know much about the layout apart from a track plan and it inspired Colin French to build Leedsham street yard. I know it's about 1' 9" inches long or so. Can anyone help with any information or possibly a photo of the layout, Any information will be greatly appreciated. Jerry.
  9. Very nice, I could imagine myself walking along the trackside or sitting in the field having a sandwich watching the trains go by. Jerry.
  10. Hi Everyone. I had quite a busy week getting things ready for a craft fair but that is over now and I can get a little bit of modelling done. I need to paint the sides of the track and ballast it, so that's the next job. Jerry.
  11. Hi Everyone. As promised, here is a quick photo of how the layout at the moment: More soon. Jerry.
  12. Hi, Sounds good to me, the area bottom left, you could have a crossing for access and possibly some sort of yard office or possibly a unloading / loading area with a crane or fork lift truck or just a wide crossing and a low relief building bottom left that would go flush with the backscene if you have one, just some ideas. Jerry
  13. Hi Everyone. Thanks for all of your replies, likes etc. I have added an extra siding bottom right which is just a 14 inch long or so piece of flexi track and I have completed a small factory that's a Metcalfe kit. I will post a photo later. Jerry.
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