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  1. Hi Alex. GW is great western as in great western railway, no sure about EN but NE is north eastern as in North Eastern Railway. I hope that helps a bit. Jerry.
  2. Looking good Alex, I really like the flowers on the embankment. Jerry.
  3. Hi Alex. I'm like your plan and look forward to seeing your next update. Jerry.
  4. Hi, I have all the track I need now, thanks to all who helped. Jerry.
  5. Looking good, looking forward to seeing more. Jerry.
  6. Hi Jim. If I didn't know better I'd swear that wagon was made out of wood, very nice. Jerry.
  7. HI Dr Al. What sort of crossings are they ( I'm guessing diamond ) I would definitely be interested in any points, if you would let me know how much you would take for them please I would be most grateful. Jerry.
  8. Looking good Steve. I like the idea that it can be used for different countries too, looking forward to your next update. Jerry.
  9. Hi Jim. We are all ok here, thanks for asking, hope you are ok too. I'm back home now and hope you don't mind me posting a couple of photos of the chassis I have lying about: I think it's an old Hornby chassis, if it's any good to you, you are welcome to have it. Jerry.
  10. Hi Jim. Rummaging around in my box of bits I found an old chassis this morning, I haven't taken much notice of it as I had to go out early this morning, when I get back i will find out more and if it's of any use you are welcome to have it. I will get back to you. Jerry.
  11. Hi Jim. I'm sure you will get that loco up and running in no time, I bought a class 08 shunter ( early Hornby one ) and made some pick ups out of some copper wire and joined them all ( one per wheel ) up and it runs beautifully, no stalling etc. Good luck with your oo gauge layout, I really enjoyed your O gauge ones and your cardboard rolling stock. Jerry.
  12. You build more than I do lol, looking forward to seeing it develop. Jerry.
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