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  1. Right.... next he will be saying he has 100% proof of the existence of the Loch Ness Monster. I will believe it when I see it.
  2. Maybe. Or is the rubber seal around the window slightly thicker on the prototype? In which case this surely can be easily remedied.
  3. How? Do you have a crystal ball? Guessing is different to actually knowing
  4. I see your point about the destination blind. The picture I got off the net "could" have been taken whilst tilt mode was active. However, Philou's comment about the door window needs addressing.
  5. Manged to crop picture.. Possibly destination blind window?
  6. The one to the left of the main grill.. Or should that be grille? Basically the smaller vertical one. If I wasn't using a tablet I could highlight using snag-it.
  7. Well ill ignorance is bliss... & fools and their money...! it is not my fault you can't see the obvious. It doesn't take make searching the Internet to see that the small window by the drivers door is clearly wrong! It should not be vertical, it should be angled. Also, the grilles look more like Windows on the 3D scan. T
  8. Well both you and DJM have never seen an APT-P then as the 3D print he is holding is clearly wrong as there is one obvious error. He is probably hiding another by his right hand. If say that as why hold it if there wasn't something wrong that he was trying to hide? Why not sit it on a flat surface to photograph it? He must have added a door where there shouldn't have been one. If so, have can errors occur when it was supposed to be scanned!
  9. If you count the number of grilles of the engine room by Cab A of the prototype. The yellow stripe lines up correctly with the model which Brian Daniels has done. As for the position of the nameplate Brian will defiantly positioned this correctly. If you reduce the height of the stripe then it will not align correctly with the bottom of the cab windows and doors given unless you want unproptionate Hoover.
  10. The Class 33 at LR is 33053 & not 33350 as listed. Also the Class 58 is 58016 and not 58018 as also incorrectly listed.
  11. Thank you for your reply Richard. Just a bit confused as there is an O Gauge Class 42 (DCC) showing on the website but not a Legoman sound recording. As I am not expecting the O Gauge models to be with the guys until then Doncaster O Gauge show. I wanted to see what the sounded like in person as hearing it on a laptop/PC doesn't give a good representation of how good a recording is as I am sure you are aware. If I can hear the 00 Gauge version then I can get a rough idea and I am aware any files available for the 00 gauge chips can be transferred for the O Gauge. Although at some poi
  12. Hi Mike, Please can I ask about the Southern Region Inspection Saloon Caroline 975025 which you produce? Is this being produced in a choice of liveries and a choice of either with Wipac lights of with the Headcode box? Originally the saloon carried BR Blue and Grey livery with two character route destination code boxes. Then it was latter repainted into Network South East livery still with the same route code boxes. Then when owned by DRS it was first repainted into a light shade of Southern Green keeping the route code box. Finally in its current gu
  13. Hi Charlie/Ian/Richard, Recently I was watching a YouTube video of your Hornby Class 56 which I think Richard had fitted it with an EM2 speaker facing upwards and a Zimo Single Dumbo Speaker in the tanks. It advised it was the best sounding class 56 and you had to hear it on the stand. As I will be going to BRM Doncaster this Sunday, is it possible that you could bring this along to the show along with a sound fitted Class 42 Warship please? I would be interested in hearing what these sound like as before having them put on a suitable O Gauge Chip. The one for the Cl
  14. As long as there is plenty of bacon butties that is all that matters to me
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