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  1. Always wondered why they were slow at Croxton. It's far enough away from Thetford for them not to be going that slow. But then one of my first experiences when it became a regular drive for me was the lorry coming the other way not quite stopping behind the line and the barrier coming down on his cab roof.
  2. Ok, so it wasn't the most adventurous of Christmas layout designs, but the shape seems to work with the tree and presents now set up.
  3. I was thinking of the damn place upside down! Southern point, not northern. I'd best go edit my reply... But yes, the Fairford branch is the one. 2 bits of (now dissused) taxiway making a loop to a pan area cross what was the railway line (always assumed that extension to the base was after the railway was closed) That area is now mostly used for various bits of training with helicopters, and also leads on to the main explosive storage area. That makes for plenty of dangerous cargo movements where the railway would be, but only smaller helicopters in that area. Reinstate the railway and taxiway to larger aircraft and there's an interesting goods interchange scene to be had. Doing it with a civilian passenger terminal or hangar sized environment instead would be big...
  4. If you look on Google Earth, the southern most part of RAF Brize Norton actually cuts across a former GWR branch track bed (can't remember the name off the top of my head now), so loading from train to plane in an alternative universe where that line wasn't closed is an option. That southern bit is the explosive storage area too, so there's your cargo...
  5. As has been pointed out, airfields are generally large wide open spaces with not much crammed together (let's ignore Heathrow and Gatwick!). In a model railway setting, what may work is to have part of the fence line near the tracks and some associated equipment near the fence line like navigation aids, red and white buildings/structures (approach landing lights could even cross the tracks), if you want some hard standing/taxi way then most airports are built on redundant ww2 airfield formations and there is often single (circle shaped) aircraft pans radiating off main taxi ways which could be used to position an aircraft on for light maintenance rather than in a hangar. The rest of the airfield/airport could be shown in silhouette form on the back scene of the layout, I.e. the shape of the control tower in the distance, terminal buildings, some tail fins of other aircraft, etc. There's exceptions to every rule, but it's worth considering positioning of items too. For example if you modelled the approach lights crossing the fence line into your backscene, then don't have them in line aimed at the painted on terminal or tower. Also, airfield surveillance radars are often near the perimeter, but not likely to be found near a fuel discharge point or fuel tanks if you're thinking of adding those.
  6. 11:35 held at the LC in Brandon by a 755/4 in service, so they haven't all failed yet today...
  7. Send him an email if you need him. His old website was deactivated (not by choice) and he is in the process of making a new one but it will take time as he has to fit it in around existing orders and making money to eat.
  8. Imaginary (photoshop!) Liveries thread right here:
  9. I can't say if they're in the wrong boxes or not, but from my enquiries I can pretty safely say even if they are rare, then they won't be valuable. As you've already spotted, those Lima coaches are too short. Some of Lima's stuff is ok, I've got a couple of their coaches, but there are are compromises with a lot of their items which make them not fetch the same prices as other manufacturers.
  10. It's now December so this is acceptable I had such big plans for this years Christmas layout; there was going to be an r2 oval outside of a R1 figure 8, 2 trains running... then found the space allocated was going to be too small ah well.
  11. Just spoken with Tim as he's not on RMweb anymore and showed him your post; he asks if you could send him an email please.
  12. Travelled on my first 755/4 to Ely and back today. Despite the trip to Ely running late and being full to standing by the time it got to Brandon, very impressed by the acceleration and braking on the journey and it was making up time well. Trip back was quieter and I actually got (a very comfortable) seat. Carriage was quiet and smooth and reminded me of travelling with SBB on our Swiss trips. A very big improvement from the 170 and 156 last time I did the trip
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