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  1. I didn't want to start a new thread (and I don't know if it's already been mentioned here), but browsing YouTube I found the below video of services at Stirling and Perth. At about the 13min point at Perth there's a mk3 set being pushed, the coach next to the 47 is a blue/grey sleeper. Any idea why? (Or does it just fall into the 'prototype for everything' category if you own a single sleeper coach for no reason?!)
  2. Nothing wrong with making the sidings and headshunt longer as required, I was just using it as an example for fitting 3 sidings in and making it 'practical' for shunting freight. Probably doesn't help that my diagrams weren't to any sort of scale! I think the 5-3-3 format works for what I'm building as it uses longer modern wagons than the traditional 10' wheel base, it is a bit 'train set' rather than 'model railway' in length but that's kind of what I was going for with the small layout anyway. The passenger trains are an unrealistic loco+3 after all if I was doing loco+5 for passenger trains then yes I agree, longer freight makes more sense. As also mentioned (and it hadn't escaped me, I just forgot to mention it!) The siding lengths would also suit loco stabling quite nicely
  3. I know what you're saying and that does make sense... but just in response to that last paragraph: W1
  4. I know it's a month ago and I've probably shared it on here before, but I found this while having a tidy up: It's 9f rather than 8f drivers. I like the way it looks but there are a couple of issues; the cylinders aren't very well aligned, and i think the trailing axles are the wrong way round to properly clear the firebox.
  5. But Clive, I might get noticed in work doing that..... Anyway, I thought I'd quickly try and draw up a minories version of the plan I pictured above. P3 loses a lot of length and usability so I tinkered with it (below) to give some options. It does provide a couple of positions to stable engines on scene though waiting for their next service. Obviously the yard doesn't have to be used as a shunting puzzle. One thing I noticed from the version I'm building is that a freight length of loco+6 is the same as passenger loco+3 so the 2x 3 wagon length sidings could be for a block train of 6 tankers to be split in to. The slight downside to the above plans is the yard could block the view of trains working the minories throat. But hopefully that gives a better idea of what I was trying to show in the photos.
  6. Does this mean you can have 4 trains running at once now? Stunning work, laying a few feet of track is frustrating enough, nevermind 1.2 miles.
  7. My Bold above. My daughter wants me to lay a railway for her so she can practice doing scenic things and modelling. To keep it operationally interesting, minories was the first thing that sprung to mind, but it wouldn't fit on the boards I had available and she wanted freight too. I haven't got the plan drawn (and it's not minories anyway, just heavily influenced) but at the moment it's a single track arriving at a station with 3 platform faces (sound familiar?) and freight kick back along side, but with 3 sidings that are 3-3-5 wagon lengths so it can work as an inglenook shunting puzzle. I think if mirror imaged, it could work for the yard alongside a minories throat and add a shunting puzzle element to it as well. Pictures below hopefully give an idea of the arrangement. The 2x 3 wagon sidings have their buffers level with each other, the 5 wagon siding has to go back further though to allow space for an access point. The headshunt for the inglenook is a stubby siding finishing where the 08 is in the pictures and still allows space for arriving freight to shunt back into the 5 wagon siding. Departing freight is drawn out by the shunter into the headshunt, and because of the point lengths the freight engine can couple up on the other end and release the shunter. In a more traditional setting than I've pictured, moving the brake van to the other end of the train just adds to the puzzle Hopefully that provides some inspiration on the yard front for somebody... I really must start laying that track for my daughter!
  8. A mate has an old Hapag Lloyd for storage at his workshop, it's on my list of things to make in the distant future but I don't think I've ever seen a picture of the side of one these to see what the logo should look like... and his is a little difficult to access! I like the idea of chopping Hornby 30s to make these, don't know why that never sprung to mind.
  9. I always get very inspired when I see your coaching chops Clive... but then I can never find any Hornby/triang mk1s at the right price at the time to indulge being creative! I guess there's not much chopping involved making a couple of 309 units anyway? Excellent work bud.... bright pink containers and a 66 next?
  10. Very off-topic question; does that tape also follow a train of fertilizer to Dereham and Grain to North Elmham in Norfolk? Saw a film on YouTube once then could never find it again covering various freight in the 80s and I'm pretty sure it started with an 03 in Wales shunting some wagons...
  11. Good call, I thought it was a double. If it's a diamond then it would be very interesting to operate, single slip for the bottom 2 tracks possibly...
  12. I did add this elsewhere but think it probably needs to be here too; Want to justify 2 large scissor crossings, a double slip, and as much track as possible on your shunting plank?...
  13. I think the difference between the prototype and your plan is that the prototype doesn't have the additional kickback siding that yours does that would mean a wagon being shunted into the loco shed rather than just the engine shunting inside the shed... although prototype for everything isn't there! Another fun Swiss location for a shunting puzzle:
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