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  1. What stock/formation would the Harwich train usually be? (Is there the vague excuse for me to justify the scotrail mk3 that's been in the box all these years on a GEML layout?!)
  2. How often do you envisage trains passing from the through line to the branch line? Asking because if you imagine the 2 through platforms to be directional (inner curved platform is anticlockwise, outer platform clockwise) and the link to the branch rarely used as a through route; if you moved the point for the link line to the 'clockwise' platform line then it would/could be a trailing point, your loops for both through platforms could be slightly longer, and transferring stock from the through line to the branch line a bit more operationally interesting. Hope that makes sense!
  3. She was playing the guitar? I must have missed that, I'll go back and watch again.
  4. Hopefully I'm not too late to the party.... After far too long absorbing info on rmweb, there's a couple of problems with mirroring the track layout of minories which makes it not work as well as the original design; mostly trailing turnouts were much preferred by the prototype to facing turnouts, so in the version you've drawn it makes the pilot stub face the direction of travel and (this is really grasping at details that there's plenty of proof to the contrary) it makes the first crossover for arrivals facing rather than trailing which would increase the cost with number of FPLs etc required. I've had a go at a version that might work for you, apologies it's drawn straight in MS paint! Minories is back to normal orientation but rotated so the approach faces a more suitable direction for your MPD. The pilot stub is replaced by a couple of parcels sidings and end loading for CCTs that can be shunted from the departure line. Head shunt also doubles as MPD access track, pilot can either stable in MPD or entrance carriage sidings. Coal wagons will need to reverse from a platform face to be shunted down to the MPD (which is fine) but the returning empties can leave from the headshunt across the single slip to the down main. The single slip there also makes a run round which might prove operationally useful but doesn't create a facing point on the mainline. I've also drawn a version which saves a little space by using a double slip in the station throat and adds a stub beside the carriage sidings for the pilot. Hope that helps
  5. One appears baking croissants... that one makes me hungry.
  6. I caught that line too, it most definitely describes general social media quite nicely. I don't class RMweb in the same self involved social media bracket as faceache, Instagram, whatever the hell tiktok is, etc; I find it a much more pleasant place to visit. I think the much mentioned videos must be appearing differently for different users, mine don't seem to be visually blocking anything and just involve scrolling a touch further I can live with that.
  7. I may have missed it, but are you familiar with the work of Sam Battle (aka, look mum no computer)? A bloke from Kent with some synthesizers is probably the polar opposite to girls playing guitars from the other side of the globe, but he's still a talented chap!
  8. Very nice. Could be a lot worse... (I think this is just the original sped up a bit)
  9. Weather pending, and as I got home late Friday night, I'll try and sort an update over the next couple of days (fitting and plumbing a new boiler takes priority this visit home... can't think why the wife wants that doing sharpish...)
  10. If only it were ring-fenced for that use. Fuel duty and road tax goes into the same big pot with everything else and could be used for defence, or NHS, etc, not just road repairs. Same as the tax on cigarettes and alcohol, the money goes wherever it's most required by the treasury, not just on the NHS (although it can be argued that if it is going in and out of 1 big pot then it is ending up back there) Anyway, back to HS2...
  11. WRT the above driving trailer in white/blue/yellow doors livery, just started watching the below video. The first train, train at 2.00 min, and at 3.30 min (so far), not something I'd seen before but shows them in use with parrot and comfort stripe ew i and ii coaches. Having only ever seen videos of them running with similar liveried coaches, this might prove useful to someone else.
  12. Aren't generic large roll-out exhibition style backgrounds with support frames a thing already? (If not, why not?!) A 6ft high back ground from floor level stretching the length of a modular layout would be a site to see.
  13. Overall garden plan has been altered slightly. Of note for the railway is the 'scenic' station at the bottom of the garden has been chopped and there will just be allowance for a future passing loop instead. The stream has been shifted back slightly too so the station building might slip in there instead... maybe!
  14. Updated the garden plan with a couple of little amendments. Track is the purple lines, everything is a minimum of R3 apart from the turnout locations labled R1 in the workshop and the siding at the scenic station outside the garden shed. The siding labled T at the end of the 4 inset tracks by the pond will have a removable buffer so extra tracks can be connected laid on the garden path for train storage, or loco sidings etc. It also kind of shows how everything crosses on the stream/path/railway bridge. Every now and then I try to think to change or simplify the layout, but it always comes back to this in my head which is probably a good sign. Lots to do.
  15. Did I imagine it, or was part of the reason for the rising costs the amount of track that's in tunnels rather than on the surface? I know some of that is unavoidable but wasn't a lot of the tunneling to keep the nimby's and anti HS2 'you're spending too much and destroying the countryside' lot happy?
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