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  1. Looking at the picture you've posted above, I understand what you mean about fading to grey as the further away the mountain slopes are the more they are lost in the haze. Rather than it just being a gradual fade though, notice that the closer mountain slopes are more vivid in colour than those that appear behind them. In my view, it can be tough to get a back scene to appear seamless with good model scenery, I wonder if a good option here would be model trees at the top of your cliff (and some variation in height?) to hide the join to 'the wall', with almost a washed out Bob Ross
  2. That makes it look quiet different, and you're right it does make the grass strip look 'finished' too. Have you thought about suitably mountainous images for a back scene?
  3. I may not comment often, but I do enjoy your updates Ian. It's a very long time since I came to see the old Exford park (or even had a chance to catch up with you at a show!) The layout looks superb, it's watching videos like yours that keep me motivated to get WL running again, whenever work and domestic responsibilities give me a few minutes to tinker with it.
  4. Sorry, I missed your previous reply at the end of last month. I'd like a couple of BDt's at some point, do I take it from your reviews that despite the side inaccuracies, the one you've pictured above is a better effort because of the cab end details than the one I previously linked on shapeways? I know I'd definitely be after a green with red end example, but I think the doors at the corridor end wouldn't be correct for that.
  5. Tonight, I shall be mostly upsetting people with no sense of humour on my local Facebook group nice brush type 2.
  6. Looking at the pictures, I'm not 100% of your lift out arrangement, however if your lift out is the bit that is hinged on the wall then run some wires from your fixed track, onto the movable board where the hinge is, and then re-attach to your track on the hinged section. If you have a section that is completely removable (I.e, not hinged and comes out completely) then you will need 1 item to help with track alignment as shown by Sam Thomas, then some separate electrical connectors (plug and socket) that would need to be wired up and connected when the layout is in use, then unplu
  7. If you're after a proper cross-arm pantograph for an 86, Judith Edgd make/made an etch a few years ago. I'm assuming that's an old Lima pan that you've got there which is of continental origin, that design is close to being right for a woodhead 76 or 77, but very wrong for a UK AC electric.
  8. I was always under the impression that sulzer engined rats were an uncommon sight in darkest Norfolk and east Anglia in general. I follow a few photo groups on Facebook and can't recall ever seeing pics of them on the GEML. (Cue photo proving me wrong)
  9. For the HS3 proposal, while it could be a waste of money to build an alignment for anything faster than 125mph or 140mph; would it instead be beneficial to build it to the same loading gauge as HS2? 'Captive' HS2 trains could use it even if they can't get up to their maximum speed which would reduce fleet variations, and the larger loading gauge would make double deck trains an option to further provide more seats. As a comparison, I've travelled through the hills and tunnels from Bern to Zurich (not sure on distances, but I think it's further than Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, New
  10. Has anyone here attempted one of these? https://www.shapeways.com/product/PEXWMDQGC/sbb-cff-ffs-bdt-scale-n
  11. The way things change when we're not looking. Going OT: Interestingly, I've just checked Google maps (as I can remember the 'satellite' picture showing the old formation when I last looked), the photo is the siding arrangement, but the map is still a loop.
  12. When did the point and single slip get removed from the up siding (when it was a loop)? Have they checked clearance in the down sidings too? (Can recall seeing pictures of those in use the last time the route was blocked during the building of the new swing bridge in the 80s)
  13. I think Hams Hall Has something similar with a scissor crossing so it should be fine.
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