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  1. I find as well, when you look at the prototype you don't notice the OLE as much, but on garden railways I've seen with it I find it very noticeable. In other news, I didn't get any trains running by the weekend! Taking apart the old pond proved more difficult and time consuming than expected.
  2. Cost and practicality. It would take a lot to do the whole garden, and wildlife/the dog would be very good at damaging it.
  3. Yeah there's some available... plys the big pile of rocks the other side of the tree... A 270 degree 'spiral' using LGB R3 curves and straights for the other 90 degree part on a 1 in 30 gradient will rise about 26cm. The height clearance for trains in the workshop is 26.5 cm and there's plenty of space to spare, so it would be rude not to have a spiral somewhere! Good job I don't plan on adding overhead wires
  4. Energetic sweaty morning, but I can run a track down the path now without it getting in the way to dig a hole! Cleared all the garden rubbish from the bottom of the garden as well, more potential LGB space away from interfering with the wife's line of site, might be space for a spiral back there...
  5. Hmmmm, simple block colours of light green, dark green, dark grey, and white to make up some mountains could work. The workshop cladding started off as several shades of light green but seems to have weathered/sun bleached to a uniform shade of light blue/grey which will work for sky if I paint it as a big back scene. Got to be careful how it all looks as the other side of the concrete path is the wife's quiet enjoy the sun informal part of the garden.
  6. In a surprising turn of events, I mentioned it to the wife and she said 'I'll see if I see a picture I like'. I'm almost as surprised as when I mentioned some of the other garden ideas that she agreed we should do...
  7. I did think about getting creative with the spray cans on it for some nice snow capped granite mountains... not sure if I'll get that past the wife though.
  8. Picked up a bargain on the local Facebook selling site yesterday... There is an overall plan for wife-approved garden alterations and I'm going to try to weave the railway through it as subtley as I can. Part of the plan involves a small pond at the end of a stream (at ground level) next to the workshop. A pre-formed pond came up for sale, turns out it's shaped and sized perfectly for where the stream needs to finish, and as a bonus the girder bridge can sit over it Just to get something running this week I'm going to run a line straight along the concrete garden path, but it does show that I can easily start weaving the tracks through 'scenery' as bits become ready. The 'plan' is still to have the tracks run around the lean-to rather than under it so the track could snake down the garden nicely. Domestic approved diagram below with railway added in orange (each light grey square is 6ft x 6ft), pond is labelled 'sump'. I'd best start digging a hole...
  9. In the real world, roofs were not always the same colour on stock depending on when it was last painted, washed, etc. However, I used 'roof dirt' for a lot of my resprays, can't remember if it was rail match or humbrol, and that was a nice generic dirty grey that matches most things quite well and there's no noticeable difference between my Hornby Anglia mk2s and the resprayed and vinyled mk3 buffet.
  10. In the long run it will probably make more sense to have tracks coming back into the garden beyond the workshop lean-to legs, but there's a very full compost bin in the way so for now some old bricks will be removed next to the workshop door let a track out.
  11. Dug me a trench! Got next week off work and aim to have something running by the end of it.
  12. Looking at your prototype inspiration for the bridge, it would seem the extra support doesn't have to be in the centre. I'm not sure if that's just because there's a convient bit of land there to build it on, or whether the fact the the OHL mast also lines up with the concrete support has anything to do with it. Nice simple bridge through, quick to build and keeps trains on view rather than hiding in frame girders like the bridge behind
  13. Looks long enough to justify needing a centre support, a lot of weight to hold with 2 or more trains at once on it. Great progress, big buildings really give a sense of scale!
  14. Vaguely related to the topic! An April 2001 Anglia 'short set' that I wasn't aware of: Linked from flickr, great weathering!
  15. I'd vote for having them as a self fitted option in a bag. The black livery would have lasted a lot longer than the handrail so I'm assuming providing it as an optional extra would reduce your manufacturing costs/tooling for different wagon versions.
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