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  1. None recently, been busy moving house, DIY, and now building my massive man-cave to house the layout formally known as Warren Lane. There are still more transfers I've made in the big envelope ready though.
  2. The op asked for lines which were never passenger, not a line with its passenger facilities removed, which is why I ignored it.
  3. Well that depends where you think the typo is in that word...
  4. When I'm not swamped with domestic chores and do get a chance to do proper modelling I have a couple of threads where I show how I've gone about creating things. Generally very well received, however I've only once been asked to write (part of) a magazine article and that was by the chap writing a main layout article rather than by the magazine itself. From memory (it's been a few years!) I think it was a brief overview on branding shipping containers as WL was running a lot of unique containers that were not available RTR, I did offer to write a full in depth guide on how to create customized transfers so anyone could give it a go, but they never followed me up on the offer.
  5. Do you mean HO? https://www.eurorailhobbies.com/product.asp?mn=4&ca=2&sc=HO&stock=R-64089 https://www.eurorailhobbies.com/product.asp?mn=4&ca=2&sc=HO&stock=R-73247
  6. Sounds like a perfect reason to do it to me. Rail freight red stripe or engineers Dutch would seem a logical choice too. Same reason I've got a Cotswolds Rail 58...
  7. A much more modern East Anglian example of a very short 'general' freight branch at Eccles Road. I believe it was originally built for loading grain (speedlink era?), more recent activities have seen it used for delivering stone, but the end location amongst big industrial warehouses could see it used for many things. Very simple compact layout too of just 2 sidings at the end, single line running through fields, and 2 sidings/loop at the junction with the breckland line (good thick backdrop of trees between the exchange loop and the mainline too!) so ideal for a micro layout as there's not much track to squeeze in. Whole self contained little freight branch there if you have an L shaped room, gradient up to the warehouses is fairly steep. Less obstructive view from the inside of the curve. It's not too clear on the image but the 2 sidings pass all the way through the longer part of the smaller building next to FedEx, across the hardstanding, and the buffer stops are on the grass just in front of the trees at the top left. Just the back end of those 2 sidings as they leave the building (scenic break) to the buffer stops in front of trees without any on scene point work could make a nice display model with contrasting scenic elements. Many more useful pics and info thanks to Beast here: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/100425-traffic-returns-to-eccles-road-norfolk/&tab=comments#comment-1930437
  8. Quick update while I'm here; ground clearance continues, still lots of soil to dig out for the base but the recent good weather has seen lots of progress. All the turf was relaid in the front garden so that ate into the time a little. There is a dead line of the start of August to have the workshop built, design is finalised and there's no urgent domestic DIY to slow me down at the moment. Would have been so much easier if the garden was flat!
  9. I think (I may be wrong) that would have been the version without 'intercity' written on and was labelled as an Anglia coach on the box. It was not as good as the version I was querying, window frames abnormally thick and needed a lot of filling down (I had one, repainted it into NSE livery)
  10. Fully agree with all that but at the same time I do wonder how many articles are actually submitted from modellers these days demonstrating how they built their 1930s coloured light signals etc so the mags have more useful options than just showing you how to fit the dcc chip in your kit built chalet to run the disco lights or how they scratch built their own stock rather than just advising your blue or red box loco will improve after a period of running in but that's just a thought and not a dig at anyone or anything and you're right I think when I was younger and used to regularly get railway/continental modeller there was a lot more articles in them of unique modelling submitted by various readers. Who else is about to have melt-down at the lack of full stops in that sentence?
  11. That makes sense. The auto couplings are the bit that's surprised me too, given how much flexibility they seem to use on a daily basis it's a big change for them.
  12. Just a thought; how old are the ew iv coaches now? Their lines better match all the new albula stock (and the extra driving trailers) as well as all the panorama coaches, and I'd hazard a guess that as they are younger than the majority of the loose coaching stock they are in a better condition.... yeah that's a big assumption! So with the reduction of loco hauled sets as the new units appear could we see the older albula additional coaches all replaced with ew iv coaches?... I've been doing a count up too; the ge4/4iii from observations seem to be used for albula sets, Vereina tunnel car shuttles, and a couple of the 'pendlezug' runs from landquart, Davos, to Filisur. Ge4/4ii and allegra cover most of the rest of the core passenger services (they also appear on some freight), Capricorn would look to be replacing most of those services, but a single unit doesn't have the same capacity as the current chur - disentis/munster formations, but 2 joined together would be a big capacity increase. Also, the ge4/4ii are used for glacier Express portions along the albula that aren't added to the standard hourly service. The couple of ge4/4iii freed up from Davos by the Capricorn units could replace the GEX 4/4ii, but there's still other services that could need locomotives (see new 2nd class driving trailers on the Engadine)... plus the freight that 4/4ii sometimes double head, I don't think this is the end of them. Especially when you bear in mind that there's still a couple of 4/4i in use too, maybe they will finally get to retire?! Any mention of replacement coaches for the Bernina yet or can we still get our ew i fix there for a while yet?
  13. Reading that, and looking at the couplings, I suspect these may not be compatible with hauling extra coaches in peak periods. Combine that with the new driving trailers discussed elsewhere then this may not be the beginning of the end for loco push/pull sets yet.
  14. I'm Looing at it and wondering if the boiler could be a bit longer (looks potentially a touch short compared to fire box and smoke box size) and it then makes a very imposing 4-8-4 tank...
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