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  1. I do enjoy seeing older Swiss videos, brilliant! I feel for the fireman though as they climb the north ramp... One quick hopefully constructive comment; the engine that arrives with special train is an Ae 6/6 rather than an Re 6/6. An Ae on a passenger service would be a treat in itself these days, and I suspect it wasn't too common by the late 90s either.
  2. It's not a dog flap...... honest! I think that video was on her Instagram, or it may have been Facebook. I've had a recent change of job location which means WL isn't going to see any wiring anytime soon. I did bring a few boxes of modelling projects with me though so I can work on some wagons, containers, EMUs, etc in between shifts. That Fosters tanktainer will happen one day....
  3. It's not as permanent as it looks and still classes as a garden shed in this area (next door neighbour is a builder and laid the blocks for me, I checked). The frame work just sits on the walls and isn't screwed down, got a bit nervous first time the wind picked up but it didn't move anywhere. There is damp course under the slab and on top of the blocks though to help protect the wood. The addition of the blocks (and painting the outside of them in masonry paint) only happened after talking to a friend that was about to rebuild his shed; he'd found water running down the outside of his claddin
  4. Ref scale; before you mentioned the 67 being larger, I looked at your pic of the mk2 on the curve and thought it looked under scale compared to the track. Which is odd if you're spot on with the 1:450. Brilliant work though, hope you can resolve the discrepancy.
  5. Hijacking the thread for a sec, I've a railway related question for the crowd! Before I'm sent away from home to work for a couple of years, my daughter wants me to build a small layout for her to practice scenery making on. It's very 'train set' rather than 'model railway', and I've got to build the boards with back scenes and major structures (platforms+road bridges) then lay track. The question is; I've a choice of 2x track spacings in the terminus station (50mm centres or 70mm centres) and I don't know which to go for. Other than in ex-broadgauge areas, would extra
  6. Was there a prize for spotting the green signal on platform 4 and I've just missed out? so when are you going to interlock the signalling to the points then Clive? (SK looks good, I was almost tricked into thinking it had been painted in those last 2 pics )
  7. No, I'm not that old Did you get the message I sent you a couple of days ago ref little wagons bud?...
  8. Excellent work as ever. Sorry if I missed it elsewhere, but flask barriers from HEA wagons is something that's been on my list for a while. Other than removing the hopper and making it look 'flat', is there any other alterations required? Thanks
  9. A bit late on the reply, but look carefully and the 'buildings' it goes past in one of the scenes would be more likely found in Ann Summers than a model shop. (Blink and you'll miss it)
  10. Cheers Clive, some of it should get painted today too... and not by me for a change! It has what every relaxing garden area needs; a bar top! I really must level those slabs...... That pic helps show how carp the old fence was though!
  11. Kind of... There's various domestic garden bits and pieces to do before I can focus tol much on the railway. Between weather events the last couple of weeks I've had to build 2x garden arches, a gazebo ready for climbing plants, trellis splitting the garden into 2, and today we finished off dropping in 20 new garden fence panels. Bits of all this do revolve around future garden railway laying; picture below of all the new fence panels in (so no risk of rotten timber falling on the track along that side), but you'll notice the bit of trellis between the fence line and th
  12. Photobucket? There were some brilliant detail pictures of Norwich Thorpe Station and riverside yard from the 80s there too.
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