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  1. Back to vans with postal containers; I've found the formation and screen shot the video (all credit to REOS) and they look to be a green version of the vans that Fruitigen has pictured. Seen 2x videos from different locations with this type of formation in over the Easter weekend, good to know I didn't imagine it
  2. If communist Russia does something, then capitalist America has to retaliate!
  3. Just curious; how close do long vehicles like that carriage get to the threaded rods on the inside of the curves? Looking good
  4. Hmmmmmm D-type... We have very different fetishes I do enjoy seeing trains run too though! Not caught up with the thread in a while, looks good and very inspiring still. I'll have to watch the video later and feel guilty for not making more progress on my layout
  5. I've only once received a knock on the door from the JWs; living in a work-provided house on the outskirts of a certain fine Eastern region city back when i was single, the door bell rang mid/late morning disturbing me from my bed. I stumbled down the stairs with a hangover i'm fairly sure my ancestors could feel, and opened the door with the fumes of the previous night/mornings rum surrounding me. They didn't say much, just passed me a pamphlet and said 'we've got something you might like to read' and then quickly wandered on. I can only assume they realised stopping for a chat would have bee
  6. Might be a bit late with this, but is there not a way to include both?
  7. Interesting read. I've fancied a 4 track Harwich style train ferry model for quite a while as a friend to go with the container vessel i bodged together a few years ago, so it's interesting to see some of the drawings you've added on here. My envisioned method of operation was always: unload wagons (A) from ferry, load wagons (B) onto ferry, ignore ferry for an extended period of time until train(s) of unloaded ferry wagons (A) have returned to the harbour from their trip around the (imaginary) layout, then unload wagons (B) from ferry, load wagons (A) onto ferry, etc, etc. I think
  8. One of my many scriblings involved pairing a single class 43 with 4x mk3s, the end one having a 442 cab as push/pull units. 2 sets could then join blunt end to blunt to form a longer set for busier times, or even have suitable additional Mk3s inserted between 2 blunt ends that might be useful on some services, like a buffet. Edit: found it hiding way back on page 111, might need to zoom in on the picture!
  9. A 'backward' Fairford arrangement was what i thought of when i saw the plan, and the reason for Fairford being the way it was could apply here too. For the OP; Fairford had a single track station with the run round loop just beyond it. If i remember rightly, it was like this because Fairford wasn't planned to be the terminus of the line and should have been a through station, but the tracks never went further. Looking at what track you have already laid out, could you replace the curved track at the entrance of your yard with another point to create a short headshunt?
  10. Another similar version that might be useful is 'Eccles Road' in Norfolk that shows how 'modern' freight sidings could be worked. There is a loco release and run-round, and shunting into the adjacent station is required for entrance/exit of the site. Only 2 sidings/a loop off the mainline, but it does feed an extra couple of sidings for the actual loading/unloading, or the design could be adapted with extra tracks. Lots of pictures in this thread:
  11. Very valid point! In an ideal world when I build in Swiss N it'd be on the Swiss-Dutch border, but that's pushing rule 1 too far for me!
  12. You must have completely cornered the market on Anglia mk2s by now, can't be many more left out there I might have missed it, but do you plan on doing some 8 window 2nd class resprays to make your rakes accurate?
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