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  1. Used no more nails type adhesive for laminated foamboard boards with success, check out Milton Quay, great material in the right circumstances
  2. lash

    Melville Street

    First baseboard straightened out and built . Went together so well great design. Left for the glue to harden for now but couldn’t resist a bit of a hint of things to come with the signal box I fettled last week.
  3. I’m in, brilliant we’ll done Andy and you all. That class 33 looks rather nice
  4. Ok touching up done and I’m leaving it now . Close ups with digital cameras as cruel as ever but from a regular layout viewing distance it looks great . When I can lay my hands on suitable materials the box needs handrails for the stairs and glazing. Might possibly go for some very light sooty weathering but this a modern box and won’t have been subject to a century of grime. its been a fun week with this and if I can anyone can. Keep safe and happy modelling .
  5. lash

    Melville Street

    Been working on the signal box this week and that’s nearly done so far as I can go on lockdown , see the thread in the Get Britain Modelling section , do back to the layout today. Baseboards will be the Scale Model Scenery products and I bought a couple back in the heady days of early March. They for the lightweight robust transportable and easily stored require and seem well conceived and good value. The foamboard baseboards used for Milton Quay were great for that layout and do try them for a small layout but I wanted to try a more robust proprietary product. Unfortunately I didn’t store some of the components flat after unwrapping them and there has been a bit or warping . My fault entirely. So using a high tech laser guided precision tooled dewarping tool to sort the problem.
  6. Bit of tidying and touching up last night and then couldn’t leave it and did a bit more when last coat wasn’t dry. Didn’t quite ######### the whole thing but I’ll wait a while now and do some rubbing down with those brilliant little modellers sanding sticks. No pic today of lack of progress but here’s a screen shot of a similar box from eBay as a bit of before and after.
  7. Final coats of paint and a lot of tidying round the edges to be done . I’m letting it all dry out until tomorrow. closeups are very cruel but work to be done
  8. Brickwork done with rubbing red brown and a blue coloured pencils over the concrete base coat with a bit of judicious rubbing and smudging . Quite pleased with progress . Think I’ll leave things there . Paint is acrylic but I’d still like to leave it a while before next coats.
  9. A few base coats on . Concrete for the brick work wiped off so mainly stays in the mortar joints , a nondescript grey for the roof and cream for wood cladding . A lot more to do but drying and hardening for the moment. Brickwork is next
  10. I acquired this old Hornby box about 18 months ago at the Isle of Wight show for a couple of quid . I liked the post war look ( LMS/ early BR?) and it’s toylike low profile which would suit a crowded narrow baseboard well and could be easily disguised . I dismantled it washed and primed it and the mouldings look pretty good so this week I’ll have a go at making it presentable and finding an excuse for a Southern Region paint scheme.
  11. OK so this is Melville Street my next layout after Milton Quay . MQ still has minor finishing work to be done but is currently packed up and about 200 miles away. I think its a great little layout and I have learnt so much from it and Melville Street is aimed at being another opportunity to progress my modelling skills and help me sort out a few priorities . MQ will be finished and played with when I get hold of it again. These were my objectives for MQ: Lightweight and transportable No more than six foot in total and individual boards no more than four feet long Quickish to build ( six months ) Simple structures and landscape and not too much of it Simple electrics Southern around 1960 An opportunity to run passenger, parcels and goods For Melville Street this what I have in mind : Lightweight ,robust ,transportable and easily stored Using commercially made boards and compact but not quite micro Quickish to build ( I wouldn’t be so naive as to put a period on it now) Urban structures and buildings preferably with some height Effective DC electrics to give operating interest Southern early 60s to early 70s Third rail electric short EMUs and parcels with opportunity for goods and shunting in a second phase. Planning has started and I'll be back soon
  12. lash

    Milton Quay

    Milton Quay is in store for the duration so final bits and bobs will have to wait. I've decided to put a hold on the Portsea Town revamp for the moment. It will be part of a gig railway room tail chaser one day but not yet. My next project will be Melville Street, a very grubby urban third rail terminus probably something like Iain Futers Haymarket in a cutting with late green and early blue emus in mind. Like MQ it will be micro-ish but probably slightly on the large side so I’ll start the thread in layout topics. Keep your distance and keep well modelling chums everywhere.
  13. Lovely idea and go for it ,perfect size to start and maybe even finish a layout . Not sure about the kick back siding, will you be able to shunt any wagons into it if this is a terminus
  14. It’s just as well Adrian isn’t evil because we’d have a true evil genius in our midst. I doff my hat, am lost in admiration and will wear my superhero pants over my tights, this is just superb modelling.
  15. Really nicely done . Great example of not giving up and using work you’ve already partly completed . We’ve all probably got enough stuff stashed for at least one layout .So let’s stop stashing and start building and running .
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