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  1. Um gilding the lily .... hate predictive text.
  2. Ballast looks good to me so avoid guiding the lily. Like the look of this a lot so keep it up. All the best with your mojo. Think I’ve found mine this week.
  3. No post for two months reflecting the arrival of our boat ( a very pretty Cornish Shrimper 22 we bought last October but lockdown preventing her arrival) but mainly a loss of modelling mojo probably not helped by lockdown fatigue! However things are better this week and I have picked up some projects, cable hangers and cables on the arches heading for the fiddle yard and a colour light starter signal. Cable hangers are from Scale Model Scenery and very fiddly. They make some with cables attached but I wanted the rather unstructured look with 1mm wire. I’m quite pleased
  4. Modelling has taken third place to work and selling our boat over the last three weeks. Work is still demanding on time and effort but the boat is gone, good news as it’s replacement arrives in a couple of weeks. However I have found time to work on the exit end of the layout and it’s retaining arches and over bridge. I do like mock ups as they help me develop the look and feel I am after, so here is my latest with a bit of greenery for a change, my 2hil. A bit of a bargain and worth looking for as an economical emu for this sort of layout. I'm pleased but the mock up has
  5. Mock up of station. I want to add a lift from the station building to the platform, a wall adjacent to the station building with a bike rack behind, signage and odds and ends. I will work on these but am moving to the fiddle yard exit now.
  6. Adam I think I know the one. from memory Guildford was still cream and green when it was rebuilt in the 80s. thanks for the comment and encouragement
  7. Happier with this look. on reflection I wouldn’t use a wash and just stick to the powders as more controllable.
  8. On reflection and checking out some photos last night the look is closer to dereliction rather than soot and grot of ages but in use so I’m toning things down .... or up depending on how you look at it. The great thing about weathering powder is a bit of water with detergent and gentle persuasion and it’s off. More pics to come.
  9. Lovely urban modelling great inspiration. Oh a child congratulations to all involved. Just remember the first 25 years are the worst, and after that you should have a bit of time and spare cash for modelling.
  10. Last for today the canopy with the same treatment.
  11. And now with the platform shelter. All done with a wash of matt and weathered black acrylic and then Humbrol soot weathering powder applied dry with a brush. When I’m happy with the result I’ll finish with matt acrylic varnish spray from a can. I think the contrast with some clean enamel platform signage will be rather striking.
  12. So getting on with the work first action was weathering the station station. I was very pleased with the paint job on the stairs but just too chocolate box and preserved line for my purposes so now we have the last days of the old Guildford look. Check out the David Heys site for the inspiration.
  13. David Hey website is back up so thank you so much to his family for keeping this going. Its been a fallow couple of weeks for modelling a mixture of work stepping up a gear, cold ( very cold even in the Isle of Wight we may be south but Bembridge is on the eastern most point and with a north easterly the wind chill is quite something) and a bout of tendinitis slowing me down. I don’t usually set my self targets but this thread started on 16 April last year and so I am aiming to get the layout scenically and operationally “complete” in a year. Should be achievable main
  14. The David Hey archive seems to have expired. Looks like this happened a couple of years ago too after David died. It is a wonderful and inspirational site that is my main source of inspiration for the sootier grubier side of the Southern Region. Hope it can be saved.
  15. It seems to have expired again. it is a wonderful site hope we can save/access it
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