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  1. Great location for a model and some lovely innovative modelling.
  2. Many thanks Chris most encouraging. Hope all ok in Leek and sunny Staffordshire. Wiring is all done with switches for sections and points installed in the front edge of the baseboards as this layout will be operated from the front. Hoping to test everything and trial running at the weekend, so no doubt frustration and dreadful language will follow in short order. Once that is done there’s more track stuff to do like the third rail and buffers. I’m planning to install dummy point motors. I’ll be using the old Hornby standard BR box from the Get B
  3. Plenty done in the last couple of weeks and I’m taking a ground up and ground down approach. Track is laid on .5mm foam board and is a mixture of new and second hand Peco points and Bachmann track, all code 100 and acquired during lockdown one. I wasn’t going to pay the silly prices being asked for Peco plain track on line,so it’s not perfect but neither am I so that’s fine by me. Third rail will follow. Wiring (DC) and point motors are work in progress and has got to the oh bloody hell not again stage. I’m testing as I go along so hopefully no massive problems and it’s
  4. And here is the Terrier. Just gorgeous and how could I resist. Come on Hattons get those Southern 4 wheel coaches out and I can run a stunning replica of our local branch service, albeit on an urban 1970s layout. “
  5. Been working on Wills platform canopies to go over the shelter and I quite like the look, albeit somewhat missing in the support department for the moment. The start of lockdown 2 seems to have shaken up my modelling mojo so hopefully Melville Street will be running before too long. Supplies of flux on the way to get wiring going. Point motors and switches have already arrived and general odds and ends ( plus an off piste Hornby Terrier I couldn’t resist given the name) purchased at Upstairs Downstairs in Sandown.
  6. I have admired the Wills platform shelter kit for ages and the island platform at Melville Street will be perfect for the very Southern building. As ever close up digital photos are very cruel on detail !
  7. Been working intermittently on Melville Street and have got to track laying. All the SMS boards are done with 5mm foamboard as a track base. Checking clearances with some early 70s stock.
  8. Love this, I feel the cold through to my bones. Terrific modelling.
  9. Very nice indeed. I’m using SMS boards on my not quite micro Melville Street ,great product good price and make life very easy.
  10. Love this brilliant little layout full of inspiration
  11. Oops well the world is upside down at the moment.
  12. Progress with Lcut brick arches coming together nicely. I’m mocking up and chopping and changing the layout plan using odd bits of track and Peco point templates . There will be a few compromises but I like the look of it and will post more pics soon.
  13. Work on the stairs from the Knightwing kit which I’m pleased with as a pretty neat start . They really are a bit chocolate box branch line at the moment but will end up heavily weathered with the rest of the station buildings.
  14. Adam thanks for the comments so pleased you like MQ, its still a 200 miles away but hopefully as lock-down eases I will be able to get access to it and play trains while I build Melville Street Portsea Town will re-appear one day as a through station . I think longer EMUs will look good snakeing their way through the trackwork,but that's for the future. Melville Street will have a collection of mainly kitbashed and recycled buildings and i must admit I enjoy doing these more than the rolling stock kits I have been keeping myself busy with in recent weeks. So as whateve
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