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  1. RMC for November arrived today. On the cover and featured inside, our very own Ray O'Neill with his 59th & Rust. Well done, sir.
  2. As some of you may know already, Richard Maxwell, renowned for his sales stand of quality brass locomotives and cars at NMRA Conventions and shows passed away suddenly at home in March. He had on hand a very large collection of brass locomotives etc on sale or return/commission for third party owners which all need to be returned in order to settle his estate. I am one of a small number of Richard's friends helping the family during difficult times. If anyone here believes Richard held brass models to sell for them could they please contact me with full details of importer, manufacturer, rai
  3. Geoff, As an operator on the American FreeMo layout I would like to offer some insight from our perspective. Firstly your comment about the two feet was taken totally out of context - we simply had difficulty squeezing in the final leg of the branch line which could not be delivered until 8.00 am Saturday. The person who made the comment was the said module owner. We planned ahead by siting the entire layout hard against the barrier line at the other end. Secondly operators. Two were unfortunately unable to attend at the last minute due to illness. We had no reserves - perhaps w
  4. We need to clarify the position about the opening hours of the NMRA British Region 2016 Convention at the Best Western Plus Manor Hotel, Meriden on Friday 28 October through 30 October 2016 due to unexplained errors in the details as published by two monthly model railway magazines. This event is organised primarily for NMRA members and their guests. It is open to the general public only on Saturday 29 October from 10.30am until 4.00pm when the event closes for the day. It is not open on Friday 10.00am until 4.00pm but rather it will be open only for members and guests registered at th
  5. The short answer is yes, probably, but not SR(BR) green. Push-pull set number 3 was comprised S2609, a 7-compartment lavatory brake third, and is shown at plate 127 of The Illustrated History of Southern Coaches by Mike King (OPC) in malachite green in 1951 at Bournemouth Central. Your memory was probably spot on!
  6. I have found a colour photo of S2626S (Hornby R4718 in SR Olive) and S4654S (an 8-compartment lavatory composite - not currently manufactured) as a two set arrangement at Evercreech Junction in what is unmistakably BR green in 1959 in Southern Coaches in colour by Mike Welch, published by Noodle Books (first page). The caption to the photo suggests they were loose coaches allotted to S&D traffic at Templecombe. Both withdrawn July 1959.
  7. If I am not mistaken, Hornby have delivered this new item bang on time for the BR version and one month early for the SR version. If so, very well done indeed in these hard times.
  8. I think you will find it was the other way around. I visited Eastleigh shed and works in Decembetr 1963 and 34055 was in the works yard and parts of 34043 were noted out the back where the cutting was done, at the end of that road alongside the works where a few others were waiting their turn, including 34035 and 34074. 34055 was used for static boiler testing or something like that, with 34043's smokebox door in place.
  9. Andy, I think it is only a matter of time before British modellers realise what a modular approach can bring them. The British scene seems to offer so many possibilities as we have self-contained routes of great popularity like the Somerset & Doreset, the Waverley route, the Settle & Carlisle, West Highland line, Great Central, all not yet exploited in this format. At the other extreme there is a guy building Birmingham New Street complete with scale overhead wires and masts! Let us sit back and be amazed over the next ten years or so to see what comes out.
  10. BLMA just sent me a flyer for a new N scale 60' GSC flat car in ATSF, BN, IC, PRR, SSW and Wabash at $22.95 due early 2015
  11. It could be an SD40-2 they are moving up to Genesis standard - not sure if there is a give away in the facebook header but the photo of NS #3215 says it has SKU#ATHG98265 but is then listred as an RTR SD40-2 if you do a search; price is also RTR level. Was the G put in to confuse ius?
  12. That is right on the money Martyn. I have spent quite a bit of time researching the entire GP40 class fleet of the SP and this delivery of re-manufactured units by MK were based on GP40 car bodies. The obvious spotting point is that the Athearn body as a GP40-2 had a sight glass on the long hood so it was wrong when done for 7110 for example. The other thing to watch for is the style of dynamic brake housing. For example compare #7104 (click here: http://espee.railfan.net/nonindex/gp40m-2_photos/7104_sp-gp40m-2-Nils_Gustavson.jpg ) with #7105 (click here http://espee.railfan.net/nonindex/g
  13. All I can add is that what a brilliant weekend it was from start to finish. Great inspiration all around us in that hall. Fabulous work by all module contributors. I can only now echo Martin's thanks - and to him too. On the way home Silverstone was not the problem on the M40 - it was the two lane bottle neck at High Wycombe/A404 exit - all the way back to Oxford!!! Then a bottle neck on the M25 caused by "Obstruction in Roadway". I smiled when I came past it - one for you Ian and Mike - a broken down caravan being put onto a low-loader. Now where did they get that idea??? Now nex
  14. This is a good suggestion. I understand that Bill will provide subscriptions to Model Railroader and Railroad Model Craftsman. Diesel Era is a possibility.
  15. The fault has now been reported to our web team - it is unfortunately a recurring problem.
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