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  1. I would put this in the modelling questions and help, And also tell us the scale you need.
  2. Thanks Jazz, It is being built to works drawings, Most of the tender wood has been made twice. I did like your 7mm version the LION is a good looker i think.
  3. It has been a while, I have made quite a few components for the Locomotive, Nothing assembled yet, I have done some more to the tender most of the wooden frame work is done now, I have done the wheels and axle boxs, The wheel spoke are quite a bit oversize i may have to machine these down to look better.
  4. My Loco is LION, An early loco, Doing it to scale, And everything is very close, I have all the works drawings, for the loco and tender so that is scale, But no info at all on the wheel width, I am hoping it is nearer 4 inch width, That would be better, Early locos may have had smaller width wheels, Just do not know .
  5. Thankyou, I have been looking for ages.
  6. Hi All, Can anyone tell me a u,k locomotive wheel width please, I have looked online for an age, I can get the profile and tyre thickness etc, But not anything on the width, I am building a scale locomotive in 3 1/2 inch gauge, 3 1/2 inch gauge works out scale for 4ft 8inch , So i am ok for the in between width, But my model wheels will foul on the outside ,If i make them to model standards, I need to know what full size wheels are min and max so i can work out my wheels. Thanks Garry
  7. Looks just like the Malverns, Really nice.
  8. 2 tank fillers Baz, This is a chopper tank loco, Built and photo taken from PETESWORKSHOP.
  9. I have the books, I do not think the spacing will be in them, Not many drawings exist , I would work out the spacing from the picture, As long as they look close enough , no one will know. As long as your Happy and it looks right.
  10. http://www.gwr.org.uk/no-prairies.html Some good photos on here , shew the fire irons on top of the tanks.
  11. I am pretty sure the pipe run in the bunker was just a breather from the water tank, The fire irons were stored on top of the side tanks, Not sure about the lamps.
  12. Yep. Liking that, much better than the gloss.
  13. It is your locomotive, But i always think the Locos that i see at exhibitions that are painted in Gloss, Look wrong in my opinion. So i think you are right to tone it down a bit. 70 % sounds a good idea to me.
  14. Some more done to LION, Lots of tiny brackets have been made to bolt the tender together, and these have taken an age to make, also the loco cab steps are finished.
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