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  1. A little of topic, But Tony Can you please tell me the size of your shed, Railway room please, Thankyou . Garry
  2. I have only seen it on YOU TUBE, I watched it for age's really nice. I can not wait to see it in the flesh.
  3. did you like i work at Smiths industries/GE ? Bishops Cleeve

  4. That is the easy part, I used to make and repair plastic mould tools, The rivets are an easy fix, These will be little holes on the tool, They will fill those, The body curve is a new tool , That aint gonna happen,I Know that curve has been pointed out on here, Every picture I look at of the full size loco has it and is very prominent, So it is a big mistake. I model the steam era, so I imagine that if it is not corrected the modern image guys will be up in arm's.
  5. There is no way that those body details will be corrected in my opinion , to do those will need a completely new mould tool for the body. I would like a really good class 45 myself, And would wish them well with it, But those mistakes mentioned will be too expensive to do at this stage.
  6. They are on the full size loco, Square headed coach bolt's, I think these were quite common at the time as were used on wagon and coach's ( the horse type ) These are the way the wooden beam was held to the metal brackets behind it, The loco has hundreds of these square headed bolt's all over it.
  7. Finished the rear drag beam today
  8. I have been making square headed bolts today, Lion has a lot of these, .090 A /f.
  9. Managed to snap this traction engine today just as a loco Appeared.
  10. The full size had the wedge adjustment, It was adjustable from the bottom as the top of the rods were close to the bottom of the boiler barrel,Mine will be dummy.
  11. This is my latest build, Getting on a bit now so building a small loco but making it as accurately as I can to the full size loco.
  12. Yes, I think there will be , I think everyone will want one or a steam test, Assuming we can see the track.
  13. Ahh,But can spend more tome at the W B, if ya do not do any diy, Im loving every minute of this lockdown.
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