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  1. About time John, I have missed your post, I look forward to seeing you work, First class stuff. Garry
  2. Ian, May i also say the adverts on here are very annoying to ma also, I too post on western thunder, i am thinking of leaving this site because of the adds,
  3. The loco is a N class ( S R ) In late B R livery, The chimney is a short fat one, I followed the above methods and drilled it a step at a time , And i must say it was not a bad job in the end, All went o.k. I got the kit as a winter project , so i can stay in the house rather than my cold workshop, And the kit is almost finished, ( quite enjoying it ). So i may have to get another kit, for the winter months. Thankyou all for the advice.
  4. Another Question please, On this 4mm scale loco kit i am building the chimney is white metal, It looks naff as it has no hole, It is solid white metal, I will have no chance drilling it through as it is, So i have glued it to the smokebox with Araldite, I am hoping to drill it through this way. Can i ask what do others do, I am thinking that this may be more difficult than i want it to be. Thankyou Garry
  5. DT it is a tender loco, 2-6-0 class N. Alan gibson wheels.
  6. Hi all , I am building a 4mm kit in E m gauge, My first in this scale, So what is best plunger or wiper pickups, I have used plunger on O gauge builds, But i am not sure what is best in the smaller scales. Thankyou
  7. Thankyou, Everyone, Going by all the above it is High level then. Much Appreciated. Thankyou.
  8. Thankyou for that i will check it out now, I have seen the high level products, They do look good.
  9. Hi All, I am building a oo gauge locomotive kit, I have built in O gauge before but this is my first in E M gauge, Can anyone tell me who supplies Motors and gear boxs in these smaller scales ,oo and e,m. I Have looked online but can only find a couple, Also can anyone tell me what gear ratio i am looking for for a steam tender loco, ( mixed traffic ) or do the suppliers list this info. Thankyou in advance. Garry
  10. Hi, I have all the wheels as cast and all finished machined, But it has come to a stop at the moment, Because the spoke thickness are well over size, Also the spoke number are wrong, As you may know the real Lion has a different number of spokes on the drivers, The tender wheels also are wrong with the spoke quantity,, These wheels do not match the build so far so i am at a sticking point, I either live with them and use them, Or i get some new ones cast. Garry
  11. Thankyou all for the info much Appreciated, Compound2632, it will be a L H drive as the only ejector i could get ( i think that is the bit on the s /box side ) is a L H , so that picture you put up may be the loco i do, Garry
  12. Hi all, I am ready to paint and letter a Gauge one midland compound in post midland LMS red. this is mainly because the wheel diameter is the smaller , the same as LMS loco. I am asking as i have no idea about LMS liverys, and i am limited to what i can get in transfers in this scale, So can i ask are the numbers and letters in the period 1920s to late 30s in gold or the yellow, As this seems to be the colour whilst searching the web, sorry to be a pain but i have spent an age online but i am getting no where. Thanyou Garry
  13. Yes Agree with the above, Health is far more important, Look after your self, I did wonder why you were going Gauge 1,, You will be hooked on that gauge, You get the same engineering fix, but get a build done quick, and no heavy lifting. all the best.
  14. Mate, I would put this in kitbuilding and scratchbuilding, in the skills and knowledge section . will get more views than the model engineering section.
  15. Thankyou for that, I have noted the books, I will be doing it as a L M S loco, as these are the wheel s that i have, now i know what the part is called i shall have a look at the casting suppliers, I was hoping that other L m S locos had this part, That means that i may be able to get it, Thankyou
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