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  1. Hornby are going to go into the virtual reality world ,Simon has mentioned this in the past, That is what I am thinking.
  2. Agree ,And, the forklift forks a bit shinier on the ends, and the gas bottle red, Then would look perfect, Pretty good now thou.
  3. Nice workmanship, I can see no reason why you can not fit it permanently now, You may find something a little later, But you will work around it then, I had a similar problem, My (linda) cylinders are bolted to the frame and the cast smokebox, So I had to fit them properly to set all the motion, There is no way I am stripping them again as it was a real pain fitting them, And some issues that arose later, I had to find a way around with out stripping, So I really think seeing what you have done so far YES your be fine fitting the middle cylinders. Bet it is getting heavy now.
  4. Agree, It is a lovely beast, I model gwr 1930s Cheltenham Malvern road, No chance it ever came near here, BUT I GOTTA HAVE ONE.
  5. Thankyou ikcdab, I am getting there slowly, this is the wall today, As you can see it still has white wash on the wall, Lower part this was the locker room, from this point the wall went up vertical, and the roof had a overhang over the wall, I found all this out after I had built my box, So my free standing one is wrong, I do not think it was the original wall, as this was once broad gauge , and was all changed when the honeybourne line was put in alongside, But really hard to get any pictures or info from this location this early, This wall was covered in ivy when I built my box, and a week later ,when I had finished it the ivy was taken down, I was really happy to see this evidence, But too late.
  6. Hi Nick, It will be for a garden railway in 16mm scale, I build in 5 inch gauge at the moment but just thinking ahead as this scale is getting hard work, I have not put all the information above, sorry, So yes gauge 1 size is just the job, I will try and track that mag, as I said any info will help me along the way.
  7. so Hi , I an thinking of building a garden railway later on, I build in 5 inch gauge at the moment, but it is getting heavier, Any way as wife likes gardening the railway has to blend in with it, And not sat on the ground as my back is not good, so a Viaduct it is, But I have no idea where to start, So can anyone point me in the right direction to a book or any info at all on how to build one, Or even some really good photos may be of help. Thanks Garry
  8. Thanks, The problem is thou, I only have made half of what I need, The near side embankment has a row as well, Never seen so many telegraph poles in one place,
  9. Thanks Mikkel, I am having a break from point rodding as I need a lot more, and it is not fun, I have been building telegraph poles ,These are also very time consuming ,so not got a lot to show.
  10. Manufactured, Now that sounds easy, They look nice and big in the picture, But they are Tiny, Nice work, Way too small for me, I would have lost them a couple of times as well.
  11. Did Gresley cars have the wording Cafeteria on them.
  12. great Thanks, I can have that on my layout sometime in the future
  13. Is That a rare coach or common on the southern , as I can not find any info on it online, Thankyou
  14. Can anyone tell me what coach this is, the photo was taken at Malvern rd Chelt, It was on a facebook page, I ask because I have never seen a coach with the wording CAFETERIA on the side, any info welcome Thankyou
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