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  1. Brilliant and I’m going to really enjoy the development of Kyle 7mm (love that title - it’s the sort of minimal moniker that suits your architectural approach). As I commented before, this is an interesting idea to enable comparison between the 7mm and 2FS versions - a serious study into a hobby that is generally written off by those not involved as a big kids pastime. If they only knew what work went into our creations - the planning, the frustration, the joy and the craftsmanship employed. For me, and I’m sure that some will think I’m being a bit too over the top and fanciful, it’s an ar
  2. Brilliantly entertaining and useful information all at the same time. The colour of that dung is so realistic that it instantly brings the smell to mind (now that’s proper modeling for you). Happy Christmas.
  3. Magical scene. I genuinely thought it was the real thing. Beautiful, breathtaking piece of work. Mike.
  4. Wow. Brilliant work 5&9 - you and Mikkel seem to be in a class of your own regarding the observation of and modeling the Victorian world. It’s just pure Dickens come to life with that man in the snow along the bridge. Breathtaking stuff. Mike.
  5. Fantastic as usual. The Load just looks so realistic!
  6. Wow, what a great shot! Nothing ever stays the same forever. I’ve been away for 16 years now and the area has changed so much in that time. Nice to see the railway hasn’t though. Thanks for the link too - I’ve had a quick look and the layout looks fantastic. Loved the attention to detail especially with the bridge, arch and walls. Brilliant job.
  7. Cheers Phil, I was looking at Google Earth today and noticed that the car lot is now a car park. I think they were called Selly Oak Motors and the still operate out of the area - a little further up from Heeley Road on the other side. They had this ruddy great dog they’d let out at night. He frightened the crap out of me when I first saw him, but he turned out to be a big softy with me in the end. They’d let me park up the cars that had been out on demo runs during the day - that was a real treat! The dog would growl if anyone came near the fence and saved me an awful lot of f
  8. Another superb issue guys. Best one on the shelfs this month by far. Really enjoyed Andy's take on a Kings Cross throat and also Phil's look at Bridge Building. Always wanted to have a go at that particular view of a railway line and remember many a time going up that side road whilst going to work up the Bristol Road by bike. When the building trade went tits up during the early nineties I could only find work as a security guard for a while. I used to do the weekend shift on a car sales site the other side of the bridge on the left hand side. I can't remember what it was called, but
  9. Brilliant! What a treat for a rainy afternoon over here. Your figure painting and posing is second to none. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Beautiful, seamless piece of work. Love those shots under the bridge. A master class in how to extend beyond the scenic break - a personal bug bear of mine. Really is a well worth exercise doing this to enhance what is an already beautiful layout. Mike.
  11. Cheers, Mikkel I went back over your blog and caught up a bit and looked at how you made that brilliant cobbled surface (giving me ideas again!). You must have been a bit fraught when you had to downsize the boards for your house move! I recoiled in horror when stumbling across the picture of the saw half way through Farthing. However, it seems to have turned out well - a bit like watching a magician sawing someone in half, no real damage just a clever trick! I shall read the stuff about the cutter with interest - thanks again for the info. Mike.
  12. Beautiful little piece of workmanship. I had no idea about Silhouette cutters, are they easy to operate and how much are they etc? Whatever it is, it’s done a brilliant job on those windows and tiles. The prototype pictures are wonderful, but that image of yours of the two wagons beyond the weight bridge is just so enticing of what is yet to come. Lastly, how have you created those brilliant cobbles for the yard? Meticulously executed as per usual. Mike.
  13. Another great issue. Although an old fuddy duddy when it comes to reading from a computer screen I’m really starting to enjoy the digital version (although still an ardent fan of print!). Loved seeing the Kingstorre article again - a superb masterpiece of a layout. Another fantastic offering overall guys and also, oddly, loved the long Modelu advert at the back - the diorama pictures showing their products were simply stunning.
  14. My copy of MRJ arrived yesterday and I have had several enjoyable hours poring over the pictures and article. This is a fantastic layout and I have watched its development with great interest over the past 12 years (only the time I’ve been into railway modeling myself). No small wonder it has taken since 1983 to get it to where it is now. I love to see a book commissioned on CF, one that details its construction from start to current state. Try as I might, I can’t see the baseboard joints and I love to know how it all goes together. It must have taken a lot of precise planning from the st
  15. Pete, just seen a beautiful picture of Kyle in Model Rail August issue. Still can’t believe it’s 2FS. You can see the reflections of the pier stanchions and what looks like clouds in the water effect! Always be one of my favorite layouts. Really loved the way you seamlessly integrated the magnificent backdrop into the layout - a real work of art. Mike.
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