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  1. Iain, I have setting 06 at one end, 07 at the other. Works fine. Simple when you know how, but this is the first unit where I have had to install 2 decoders, hence why I've never had to go in to this setting. Just a quick question whilst we're on this subject, the two headlights both come on simultaneously. I have another Railtrack 156 that was fitted with sound from purchase where both headlights plus the small rectangular light on the non drivers side work. I can't make my mind up whether this is incorrect, or whether this was adapted when the actual units were refurbished When
  2. Ok guys, this is what’s happened today. I called Gaugemaster this morning, and a very nice chap told me to leave the chip set on CV29 to 006 alone, and alter the other chip, which had a CV29 value to 021 also to 006. I was wary of this due to what you guys have said above, but he said this would clear the issue. We all know that this wasn’t the case, therefore back to square one ! I called them again, and they were less than helpful , I think this was due to the fact I was asking about Bachmann chips and not their own, but they did tell me to change one to a CV29 number 005. Othe
  3. Thanks for the info guys. Sorry, I should have stated that the decoders have been previously used in other loco's. These are spares now hence why I've used them This will also explain why they have two different values allocated within CV 29 I'm assuming I will be calling Gaugemaster today to ask their advice on changing one of these decoders as for some reason the handset won't allow me to do so. I have no doubt, it's something daft I'm not doing, it will be a simple fix I'm sure, but i will keep the subject informed. I managed to do it once through fluking it somehow, but t
  4. Cheers Iain I’m not good with this subject. How do you reprogramme the CV29 value please ? I’ve read the values on each chip One reads 006, the other 021 Odd and even as you have stated, so I need to change one of them to either 022, 0r 005, yes ? Cheers again John
  5. Hello Guys Yesterday, I purchased a Realtrack Class 156, and added a Bachmann 21 pin decoder into each car. Both cars are moving in opposite directions, so of course I need to alter the direction of one. I’m not great at this sort of thing, and I don’t want to be messing around with CV’s until I understand what I’m doing for fear of messing up the chip setting. My controller is a Gaugemaster Prodigy 2. I have read through the booklet, but that’s just confused me more I am aware that this subject may have been covered previously, but could anyone give me an idiot guide of how to alt
  6. Hi guys, Iv'e just been reading in last months Modelrail magazine about Hornby's new philosophy with regard to the pricing of some future locomotive builds. They are it seems going ahead with a cost cutting exercise in order to make some locomotives " more affordable". This includes leaving off / or moulding such items as external pipework,moulding buffers as appose to sprung versions, cab detail differences,and using 3 pole motors instead of 5 pole examples. This they claim will reduce a locomotive costing by approx' £25. This is in response to customer concerns about rising prices
  7. Thanks guys for the suggestions. I think the covered conveyer has to be the option, the location of the loader does not go anywhere near " off scene " Simon .Good suggestion though for if it did. Yes Jon, thought about a loading truck, but that would eliminate the need for the loader. Has anyone scratch built a conveyer and if so how did you go about it please ? Thanks John
  8. Hi Guys Hope you all had a great Christmas and a happy new year to you all ! On my layout, i have a smallish area approx 2ft x 6 ins which i want to use as a stone wagon loading area as i have a rake of 5 stone tipplers and i have just purchased Bachmann's 44-071 Wagon loading tower. This is a building i have been eagerly waiting for release, and i'm pleased with it, but this is not prototypical on it's own as in , How does the stone get up into the tower for despatch into the wagons? I have seen many quarry based layouts and they include long chutes etc where there will be a moving
  9. Hi Rob You should encounter no problems mate I have 21 Insulfrog points on my layout with no problems whatsoever Nowadays, most if not all have power / pickups to all wheels therefore no current is lost as the loco's pass over the 'dead' frog. This wasn't always the case but loco's are built so well nowadays The only loco you MAY have a problem with are Class 08's due to their short wheelbases John
  10. Hi Bob Been on this consisting road for a while now ( see my post on this subject ) I have two DRS Class 37's which I wanted to consist,but one of them was sound fitted The non sound loco ran faster, not a lot,but enough I contacted Olivia,s of Sheffield as I wanted advice on how to alter the speed steps. They informed me it was impossible to marry the speed of the two loco,s as the sound example will always move slower than the non fitted one,even with speed stepping. I have bitten the bullet and had the worm gear removed from the non sound 37, and I have now reached my goal of proto
  11. Hi Guys I have got Bachmann's DRS pair of 37's ( 510 & 688 ), of which 510 i had sound fitted. I want to run them in consist though as is prototypical for the DRS class Both run now though at different speeds which makes consisting a non starter. It is extremely difficult to marry the speeds of a sound fitted loco to a non sound version ( Olivia's advice ) I fully understand their reservations as the non sound loco will always move faster than the sound version There are only two options open to me now, firstly, add sound to the second loco, which i would like to do but is an e
  12. Sorry for the delay in replying guys, been away for a couple of days Some good suggestions and theories, i was told at DCC supplies Ian that should the two loco's in question been as near as damn it running together, then there should be no problem, however common sense says it just can't be right if they are not perfectly in sync,as one of the loco's will be straining pulling the other I understand your suggestion regarding speed steps, but i'm not sure how to do this, and Fiona said at DCC that this can be complicated to do if you haven't done this previously ?? The easiest suggestion
  13. Cheers Bob Up the who ? Lets not get onto football, the Rams are poorly at the moment !! But we'll be back ( ?? ) Back to the issue in hand, yep, removing the worm gear is an option, but i have Bachmann's Ltd Edition 37's 510 & 688 and i wanted to run them together. Fiona didn't think running a sound model with a non sound was a problem at all, only to make sure that the sound loco was the leading loco, but yes, i agree that the non sound loco will move momentarily before the sound version. I didn't notice this earlier so there couldn't have been much delay or i would have noti
  14. Thanks Harold for your info.Yes perhaps you are correct with your track cleanliness theory, this is something i will investigate tomorrow now. The thing i am wondering ,is that no two loco's will run dead on accurate with each other, ( so i'm told ), so i wonder if for example the lead loco is pulling the non lead loco therefore straining the motor ?? I don't know yet. Tomorrow also, i will run both loco's individually to see if the sound loco in particular does run warm anyhow, and is this normal.
  15. Hi Today, I have finally found out how to consist 2 loco's thanks to a trip to Worcester to see DCC Supplies. ( Thanks Fiona for your help ) Tonight on my return, I have my 2 DRS Class 37's running in consist with my nuclear flasks as is prototypical, this is why I wanted to learn how it was done. My sound fitted 37 510 is the ' leading loco ' as instructed, with 37 688 trailing at the rear. They run fine in one direction, but in the other, 510 'squeals' at certain points of my layout. ( I have a longish continual circuit layout which measures 24ft x 9th ) My imagination (?) problem,is
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