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  1. A little progress on Springfield Monorail. 2nd popular culture reference I have a 3D printed. Big Foot so thought of Harry & The Henderson. Could have the Henderson looking for Harry behind Moe's Tavern. Have found a Matchbox School Bus & RV plus a estate station wagon in collection. On order is 1 Dapol, Station Footbridge for Monorail Depot, keeping up the tradition of having a modified Dapol kit on each Cakebox.
  2. A little update, although Cabbage Brewery has been entered there were a few small jobs left to do. Which I'm in the process of finishing, copping stone on Brewery boundary wall, wood store shed then adding a bit of snow on the roofs. After that I'm planning a large board extension still a micro of Cabbage Station of the Cabbage Light Railway. Even found some wagon chassis for the Dundas Irish NG wagon Hornby GWR shunter wagon nice narrow short wheelbase the Dundas bodies look to fit straight on them. I have the 1st booking for Hawkins Indiana & Cabbage Brewery on 22nd June here in Ipswich will be taking Coquimbo Traction out as well. Plus how far I've got with Springfield Monorail.
  3. I had a thought after doing Hawkins, Indiana & Cabbage Brewery to keep it simpler. So again using the idea of popular culture reference & going for The Simpson as I already built a Moe's Tavern to fit in the space of the Diner on Hawkins. So thought about the one with The Monorail when the Flim-Flam Salesman drops the idea of a total pointless Monorail. As The Monorail would be new hence within the brief. The idea would be a new Depot with part of the Monorail above street level on Main Street Springfield with Moe's Tavern in the background, I've got the Depot building a 28mm 1950's Gas Station laser-cut kit.
  4. The Giant Snail sorted of happen by accident, I had work out I wanted a few figures for the Town Watch & was looking at the 15mm PeterPig range & stumbled on the fantasy section. I had settled on the War of Roses Crossbow Men & English Civil War Gun Crews which i thought would make good dwarfs for the Brewery. Then I saw the Gnome Rider & the Gnomes are 15mm Dwarfs. Then the Town Watch sort of became the Home Watch, which meant i could have a bit of a rag tag selection of uniforms & weapons. The fact that Captain Manning is arguing with the Snail Rider to who has the best Red Hat, would something you find Mainwaring doing in Dad's Army.
  5. In the Small Town of Cabbage the locals are waiting for Local Pick Up Goods which will collect the loaded Barrel Wagon from the Cabbage Brewery, and bring a Hopper of Fuel for the Brewery, of Dragon Dung & a Salt Van for the Cabbage Home Watch. Cabbage Brewery is a HO scale Cakebox Challenge, combining the fantasy of Disc World with the Home Guard of Dad's Army. It has a small street scene with 3 buildings Home Watch Tower, Shop & Inn. Around the track is the Brewery Yard, with Main Brewery Building including Power Plant & Chimney Fuel Drops, Stables Dray Shed, Gatehouse with Office Cooperage & Barrel Store.
  6. Nearly finished Cabbage Brewery. The waiting for the train, is the next freight train from Cabbage Light Railway to collect the loaded 3 axle Barrel Wagon, bring a loaded Hopper of Dragon Dung for the Brewery & Salt Van for Home Watch to deal with Gnome Snail Raider.
  7. With streetscene nearly completed work has tuned again to the Brewey area more cobble setts have been laid eyes plus a single straight of track. Work has started on the coal drops using wood from coffee stirrers & matchsticks. The lean to at the top of the shop house has been built. Coal drops in place on cobbled floor unpainted. Largest mainline wagon loade with barrels. After a coat of paint to cobbles, setts & coal drops Stables & & back of streetscene with lean to at top of shop staircase. Work continues with a from above view of whole diorama. Loading dock & steps added to upper Brewey level.
  8. Cabbage Brewery workers now painted might needs touching up after this photo. All painted street & brewery figures together all that is missing is the 5 already in Home Watch Tower & shop. Liking the way the bright uniforms of Home Watch & Gnomes contrast to brewery workers & street people. Brewey workers all 12 of them, all PeterPig 15mm figures 8 English Civil War Gun crew some modified some ramrod S have become shovels for boiler house workers, 3 Vikings 2 with barrels including a head swap for Drayman one, 1 ECW farmer. The Draymen have been painted with green jackets rather than the drab Browns of boiler house, stables & cooperate workers. Also 1st photo of 2 plank 3 axle barrel.wagon still needs work to underframe, started as a Triang short wheel base underframe with stretch built body. Barrels plaster cast load. More work required on this.
  9. Some more work done on Cabbage Brewery, street scene is coming along. The Home Watch Tower is nearly finished it's 1st building glued to base. Mocked up the Bolt Cannon crew & Sentery Spear, look closely Man at Arms Jonas, is shouting Don't Panic from the Tower. More work still to do pavement painted etc. I have also been.working on the Shop & Inn. Street scene next job was some of the Brewery dwarves, PeterPig 15mm mainly English Civil War gun crews, farmer & a few Vikings carry loot which included barrel & sack,. Also down a few people for inside shop mixture of Airfix & 15mm one which should be seen through shop larger window. Undercoated figures with start of basic painting. Brewey workers will be in drab colours compared to Home Watch & street ones.
  10. Here a link to Hat WW1 British Infantry (Tropical) which might be of use. I'm using this set for 4mm Brazilian Coffee Plantation layout crew. I could pass on you a single sprue which has all the different poses. http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/Review.aspx?id=2103
  11. Work has started on 1st railway wagon, a large barrel carrying open, made for the bigger Railway starting with a old tri-ang chassis with load of Plastercast barrels. Made to look like a 2 plank wooden sole bars might have a middle axle added plus double set of buffers for 2 different railways, Think the cal railway wagons will be to a slightly smaller loading gauge. I have also found some 1950's plan to build your own L&M Rocket & open tourist coach & simple open wagon. Think the open wagon have potential for bring the fuel, to brewery.
  12. Painting in progress on town folk, wild gnomes & Cabbage Home Watch. Town folk a mixture of plastic & Peterpig figures the pair of drunks have new legs. Next row Gnomes & Giant Snail plus bolt cannon . Home Watch from left to right, 2 figures for Guard Tower, 15mm Peterpig figures 1 War of Roses Bowman, ECW Gunner,Bolt crew ECW gunners with plastic legs from Airfix sets, Captain Manning Peterpig Sudan figure with extra middle, Sentry Spear Pirate Sentry with Airfix legs, 2 Bowmen Roses Bowman with Airfix legs Roman archer WWI Doughboy, Musketteer all plastic conversion.
  13. Been work on Town Watch or Home Watch, as Cabbage's patch have problems with snails & slug so why not the town of Cabbage have problems from local wild gnomes & their snails. The idea is a few gnomes including a snail rider have enter Cabbage & the Home watch have meet them. The young lad Spear has been posted at the Guard Tower end of the street, with Cabbage Home Watch favourite weapon the bolt canon. Men of Arm Jonas is up in the tower shouting down encouragement to Spear like Don't Panic & They don't like it up them. Old Hogfour is keeping watch down the street, but would rather be at home with a nice cup of tea with his sisters. Captain Manning & Bowman Doomonger the coffin maker are challenging the gnome rider, but the gnome thinks Captain Mannings Fez, is a poor copy of a pointy red hat. at the other end of the street, Alderman Wildaughter is making sure the street is keep closed, and is awfully sorry to be doing this to the good towns folk of Cabbage. Well that the history around the Cabbage Home Watch with the part paint figures added to the street scene mainly from Peterpig range with some plastic parts mainly legs. Expect Alderman Wildaughter who is the plastic musketeer conversion.
  14. Thinking about the Town Watch figures might do the Discworld version of Dad's Army & have. It made up of young boys & old men. So like Heawkins I have almost have 2 cultural references. Started yo paint figures.
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