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  1. Whilst going through some other photos for a total different railway project I found a few photos I took around St Peter Quay, Albion Quay area of Ipswich Wet Dock when Cranfield’s was still working. Stoke Bridge Quay with corrugated gantry over entrance looking toward Ipswich Lower Yard. old view of a still working Wet Dock without any modern high-rise buildings. A working Cranfield’s Mill
  2. Well the building is the long closed fire damaged Tolly Cobbold Brewery, which closed when Ipswich Brewers Tolly Cobbold, wer bought out by Greene King and production switched to Bury St Edmunds. Here a couple of other photos I took at the same time of Old Cliffe Quay Brewery. I will check if I've got any my in the various collections to see what more I,ve got. I know I took some at Great Yarmouth a few years back will have to dig them out as well.
  3. Been for a walk around Ipswich Wet Dock, think I might have found the last bit of railway track on the whole Wet Dock Network. Looking towards Cliff Quay Brewery which was damaged by fire a few years ago. I think the track from the lockgate bridge would have been in the background. near the grass bank. The is no sign of any track on the bridge across the lock gate or around Cliff Quay. Or the cranes
  4. Just a blast from past at a quay in Ipswich Wet Dock a Thames Barge this is the Will From Maldon. Looking into the type of boat which were common when like may docks around the East Coast were commerically active. Here in the mist of Wet Dock.
  5. Been down Wet Dock today. Here a few more photos. Here the Older Corrigated Shed as seen in an older photo it was black. The shed is part of central island of Wet Dock/ Here are the 2 cranes on the island . Don't tgink there in use any more . Here a close up of them. They look the same type just at slightly different angle, hard to get a good clear photo from between the boat masts.
  6. Interesting Fact There is still a commercail terminal within the Wet Dock Ipswich, this is the Anglo Nordon Timber Warehouse which see regular sailing from the Suntis, which most be the largest regular ship to pass through the Lock Gates into the Wet Dock.. The rest of the Wet Docks is Leisure yahcts and or moorings for boats from Government Bodies such as Trinty House & Border Force. These photos were taken last Monday in early afternoon as the Suntis is leaving backing out of Wet Dock Lock Gates at High Tide. The Anglo Norden Timber Warehou
  7. Welll that view is taken a few years ago pre digital camera so I guess early 2000's well before any of the Malting Silo's were re developed. The glass building is is a modern front on the older brick structure and has the pillars from it industrial days now named Ashons. Here the same view last Sunday. The brick building about half way along the quay in the 1st photo is still there it the 2 concrete tower silo which have gone and been redeveloped. Think it might even still be the same boat which is aWaterfront floating resturant.
  8. Just found this link in local paper Ipswich Star. This is 4 Collage St Ipswich but no mention of a pub in it past. https://www.ipswichstar.co.uk/news/ipswich-borough-council-waterfront-entrance-plans-2885770
  9. On Sunday whislt walking home from work past Wet Dock, these photos show the back of Old Building between the The Mill & Winerack, this is the building with the pillars in front that has been the subject of much discussion on here. Around the back of many of the new buildings are the older Malting ans Wharfeside structure. I think the 2 concrete building are even listed, but have been negleted a bit since the finish the industrial use. Also I included a couple of ollder building just behind the Wet Dock which could feature on backsences. The Gateway is the last remaining buildi
  10. Just had a walk to top end of Wet Dock St Peter Wharf. Found this information board with older photo. Plus modern views of same area of St Peter Wharf.
  11. Starting to look at railways for Cakebox. Think I going to rebuild this old Triang Mk 1 coach end into a US style subway car been a part of a wreck / rubbish in the scene. Needs corrugated siding added. Building from a Hornby Diesel Depot walls. Not bad for bit box finds. The rest of the Triang Coach is going to make a Steampunk coach for a Dinosaur Hatchery train.
  12. Just been sorting out photos as upgrading pc. Found some more earlier photos of Ipswich Wet Dock and grain handling. Also some photos of 08 on the upper end of Ipswich Docks Branch crossing River Orwell nearer the station.
  13. Here more from today walk the 1st photo is the St Peter Wharf area around Stoke Bridge. The 2nd on of the few convert Warehouse Structure on the Waterfront on Albion Wharf. The St Peter Quay area is the next to be re developed.
  14. Just had a Boris-time walk the pillars are about 12 ft apart as a single small fence post with chains in the middle between pillars. In that small area are 3 different style of pillars 1st the old style with peeling paint, then modern concrete one then the older cast but clean up large ones along a short section of Albion Wharf.
  15. Here the area at top of St Peters Quay at top corner of Ipswich Wet Dock taken last month. The new Highrise towers are called The Mill & The Winerack, the Winerack was Knickname given by the locals to when work on the concrete under -structure was stop by the late 2000’d crash leave it looking like an oversized Winerack. It has since been finished.
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