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    Southern Railway (1923 - 1937) and antecedents.
    In particular EMUs, including early LBSCR and LSWR examples. But also steam.

    London Transport and its predecessors - tubes, trams, buses and trolleybuses.

    The period 1919 - 1939 in general (eg, social and political history, architecture, fashion etc).

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  1. Some Snippets From Frankland Thank you gentleman for your interest and apologies for this late reply. You may recall that I collect cigarette cards and other ephemera relating to Frankland… Since the last update two Brake 3rds arrived ~ and I have the card to prove it You may also recall I moved house a couple of years ago, and much restoration was required, in fact more than originally envisaged. Work on the railway room was pencilled in for this spring, but then the local paper arrived... ... so what with circumstances beyond our control and all that, things are unfortunately delayed for a while. On a brighter note, the local paper also mentioned the 'must see' film of the moment 'King Of Jazz', with Paul Whiteman and his Band. It's in colour, and If you've not seen it already you really should! Rest assured there will be a proper broadcast from Frankland once there is any news of substance to report. Mark
  2. Good luck with the 3-Subs If it’s any help: My etches were from Worsley Works, at the time (2013), Allen advertised he could provide etches for any EMU illustrated in Brian Golding’s book ’Southern Electric Units’. Most odds and ends were available from the N Gauge / 2mm Society Shops. Etched Pixels very kindly produced bespoke roof profiles and trusses which were then made generally available from his online shop. This may save you 3D printing - unless you'd like to of course Minor details were from Plasticard / fuse wire / other off-cuts etc Two questions if I may (and apologies if I’ve missed anything - been out of touch for a while - and now catching up). Are the units for your Holborn Viaduct thread? And I’m curious as to your plans for creating third rail / pots. Mark
  3. It may have been mentioned elsewhere on the forum already - but it looks like Photobucket have realised the error of their ways, changed management, and are offering a very reasonable deal to users. I've paid a £15.00 annual subscription to have my picture links to third-parties restored I am very happy tonight to see my thread fully illustrated again Meanwhile, just to pre-empt questions about Frankland: I did say when I moved it would be a couple of years before I'd be in a position to start planning next-steps - and it's still only 14 months since then - so please be patient.
  4. Hello Mikkel, As always, wonderfully studied. Your posts entrance and inspire me. You capture perfectly and bring to life our collective memory of the grainy, faded Victorian photographs of perceived halycon days, and the details and characters within them that often catch our attention. Absolutely sublime! Mark
  5. Nice work Geoff: Some fine detail in there - and anything 'birdcage' always catches my attention - it's so characteristic of a certain era and makes for a distinctive item of stock.
  6. First time I've seen this - looking good
  7. Nice work as always Grahame, Out of interest, what have you used for the corbels? Thanks, Mark
  8. Absolutely exquisite and sublime Mikkel: You present a certain dreamlike / collective memory / quality / to your portrayals / which is so edifyingly delightful. I always feel a sense of delight and excitement whenever I click on a link to one of your updates
  9. My apologies - may I provide an interlude to keep you entertained in the meantime?
  10. I agree, a lovely film, and especially the double-deck carriages, never quite seen anything like them before. Quite delightful. Good luck with the layout Doric.
  11. Really impressive work on many levels Mikkel, you must feel a great sense of achievement.
  12. Love what's coming along here - particularly interested in the methods of operating signals and bus.
  13. Every single one of these buildings you're modelling Grahame is delightfully idiosyncratic - you capture their essence perfectly. It's a delight to watch your work unfold - plus each post is helpfully instructive. I can't wait to see details revealed of the layout on which they will eventually sit
  14. I'll be particularly interested in the first as I have a connection with the 'Dead Line' as they call it. Thanks for flagging - I'll catch up with both of those at the weekend.
  15. Just been catching up on the last few months of posts and I can only echo the compliments above - some exemplary modelling - especially the the characterful buildings. Really impressive all round.
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