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  1. Ex S&D bulldog 43216 engaged in some shunting at Melcombe Magna
  2. A couple of photos of S&D Bulldog 43216 at Melcombe Magna
  3. Newton Heath Works, the Fletcher Jennings by the Foreman's office. The loco is a 7mm scale 3D print by EDM Models and runs on a Dapol B4 chassis.
  4. Not a garage, but in the same vein at Bleanau Ffestiniog. Magic! Photos taken 2013
  5. I have a Dapol 8750 with which I am very satisfied. Running is excellent on DC. I have changed the (rather short) whistle & shield with one from Warren Shephard, and added spare lamp irons on the running plate. If the smoke box plate is not required I would think it easy enough to remove and fill the resulting hole in the smoke box door. There are plenty of photos of panniers in GW livery with a smoke box door plate ( early BR), just depends on your chosen period. The Minerva 8750 looks very nice but has incorrect tank fillers.
  6. There was no CWR on the S&D. I was a fireman at Templecombe until the line closed in 1966 so regularly worked the whole of the route.
  7. Sorry regarding injectors, must re check before commenting! Lovely model anyway!
  8. Excellent modelling. I built a 7mm model some years ago, and from memory you may find the type of injectors you have fitted were only fitted to the first 10 of the class. I seem to remember the drawing I was using had these early injectors.
  9. The later locos with the Collett cabs also had a different tank securing strap across the boiler. These were an inverted tee section.
  10. Looks excellent. The tank fillers and securing straps seem to belong to the locos with the earlier cabs
  11. Just seen this. For the record 73001 reached 98mph on the speedo between Spettisbury and the A350 bridge. The train was the 9.55am from Bath, I was the fireman.
  12. I have been trying for some time now to upload photos to the modelling gallery. When I start the upload, after about 10 secs it stops loading and displays 413 REQUEST ENTITY TOO Has anyone else had this problem? Any help appreciated. Quintus
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