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  1. Whatever that is I'm not eating it . P.S. Might be worth trying to smoke it
  2. Thanks Graham. Being retired helps, and also using items salvaged from the old layout. I also dislike track laying - so just want to get it done. I also think you get a bit of "match fitness" - seemed to take me ages to install the first two Tortoise point motors. The next twenty three were much easier. I think we wear our scars of railway modelling with pride - (I really must stop burning my self with the soldering iron as well)
  3. Hasn't changed much Graham - probably more of all three since your last visit .
  4. You should see them in Herefordshire now Graham - full of potholes
  5. Photos showing latest status of track laying on the loco yard board. The good news is that there is only one more siding with a drop pit to be laid into the engine shed - and that completes all the track on the layout (apart from adding some missing sleepers, and painting and ballasting it all). I had big plans for the track layout on the loco yard board, but it soon became obvious that space was more limited than I envisaged, and planned for (less than on Dewchurch 2 even though the baseboard is the same size). The track geometry has shifted slightly towards the back of the layout. So some of my plans had to be shelved (trade off between having all the track I wanted but no room for many buildings). So some of the track had to go. (Hard to believe when you look at how much track is left). I laid two tracks onto the turntable, but it was a very tight fit, and looked odd. So one of the tracks is now a short stub siding. There is also no room for the diesel refuelling point. So this will now move to the station board. The carriage siding will now be a diesel refuelling siding. The same carriage siding was also present on Dewchurch 2, but it is at the back of the layout, and a stretch to manually uncouple carriages. So I will not miss it. I've been taking a break from track laying and completing another half relief backscene building and some backscene walls and gate (temporarily in place at the back of the engine shed). Once the track is all laid, I'll start cutting out the holes for the working semaphore signals . Most of these are motorised Ratio kits, about 30 years old. I purchased them via an ad in Railway Modeller. They have served with distinction on three previous layouts. Only down side is they need quite big hole to install the operating mechanism. Law of Sod dictates there will be a baseboard cross member directly underneath the preferred location for some of the signals. I actually shed blood over the layout yesterday, managed to stab my finger with something. I had not noticed until red stains started appearing on the track work. Blood sweat and tears, all for a new layout
  6. Graham - looks good but I think a tad more flock is needed on the side of the hedge in the background. I'm not sure what time of year you are modelling but if late Spring/Summer I think the hedge will show more all round foliage. I like the light green flock on the hedge - I think the idea of using two flocks is good, but I'd be careful of having a big contrast in the shades of the two greens.
  7. Change nothing Graham it looks superb. As I've said before I love the smell of static grass in the morning.
  8. I'm trying my best. but love is not one of the words I've uttered when wiring the things.
  9. Sounds good. I'm quite envious as I've spent most of the day installing yet another 3 way point
  10. Track laying on the station board is complete. I need to be disciplined and complete the trackwork for the loco yard board, (and thus complete all the track laying), and resist the temptation to start adding the scenery, buildings etc., to the station board
  11. and you Graham - hope you do not have any axes lying around . I have been called a few names over the years - some were even complimentary.
  12. Yes sorry Graham - the man with no name, actually it is Clive - Gopher is a nick name from school
  13. This is really coming together beautifully Graham. I agree the scenery looks a bit uniform but certainly not bland. The river is excellent. Additional subtle grasses, turf, bushes etc will certainly help. The reddish soil colour is spot on for the sandstone based fields in south Herefordshire. I love the way this scene blends into the back scene. I'm not sure where the back scene was photographed - but it looks like the Welsh Marches to me, I think I can see Sugar Loaf or the Skirrid in the background (I have the same backscene on my layout) . Do you intend to colour the rock faces ? I am not a geologist - but think much of south Herefordshire is sandstone based (looking at the fields and stonework on old buildings and churches). I wonder whether any rock faces etc should therefore be subtly more reddish in colour to match the soil.
  14. Just purchased from Derails for the first time. Excellent customer service and competitive prices.
  15. Thanks both. I think my phone camera may have exaggerated the space, having said that (compared to Dewchurch 2), I have omitted one siding on the left and the goods yard is bigger. It is a challenge trying to model a town terminus in limited space with an interesting track plan, and not making it all look too cramped.
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