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  1. That is true, but I have a single decker bus on the other bridge. I fear my aim (whilst flying a stuka) will not be good, so great danger I will hit some other layout. I hope it is not Little Muddle or I may have to leave the country.
  2. Class 37 (with a dodgy headcode for a mineral train) - heads into Harewood Halt
  3. Gopher


    Another from the archive. I've been standardising my figures using Modelu (supported by some Monty's models). So the two in the photo have now gone. It is interesting to compare the size of some of the 4mm figures available. Some of the white metal ones are quite large, and do not look right alongside some of the Modlu 3D scanned figures.
  4. Rough grass looks very good - if you do not want to alter the slope profile you could also hide the steep transition at the base of the current embankment with some bushes - I use horse hair covered in Green Scene scatter (of various shades). In the absence of a retaining wall this would hide the squared edge (in fact you could imagine there is a retaining wall behind the bushes). They would of course need to be quite large - (a proper mixed briar patch), you would have to take a view on whether they might be a bit overpowering in that location. If you go this route you might also need to a
  5. Gopher


    Yes no doubt that at this time BR struggled to recruit and hang onto low paid shed staff. Much easier and better paid jobs available.
  6. Gopher


    Behind the greenery we have a class 31 diesel and class 43 Warship Zealous.
  7. Couple of Road Transport Images kits visiting the goods yard
  8. Gopher


    Very good advice - I must try that as an excuse not to clean the car
  9. Gopher


    Fraid not, just been rostered for the next local passenger leaving platform 3. A tank engine's work is never done.
  10. Gopher

    Little Muddle

    Are you talking about Covid or the shed door ?
  11. Gopher


    3MT about to reverse off turntable
  12. Gopher


    "Comfortable high speed travel they said. All we've done is limp along between signals, and here we are stopped again in the middle of nowhere"
  13. He's looking the wrong way if he's looking for his train. It's behind you !
  14. Gopher


    Southern Region influence in Dewchurch MPD. Merchant Navy Clan line sits on the turntable. Class 24 D5000 sits at the Diesel refuelling point.
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