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  1. Why stick with a diorama, you can get whole working OO layouts in these wrapping paper boxes !
  2. Having used five of these SMS baseboards as the basis for micros, I look forward to your progress images. PS.... I like the water too.
  3. You may consider relocating this project to another forum. Twelve sq ft is somewhat outside Carl’s original concept of four sq ft for micros. You may be better served by replies elsewhere.
  4. Thanks, appreciated. This is one of about five I’ve now completed in these boxes on SMS baseboard kits.
  5. Been a bit on the back burner this one but think its as good as completed now. Images attached ......
  6. Must confess I didn’t make them. Acquired from an eBay seller. Trust this helps ..... search OO gauge bushes & they should pop up.
  7. Having survived The Bug, I've actually now been able to plant my favourite "gorse" bushes. Now they are in place, I can crack on & complete this build. Once done, I'll post images of the finished layout.
  8. Good to see a micro HO layout here, makes a very pleasant change. The road (surface) is very good & looks typical USA. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Now completed the corrugated fence & the wasteland between it & the layout backboard. The converted, & raised, Wills chapel is now in place and groundwork to that end of the layout is underway, Next steps will be to finish the scenic work throughout & add the necessary odds and sods from the junk box, and, once lockdown is over .... acquire a wrapping paper box to store it in !
  10. Now that the earth paint has fully dried out, I've been able to progress the waste ground that lies behind the corrugated fence. The foliage is a mixture of all sorts found in the scenic bits box; the trees have had their trunks shortened given the limited headroom once the wrapping paper box is closed. The fence itself is actually metal. Its been given a coat of £ Shop primer & then shaded down with powders made from pastel paint blocks. Next stage will be to cover the remaining groundwork (see brown areas above) with suitable grasses & bushes. Will definitely be add
  11. With time on my hands, virtually all the ground work now given a coat of "earth" acrylic paint. Once this is done I can press on with a variety of ground cover. This procedure may be deferred however to allow preparation of foliage behind the proposed rear corrugated fence which should form a double depth backdrop. I have tried this on larger micro layouts but never one as shallow as this, eight inches. See how it goes ....
  12. I see you’ve kept your yellow crane well hidden !
  13. Thank you for your suggestions. Why 009 ? Because of “been there got the T shirt” in other scales, including a micro O gauge in less than five square feet. Perhaps if you take a look at my web site, you will see my numerous attempts at micros; some of which have even been successful (my opinion). The asking for suggestions of a track plan in this context is simple ..... two heads etc !
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