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  1. As the layout is due to be exhibited next weekend (Feb 22) in Reading in aid of the Cholsey & Wallingford Railway Preservation Society, thought I'd add a few more detail images. Scenic section is just 22 x 11". Shots of stock in situ will follow at a later date.
  2. Thanks for the “Dead End” plaudits. Image of that layout attached for ongoing comparison.
  3. I find these mini dioramas very inspiring. Have gradually been reducing my last four layouts to RUB wrapping paper box size & now feel I need to try my hand at something even smaller. Your “China Clay” diorama is a prime example so will be following this latest production avidly.
  4. Given this is due out at an exhibition next month, I have been cracking on with the detailing. A lot more to be done but these four images show the start.
  5. Generally four square feet is the max recognised as a “micro”; methinks yours is a tad above that !
  6. Your forum states “in a wrapping paper box” . Given the length of your SMS boards above, & as a past exponent of these boards & boxes, I would be very interested to see your proposed electrical connections between the two boxes needed. I have achieved these previously, see Kidmore Boxed, but would be glad to see other ideas.
  7. With Christmas over, I have been able to spend a bit of time on the layout. The half engine shed is now fixed in position & I have been able to connect up the yard lamps and brazier. Additional groundwork has also been completed but some bits still awaited. Hopefully the comparison with "Ledsam Street" is now obvious. The next update will, hopefully, show close ups of the completed layout prior to its first exhibition in Reading next month.
  8. May I suggest you also take a look at “Kidmore Boxed”, this Forum, which uses a very similar track plan with an additional siding .... also in a wrapping paper box.
  9. Suggest also search the forum for “wrapping paper box” layouts. These have invariably been designed to fit SMS baseboard kits.
  10. Long grasses & gorse bushes have now arrived so will now be able to progress. Have also ordered some figures from Dart Casting in order to populate the layout. Based on the image above however, will have to do a bit of hovering the surplus ground over first !
  11. Suggest have a look at “Kidmore TMD’ ( this forum) which is slightly smaller than your baseboard at just 48 x 10” .
  12. In between the Christmas celebrations managed to get the majority of the initial ground work done. Basic grass & cinders together with a small grass bank leading to the bridge façade. Grass areas will get a later dressing of rough grass & , probably, gorse bushes to add colour. The three cocktail sticks that can be seen are loosely placed in the holes made ready for the yard lights. Won't be any progress this week as off to show "Kidmore TMD" at the Maidenhead & Marlow MRC's exhibition.
  13. Thanks for heads up. Great idea for us micro layout builders where satisfactorily running in a new loco can be a hassle. Just found some new EZ stuff on eBay & ordered same.
  14. With the layout being booked for the Maidenhead MRC's exhibition on 4 January, thought I'd better crack on & complete it. The following images show the completed but not finished effort.
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