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    A Grand old Coil
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    The "Scottish" ECML of course and the Western region usually, 1945-1980 for the first, 1930-1964 for the second. Authorship and sailing are the next top dogs, even though I do little of the first and vitually none of the second. Explorarion; come on world HIT ME. History, of the Railways... and general things. Dogs, have been in love with them since day one. Cats, in particular our two Mack and Tosh, and DIY; in particular a shed that has been the bane of my career as a Railway Modeller for the last seven years.

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  1. Very nice, please don't take my earlier post as intentionally unkind. Nuance is almost impossible to communicate online.
  2. It would probably spend most of its time falling over, the boiler is way too high for a decapod, and the lack of a leading wheel would make the ride quality utterly miserable.
  3. Does anyone know if the upcoming price increases will affect orders direct from Hornby, or if its just to retailers?
  4. Was one of the collaborators on this project perchance a certain wild-haired older gentleman? First name 'Doc', last name 'Brown'?
  5. I have just renamed and renumbered my first locomotive

    1. Mallard60022


      The first of many.....

  6. I wonder where Sodor would be if Awdry had been born an American.
  7. A GSR 800 at full capacity would be something to watch. And an A4 with 22in cylinders and 275psi would probably get north of 130MPH
  8. I’ve been wondering what the impact would be if the U.K. wide gauge had been the same as the Irish gauge. What difference could an extra four and a half inches make?
  9. A touch of an overreaction, contrary to prevailing opinion, I don’t think there’s any point in preserving every conceivable example of an object. I mean what would you realistically do with the complete fleet of 16 tonners? I would much rather a genuinely historic artefact survive in loving care, than a thousand pieces of detritus bury any hope of understanding.
  10. I could never be full time football fan, every four years I'd curl into a ball and cry. 

    1. Arrachogaidh
    2. truffy


      You don’t have to be a full time football fan for that. Quadrennial fandom would suffice. 

    3. Metr0Land


      Now might be the time to get interested.  Someone's kidnapped the entire Italian squad.  11 imposters have been playing really attractive football for the last 2 games.  No-one recognises these guys in blue shirts. 

  11. I don't think they got further south than Doncaster
  12. Shouldn’t there have been an entry today.
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