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    The "Scottish" ECML of course and the Western region usually, 1945-1980 for the first, 1930-1964 for the second. Authorship and sailing are the next top dogs, even though I do little of the first and vitually none of the second. Explorarion; come on world HIT ME. History, of the Railways... and general things. Dogs, have been in love with them since day one. Cats, in particular our two Mack and Tosh, and DIY; in particular a shed that has been the bane of my career as a Railway Modeller for the last seven years.

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  1. Hello A.R might I ask what program you use for the frame drawing?
  2. @CorbsRE: Kitson. You say its a TS design, could you provide a link or is it your own work?
  3. Hi John, Bachmann produce by the Webb Tank and the Lanky Radial.
  4. Yes, that sounds about right for Breadalbane, in fact the earl of Breadalbane famously forested his lands in a bid to beautify it, so in recent years the forestry commission has sadly gotten its claws into the region.
  5. As an inhabitant of the Killin area, I can have a bash at any questions you have at this stage.
  6. I’m a little surprised that there not more activity on this thread after the Rails/Locomotion announcement.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2BiCpx0shk
  8. Ehh.... sheepishly tugs collar
  9. That would definitely all have my wallet appealing for asylum. That said, with the A2/1-2 molds, maybe a surprise and a full spec Peppercorn A1?
  10. Certainly could've done with a local that isn't Stirling. Edit: Actually I think those were Jumbo's, class 294s, I can't recall if 812s were common on the C&O, though mind you, my knowledge of my own local railway is shockingly poor.
  11. Putting a vote in for a Caley 419.
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