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    The "Scottish" ECML of course and the Western region usually, 1945-1980 for the first, 1930-1964 for the second. Authorship and sailing are the next top dogs, even though I do little of the first and vitually none of the second. Explorarion; come on world HIT ME. History, of the Railways... and general things. Dogs, have been in love with them since day one. Cats, in particular our two Mack and Tosh, and DIY; in particular a shed that has been the bane of my career as a Railway Modeller for the last seven years.

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  1. @Hattons Dave Unrelated but, is there a problem with the Hattons website? The image macro aren't loading for me.
  2. I'm tempted to renew my membership, simply to get one.
  3. Well this is a kick in the proverbial
  4. Does anyone know how many exchange sidings Bedlay Colliery had? 

    1. Porcy Mane
    2. scots region

      scots region

      Thanks, its five, four loops and one dead end. 

  5. Excellent work, I've long want to do something related to Doggerland, I particularly like the map.
  6. If I wanted to paint stip one, how would I go about protecting the cab interior?
  7. I believe Simon Martin did one on Facebook, he reported that the conversion was surprisingly easy.
  8. Hello all, it my sad task today to report that Michael Angelis, the TV actor, but I imagine most well known to us as the dulcet toned Liverpudlian narrator of Thomas and Friends, has died aged 68. In this dark time of mass death morning a single man could seem gauche, but some people have a formative impact upon you without even knowing it. I understand that most of us will have moved on from Thomas and Friends, some will even be old enough to have avoided it entirely, but for me Thomas was not just a gateway to this hobby but a way of figuring out the world as I came to terms with being on the autistic spectrum. As a child, awkward, high strung and frequently in trouble Angelis’s narrations were my only friend for a long time. Here was a place where there was order instead of somewhere were the rules changed just as you worked them out. There was a sense that there was a solidness to the world, that authorities had the best of intentions for me and things would work out in the end. And as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned that there often is no order to things, that authorities don’t always have good or even decent intentions, that resolution requires effort. Which is not to lambaste the show or the late mr Angelis, order is after all as much an escapist dream for some as chaotic free expression is for others. It’s merely my honest thoughts. https://news.sky.com/story/michael-angelis-thomas-the-tank-engine-narrator-and-auf-wiedersehen-pet-star-dies-11997794 ScR
  9. You could always just say it was experimental.... blood and custard would look nice behind it.
  10. Well I certainly wouldn’t want you to get started on shades of grey.
  11. I'm afraid I must report bent running boards as well, I've emailed rails over it, hopefully it will be sorted.
  12. The bent footplate is gonna be more of an issue though. Plus today my DP2 from eBay arrived and while the model is as described, its worth at least £40 less that what I spent on it.
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