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  1. Speaking of Box size, the A class box is huge, so I do wonder just how big the Deltic one is going to be. Like will I be able to get it through the door.
  2. So thats why my wallet bit me this morning.
  3. As someone who’s owned a Bachmann ‘Donald’ I can tell you that your worrying too much. A Thomas line 812 wold be instantly noticeable as far cruder. This models do for the moment seem to have flaws, flaws that may behoove some to wait out for an alternative. But dressed up Thomas machines they are not.
  4. @Accurascale Fran Oh dearie me, just dropped this here, how clumsy of me... I hope nobody gets any ideas.
  5. My personal preference is a bridge from Dover to Calais. Though I can’t see how a 19th century British Government could agree to it, perhaps a written promise from Wilhelm II to never declare war in his lifetime.
  6. Ta for that Turbo. I once tried chopping a Lima J50 into a kitson, didn’t work.
  7. @Corbs, would T.S be interested in taking a commission for another Kitson? Or is there any definite time it might become available on hardys hobbies? I just don't want to go bothering the man. ScR
  8. I notice a similar thing with smokebox doors, an engine with a number plate, seems to have a completely different character to one without. This is especially true on late BR A3s. The engine looks like its frowning.
  9. I dunno, from certain angles you can see why, to an audience in the 1950s, they would look positively space age.
  10. A big, and I do mean big, green box was waiting for me when I got home. Accurascale really doesn’t mess around with packing, the model is centred in this really dense black foam with a sturdy plastic ice cube gripping it. Yet nothing feels too stiff or hard to get at, the model itself is in a word, solid. I mean that positively, there is a wonderful ‘firmness’ to all of accurascale’s products. I sometimes feel like I have to grip a Hornby product at the edges, lest I feel that awful sensation of a part bending under my fingers. The build quality on the A class is simply sublime. If you’re an Irish railway modeller then you really have gone from famine (metaphorically, it’s just a metaphor) to feast… ‘awkward cough’.
  11. I’ve looked through the ‘mind the gap’ feature with the seven car example, and I think I can make out a couple of capacitors.
  12. Well thats a deal breaker for me, for £400 I can't justify it.
  13. Hi all, My Clan Stewart has arrived and its mostly fine, except for the RH crosshead assembly, which has a notable downward angle, I think there maybe a wonkiness to the Cylinder, which doesn't fully reach the running plate. Any ideas on a fix? ScR
  14. I like pre-grouping, but I didn’t think the Romans got in on it.
  15. Sticks head above parapet. I… kind of like the shade, the gloss makes the engine ‘pop’ in my mind, a bit of weathering and it would really be fantastic. But as ever, to each their own. Ducks head back under parapet.
  16. Are these just Accurascale’s home allocation? Or will other suppliers be receiving their share as well?
  17. All told though, these things are going to be hard to resist for an irredeemable east coast fan such as myself.
  18. Hmm…. Not entirely convinced.
  19. Did the champagne bottle bounce off it at launch or something?
  20. Did the really propose a new Scot? Or was it just the old version with a new chassis and a fresh lick of paint?
  21. I wonder what modellers in a parallel universe had to put up with given Lima’s… quirky approach to quality control.
  22. I did imagine that dcc and motor technology has advanced to the point that opening doors would be possible. But then I wondered about curved side stock, how does the actuator work then?
  23. Hello all, I spend an unhealthy amount of time pondering ‘what if’ scenarios. Indeed it seems I’m not alone as the ‘imaginary locomotives’ thread is well patronised. But just as there have been many proposed locomotives and railways in the real world, I imagine there have been just as many in the modelling world. I remember that in the final chapter of the 1975 Hornby Railways album a number of proposed models were discussed, including a Snowdon Mountain Railway locomotive and coach, which had in fact made it to the mock up stage. Another proposal was for a coach that could open its doors in the platform. Both of course never happened, the coach was impractical as it wouldn’t have been possible to keep the doors closed when passing a station, and there was little market room for the Mountain railway set. I also recall, possibly a series, of articles in a magazine on planned models over the years, Bachmann I know wanted to do a Q1, Hornby I’ve heard it said looked at a J36 in the 1980s. In more recent times we’ve seen the failed APT from DJM, though that last maybe to bitter of a memory for some. But is there more? What projects fell by the wayside? To be clear I am asking about proposed, not discontinued models, least this thread simply turn into a list of grievances. ScR
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