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  1. I have just renamed and renumbered my first locomotive

    1. Mallard60022


      The first of many.....

  2. I could never be full time football fan, every four years I'd curl into a ball and cry. 

    1. Arrachogaidh
    2. truffy


      You don’t have to be a full time football fan for that. Quadrennial fandom would suffice. 

    3. Metr0Land


      Now might be the time to get interested.  Someone's kidnapped the entire Italian squad.  11 imposters have been playing really attractive football for the last 2 games.  No-one recognises these guys in blue shirts. 

  3. Does anyone know how many exchange sidings Bedlay Colliery had? 

    1. Porcy Mane
    2. scots region

      scots region

      Thanks, its five, four loops and one dead end. 

  4. A whole day of work and in an instant it all falls apart. 

    1. Ian J.

      Ian J.

      House of Cards...?

  5. I'm looking for a thread about a pre-grouping Great Central Layout, the author had made several proposed locomotives, any ideas?



      Dettingen (?) by Richard Irven might be the one you are after.


    2. scots region

      scots region

      Yes that’s the one, ta very much indeed.

  6. Measure twice, cut once. Measure twice, cut once. Will I ever learn.

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    2. Ian J.

      Ian J.

      Eats shoots and leaves first, asks questions laterally...

    3. Hroth


      That was my fathers motto, he used to end up with a lot of firewood.


      And never confuse centimetres with inches, unless you're NASA...

    4. Kylestrome


      I've cut it three times and it's still too sort ...

  7. Has anyone else helped themselves to that last Bachmann Baldwin 'Hummy' on Hattons?

  8. Does anyone know were I could get transfers for a parkside 009 WDLR ambulance van?

  9. I'm work on a track plan for Wisbech

    1. chris p bacon

      chris p bacon

      Thats more than Network Rail is...

    2. Regularity


      Which one? It had two main stations.

    3. scots region

      scots region

      The GER one, during the tramway period.

  10. We were unable to deliver your package today because no one was available for signature. No, your driver when straight past my driveway without even slowing down.

    1. Hroth


      House names/numbers are a mystery to them.

    2. ChrisH-UK


      Because you weren't standing there for him to throw it at your head without slowing down.

  11. Hacked up a Lima J50 to make a Kitson, kinda ehhh about the results so far though.

    1. Horsetan


      Too late to turn back now!

    2. Hroth


      Anything done to a Lima J50 MUST be better?

  12. Does anyone have a Bachmann junior chassis they wouldn't mind getting rid of?

  13. Could you make an 009 diesel out of the Hornby Sentinel?

    1. cal.n


      Possibly using the cab and bonnet, but the running plate may be a bit large. I’d be interested to see how you get on

    2. scots region

      scots region

      That were my thoughts, scratch build the running plate and wack an N-gauge chassis under it.

    3. RJS1977


      Probably easier/cheaper to use the Knightwing plastic kit seeing as you don't need the chassis.


  14. All of my Christmas issues can be summed up in one word; Yodel... I apologize for the swearing and the flashbacks.

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    2. scots region

      scots region

      At least your's make it to the door, ours are dumped at a local garage for a kindly neighbor to drop off. This time its gone one better, Amazon says its with them, they say its with Amazon.


      Also you managed to get a hold of them? I just got told by a lovely, and very understanding robot, to contact the main supplier.

    3. Horsetan


      The whole system is designed to avoid accountability when things go down. In that respect, the system works very well!

    4. Danemouth


      Absolutely correct Horsetan!

  15. This might sound odd, but does anyone do clothing repair?

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    2. scots region

      scots region

      It's specifically a piece of Railwayana that needs repair

    3. scots region

      scots region

      Sorry should have had that in op.

    4. DonB


      Ask at a Theatrical Costumers, or a Fancy-Dress agency

  16. trying to design a saw horse

    1. Mallard60022


      Nooooo scots...it is war horse........

    2. N15class


      It is only one setting on the sliding bevel. Then it will do all joints

  17. trying to design a saw horse

  18. Big bowl of Stovies for dinner, yum.

  19. All check in for Berlin

  20. Given rapidos recent announcentment, I can't help but wonder if many RMwebbers will be making 'apt' purchases? :D

    1. Horsetan


      ...and how many of those will be on eBay within weeks?

    2. Simon Moore

      Simon Moore

      & Hatton bargains list, half rrp

  21. I am glad to have had this opportunity, I haven't actually done anything with it, but its better to have, than to have not... that works right?

  22. I love you all

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    2. Jim49


      Have you been on the falling-down water?

    3. scots region

      scots region

      Nah, just wanted to share how much you all matter

    4. Londontram


      You promised me it would be just our secret

  23. 'Death Steam' would also make a rocking band name. 'Guitar strum'

    1. Castle


      I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought that! I think the first album should be called 'Beeching'...

    2. OnTheBranchline


      First song: "All them Branch Lines"

    3. Kev_Lewis


      Excellent dudes! *insert air guitar*

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